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Atlantis: Fact not Legend by George Moss

Evidence both old and new, endorses the clear message that Atlantis was and is our mother culture; whose influence continues today and adds much to the shaping of Earth’s future. The evidence for this is overwhelming.

So what exactly is a legend? We define it as a traditional story popularly regarded as historical, but not as yet authenticated. So the Atlantis story is deemed to be unauthenticated or not-yet-proven; but new data is being pieced together all the time, and that is why its unproven category now has to change. And such a change will make quite a big difference to the world’s bulging mixed-bag of belief options; this because final acceptance of Atlantis as hard fact is going to mean also the acceptance of certain other criteria, leading to a rewriting of several chapters of history and indeed leading to certain necessary adjustments to our very process of philosophical reason—the philosophical reason of Plato of course, excepted.

Plato (circa 427-347 BC), founder of the Athens Academy, is rightly regarded as a cornerstone of Western philosophy—his name and reputation live on. We should note that he not only described Atlantis, its position and its demise, in published conversations with Timaeus, Critias and Socrates1; but declared those statements made to be fact and in no way fiction. Furthermore, he declared his information source to be Solon—Greek lawgiver who had travelled to Egypt circa 560 BC. There, Neith had spoken to him of archives going back thousands of years that refer to a continent beyond the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) which submerged beneath the waves in around 9560 BC. This, for a time, left an impassable barrier of mud and debris.

He described the continent as having been of substantial size, greater than Libya and Asia combined, and with a large fertile central plain. Its population was advanced with travel and trade facilities that reached out to other lands. Various sources describe temples and buildings of white, black and red stone. There were metals industries and artefacts. But what had begun as a peace-loving and progressive community to be so much admired, ultimately became greedy and aggressive and in part, much less spiritual in its ways. And despite Plato’s declaration of his account being factual, many have since found it easier to simply view his report as mere fanciful fiction. But Plato had founded the Athens Academy, no less! And has long been regarded as a cornerstone to our philosophical reason! So an obvious and pressing question that has to arise is: can Plato’s account be corroborated by data from elsewhere?

Edgar Cayce has been described as one of the most remarkable psychics who ever lived. The accurate diagnoses and effective remedial treatments given to thousands by Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) and subsequent work of the Association for Research and Enlightenment at Virginia Beach, U.S.A. have been well-published and are now quite widely known2. There have been medical practitioners who were astounded by the extraordinary accuracy and success of recommendations made, arising from Cayce’s psychic readings. In fact, a group of medical practitioners collaborated with him to diagnose some of their own patients who were beset by problems that they found to be of a difficult nature; and they found that all that he required from them was patient’s name and address—nothing more! He was then able to tune in, diagnose and recommend an effective remedy. It became clear that he was in receipt of irrefutable spiritually-sourced data. So Cayce’s ability as a trance medium healer has been well proven and well acknowledged by medical experts. But in addition to the acclaimed healing that he provided for many, he gave to others what have been termed life readings.

So are we able to test the veracity of his life readings? As one test, we might consider the date given by one individual who, in a past life reading, claimed to be an overseer during construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza; and when questioned, the date given by that past life aspect for construction of the Great Pyramid, was 10,490-10,390 BC. At the time of this reading, (1927), that date would certainly not have been acceptable to or voiced by any Egyptologist. But credible dates aligning to this period have indeed been given/reasoned by several significant authorities—the Greek historian Herodotus and the Coptic scribe Abu’l Hassan Ma’sudi3; also by more recent authors: Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and Erich von Däniken. Such agreements may help to reassure those having any doubts concerning the life readings.

A remarkable feature of the life readings is that they portray past lives on Atlantis for a high proportion of population living at that time, and of course with no reason at all for thinking otherwise of today’s population. Collectively, the information given is voluminous with much consistency between many readings, despite their having been given to recipients in some cases years or even decades apart. Therefore, these facts (plus others to be introduced later) are indicative of authenticity.

Details derived from Cayce’s many past life psychic readings may be listed as follows:

• Atlantis was originally one huge continent extending from the Gulf of Mexico in the west to the Mediterranean in the east.

• Its decline occurred in three major phases; the first in around 50,000 BC, the second stage in around 28,000 BC—leaving at this stage three large islands; and then the third in around 10,000 BC as was reported by Plato.

• Each phase took months or years, so that some people were able to escape to neighbouring lands—Europe, Africa and the Americas.

• During the final phase some escaped to Yucatan and some to Peru where they joined with Inca peoples; some reached the Pyrenees and some Egypt.

• There were temples with priests and priestesses who studied and applied divine laws. They attempted to lessen the burden of labourers; these being poorly regarded by their materialist overlords.

There existed the two factions—spiritual devotees and wanton materialists.

• There is mention of difficulties in presenting information to us using today’s terminology. This especially concerns reference to periods of thought concentration for harnessing universal forces under saintly guidance, leading to the ability to enter into a fourth state of consciousness. This information was given by the past life entity ‘Rhea’, who was described as a high priestess of Atlantis.

• One questioned past life entity was a priestess in Atlantis at a time of much turmoil with the coming and going of groups and individuals between Egypt and Atlantis. There is reference to the recall from a period of banishment, in Egypt, of a priest named Ra-Ta. Edgar Cayce himself had, we understand experienced that past life as the priest Ra-Ta, and so Cayce’s own past life was intricately involved in the period of change.

• Towards the end, some pursued the honourable task of establishing libraries of knowledge so that all might not be lost to future generations. One past life entity was the first to set up a library (10,300 BC) in what is now Alexandria.

• Science and technology were well advanced. There are references to transmission of thought through the aether and to sending messages through space (telepathy?). And there were set procedures for moving massive stonework to new locations.

• There were transport facilities—airships and seagoing vessels.

• Sadly, there were man-made destructive devices that wrought dire consequences, triggering excessive volcanic activity.

• High yielding agriculture methods were developed, with grain being exported to other countries.

• One entity—a chemist in past life, was versed in developing agricultural methods. He travelled with a group to Egypt, and there aided Egyptian agriculture, making the lands of the Nile more productive. And it would appear that in much more recent times, Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was able to access that information held in Akasha, and re-present it to the world as ‘biodynamic agriculture’, an acclaimed procedure currently used by several countries to restore their impoverished soils.

That final detail makes an intriguing connection to our more recent times. But are there more possible connections? There are so many details accounted in the past life readings, many of which are clearly plausible and many of the past life readings add support to each other. Can influences from the Atlantean migrations be traced to adjacent lands? And how might our current scientific knowledge relate?

Today, there are islands within the region—in the west, in the Bahamas group there are Bimini and Andros that according to the Cayce readings, were elevated parts of the Atlantean island of Poseidia. There is some evidence at these locations of offshore underwater structures—possible rectangular building foundations in 100-feet of water and there is what has been suggested might be the remains of a white marble temple. And then there is what is known as the ‘Bimini Road’, a straight line on the sea bed running for half a mile that consists of rock slabs 13-feet across, with a change of direction at one end. To the east, the Azores rise forming part of what is known as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Sceptics observe that no structures remain on these islands, while others are quick to point out that mountain tops are generally not favoured as building sites, especially by maritime nations who are much more inclined to develop their coastal margins.

The scientific evidence for a cataclysmic event around 10,000 BC, with its effects also being felt beyond what is now the Atlantic Ocean is really quite considerable; the demise of the mammoth, being one key factor in this. A frozen and well-preserved mammoth in the ice of northern Siberia has been radiocarbon dated to 12,000 years. It may not be widely realised that thousands of such mammoths quite suddenly perished across the northern extremes of Asia and America, many with still-identifiable grass in their mouths and stomachs. As evidence for their abundance, their tusks formed a large part of the ivory trade through the 19th century, and unlike dried-out tusks, the frozen tusks respond to carving as if fresh—hence their value in commerce.

Much of the Atlantic sea bed is very deep—far too deep to be explained by the volcanic activity that is familiar to us, but nevertheless there still remain several unexplained puzzles. There are undersea valleys that appear to be continuations of existing rivers. And there is evidence of a sea port in Lake Titicaca, now high up in the Andes at 12,500 feet.  It has traces of seaweed and shells; there are beaches and the water still has some saltiness. So these scientific conundrums might be seen as suggesting the possibility of a sudden and dramatic climate change, plus a lowering of the Atlantic sea bed, accompanied by the raising of at least one adjacent region. As to timing, the mammoth extinctions would without doubt have occurred around the times given in the account of Plato and in the Edgar Cayce readings. What of the other happenings?

Before continuing further I would like to express my gratitude to the many scientists who have contributed their expertise to help unravel the climate patterns of Earth’s past. To give individual credits would mean a reference list longer than the article itself! But it has been a most interesting exercise for me to search through some of the published data and I am grateful for this opportunity. Looking at date comparisons; beginning with Cayce’s first date for Atlantis decline:

50,000 BC: A number of mega-fauna became extinct in Australia at this time.

28,000 BC: Neanderthal man became extinct around this time, while Homo sapiens, a more adept tool-maker was able to thrive in what had become a cooler Europe.

10,000 BC: We shall of course focus especially on events at this time, the end of the Pleistocene era (a period that had lasted around 1.8 million years with its cycle of ice ages). What we currently call the Holocene era now follows (from 9,500 BC), a warm and moist phase, with its steadily melting ice sheets accompanied by reforestation and rising sea levels. Extinctions of mammoth, mastodon, woolly rhinoceros and sabre-tooth tiger (10,000 BC) are clearly evident for this time. Many of their bodies seem to have been engulfed by ice-laden dust storms in regions that today are tundra. The freezing wind-blown ice and mineral mixture would have enhanced the chilling fast-freeze of the animals (compared to the effect of ice alone).

The happenings around the above three Edgar Cayce dates are consistent with some form of climate change accompanying each step of Atlantis decline—there having been extinctions at each stage. And then, to fix these events in historical order, the extinctions of all those larger animals in around 10,000 BC were quickly followed by Edgar Cayce’s other dates: construction of the first Alexandria library (10,300 BC) and the building of the Great Pyramid (10,490-10,390 BC).

But what have our scientists to say about the Atlantic sea bed?—this is surely relevant? But patterns of continental drift, changes in Earth’s crust and tectonic plate movements are highly complex issues that have received much attention in recent years. There is a progressive pattern, and it is generally accepted that in the much more remote past, Africa, Europe and the Americas were united as one single landmass. The continents now drift apart but only very slowly, pushed outwards by a zigzagging volcanic mid-Atlantic ridge that runs midway between Africa / Europe and the Americas. The ridge rises to form the islands of Jan Mayen, Iceland, Azores, St Paul’s Rock, Ascension, St Helena, Tristan da Cunha, Gough and Bouvet. And it seems clear that the most extensive volcanic activity of our world proceeds unseen beneath the oceans, where molten magma extrudes up through lengthy mid-ocean ridges. So the Atlantic Ocean bed is a rock layer that is pushed away to east and west from the mid-Atlantic ridge, and since the sea bed layer is denser than continental crust it undermines that crust, to push up mountains—again, a very slow process powered by a sea bed thrust that has been calculated as a mere 2.5 cm per year. Sea levels have risen from the end of the last ice age to the present day by around 125 metres.

North Atlantic Ocean: The Mid-Atlantic Ridge showing the Azores Plateau and Azores Hotspot.

These hard-earned facts, whilst all very laudable, offer no explanation as to the present extreme depth of most of the Atlantic Ocean (average depth almost 4 Km); but there is a substantial region known as the Azores Plateau—an area of 5.8 million sq. kilometres that is less deep (1,500-2,000 metres). This derives from an active triple junction of three plates (North American, Eurasian and African). It has been suggested that this might possibly function as a free micro-plate. And then there is what is known as the Azores Hotspot—a region of exceptional volcanic activity that is still young in relative terms.

We also should observe that our planet is not exactly spherical. Its rotation accounts for a slight flattening at its Polar Regions. Its circumference close to the equator is a little more than might be expected for a sphere, whilst circumference north of the equator is slightly less than expected. So overall, there is some slight degree of pear-shape. This helps to illustrate a non-rigid and towards elastic crust condition.

But what is probably the more important factor for us to consider is the effect of prevailing winds and planetary rotation on ocean currents. Surface currents that are largely wind-driven into widely sweeping loops are called ‘gyres’; and the warm Gulf Stream gyre beginning in the Gulf of Mexico, then travelling across the Atlantic, currently warms western Europe. It is fast moving, travelling at 25-75 miles per day, so that Western Europe enjoys warmth while the extreme north remains as icy tundra. But we know that what is now tundra was once nutritious grassland which included herbaceous plants and woody wormwood shrubs; these all enjoying a lengthy season of growth, sufficient to support thousands of mammoths, together with the many other grassland animals—a thriving mixed community. So there must have been a very significant climate change around 10,000 BC. A change in Gulf Stream direction could easily bring this about; and to this end, a land mass in the Atlantic would be required to deflect the Gulf Stream to the north. Such a circumstance would warm what is now tundra and provide grazing grasslands for the thriving community that we now know from scientific evidence, existed there. It is therefore appropriate to observe that the obvious climate change is key evidence in establishing a location for Atlantis prior to 10,000 BC.

So however little or much we know about the Atlantic Ocean depths, it is that fast warm surface gyre above that readily offers some meaningful explanation of what must have been a sudden and quite catastrophic climate change. Its precise direction of flow is so important. But of course, we should also take into account all other significant information sources that it has become possible for us to explore. These include several uncannily coincidental psychic sources.

I first met Vincenta Moog in 2003. She is a lady who receives intense visions of her own past life on Atlantis, to the extent that she has been able to write down many details that are distinctly plausible and ring true; also she is able to make guided sketches. A number of details are in accord with Edgar Cayce’s past life readings and occasionally her testimony takes us further. I summarise here, her testimony (with intent to publish more fully in book form at a later date):

“I was in past life a High Priestess in Atlantis and one time Saru-Naris—High Priestess of the Brotherhood of Light. In this life I am guided by Lord Mykalydes, High Priest of those times and of the Atlantis that continues in spirit.”

Lord Mykalydes: High Priest of the Brotherhood of Light drawn by the guided hand of Vincenta Moog. Symbols derive from a pyramid that houses a rotating quartz sphere.

This is my summary of Vincenta’s account: Atlantis was once a huge continent in the Atlantic between Africa, Europe and the Americas—roughly diamond shaped and aligned to a north-south axis. The tropics in the south gave way to temperate lands in mid-latitudes, while the extreme north had icy mountains. There were vast plains, rich soils, unspoiled forests and many bird and animal species, some of which died with her. Her people were tall, graceful and proud, able to commune with spirit entities and with animals; they were truly at one with nature and recognised Gaia. Their magnificent temples were so large that they would dwarf today’s aircraft hangers. They had well-developed psychic abilities, and technologies, some of which are being rediscovered today while others continue to remain obscure. Whilst having due respect for Plato’s account, Vincenta makes it clear that, prior to Plato, the knowledgeable Egyptian priests had known about Atlantis for many years. We must see Atlantis as a ‘motherland’—our ‘parent culture’. And her language should be seen as having influenced those later languages in today’s adjacent lands. Vincenta has heard the Atlantean language but is unable as yet to emulate it.

Atlantis may readily be regarded as our idyllic mother culture that sadly, eventually became flawed when many lost the good way forward. Sordid experiments by defiant scientists, power-lust, greed, corruption together with an unheeding public—all were involved in the materialistic misadventure of majority. Even so, there still remained many who chose the pathways of peace, healing and righteousness. These good people separated themselves away from wrongdoers, moving into remote villages and temples—the latter always dedicated to truth and love. They maintained the good pathway. Priests and priestesses, living in the temples with their spiritual connections, knew when the end approached and stayed until things became too awful. They and their followers then sailed to settle in other lands. Vincenta adds: perhaps they continue living reincarnated today—who knows? [Well, let me say here: Edgar Cayce certainly came to know! And it is clear from his accounts that many do indeed continue to live today, having since reincarnated.]

Vincenta speaks of her reunion with High Priest Lord Mykalydes, who was able to guide her hand to make a sketch in his own likeness—tousled hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones and standing in a gold-trimmed ultramarine robe. The portrait brought its reaction. It was for her an emotional moment and she wept with joy whilst affirming his beauty—he declaring: “I am your guide”, then going on to explain the permanence of their bond and its inseparable link to the lost land. In a dream, they were together, looking at a picture in a book of their broken continent—she crying bitterly: “I never wanted to leave!” The continent had been in the ocean between lands and they had lived in its tropical part to the south, where it was sunny and hot and rains always welcomed. But as regards location: “Nobody is looking in the right direction—some Atlantean knowledge went to Crete.” So there is that connection to Crete. And it seems that a number of artefacts went elsewhere—including what are generally referred to as the ‘crystal skulls’. And Lord Mykalydes declared: “The crystal skull awaits you. You are a true lightworker.” And it seems that, as an Atlantean High Priestess, Vincenta was adept in healing by means of crystals and music.

There were four ‘Brotherhoods’—although so named, they were not exclusively male. Balance of genders was always seen as a valued principle. The brotherhoods worked in harmony with each other, spreading the ways of truth, compassion, peace and seeking further advancement for soul. As a test of an individual’s advancement, a ‘laser gateway’ comprising a force-field allowed only suitably progressing souls to pass through.

1: Brotherhood of Light. The highest, having full enlightenment, and role model for those who fled from evil—standing for ultimate truth and spiritual goodness. The priests of this brotherhood wore ultramarine robes with gold trim.

2: Brotherhood of Water. Recognising the water that flows through all that is, and thereby refreshing arid regions. These brothers are healers and psychiatrists, concerned with cleansing and renewal, and being involved in the dawning of a fuller enlightenment.

3: Brotherhood of Earth. Their qualities include stability, courage and fortitude whilst maximising a respect for the Earth planet; and including in their number nutritionists and midwives, all of whom wore robes of grass-green.

4: Brotherhood of Fire. Theirs is a gateway to the higher brotherhoods. They are warriors fighting for justice. They are purifiers and exorcists, with a passion for all things that are good and appropriate to their passionate endeavours and to their brotherhood they wear robes of red.

Ordinary people living on Atlantis looked up to the four brotherhoods; also to a Sisterhood of the Moon, a largely women’s group that celebrated the full moon and eclipses. Brotherhood diets differed—those of the Light being vegan, those of the Water vegetarian, while Brotherhoods 3 and 4 were omnivorous. The Brotherhood of Light also had a pyramid featuring a horizontal cylindrical open part in which hovered a huge rotating quartz sphere held in place by force fields. This had crystal imperfections which, as it rotated, caught the sun to refract an array of lights that bathed near and far with a symphony of dancing colours. This pyramid is featured as an oft repeated glyphic symbol linked to the brotherhood. The Atlantean religion is both solar and lunar connected and it has many meaningful glyphic symbols. One such symbol represents a spirit in the form of a moving ball of light. This I find intriguing, because today’s digital cameras are able to capture on film moving spheres of spiritual light existing at certain key locations. And it has been shown possible to reveal faces within these. So this Atlantean symbol connects with a recent research development4.

Are there others, like Vincenta, who have the visions? Well, I know of Shonali Thakur in India who similarly experiences the visions and works with crystals. She speaks of crystals being programmed with knowledge, and of her ability to communicate telepathically with animals and plants—abilities that were commonplace on Atlantis.

Knowledge is never lost—all is held in Akasha, and as per the example of Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic agriculture, details can with sufficiently strong spirit connection, be accessed. What he achieved demonstrates this. A fact concerning Angelic beings is their full knowledge of all that is held in Akasha. (One might crudely compare in a very much smaller way, all the Internet data that it is possible to access via a computer.) The Kingsclere Séance Group5 has for the past 22-years been guided by the Angelic being known to us as ‘Salumet’. Appropriate to his Angelic spiritual energy status, he has full access to all that is held in Akasha and Salumet has during this period, been able to teach and to answer our questions, but in this there are restrictions that must be observed. Firstly, he can only teach up to the level of our understanding, a level that has enjoyed some slight elevation through the 22-years. We have become more aware so that both questions and answers have steadily become more complex. And secondly, it would be wrong for him to make known knowledge that we in our Earth lives should best discover for ourselves. So it is a necessary factor in our development that our Angelic guide adheres to these principles. But the more we know, the more it has been possible for him to elaborate or confirm.

Regarding spirit moving in the form of a moving ball of light mentioned above, we placed a question concerning this (2015). He confirms that such orbs are indeed spiritual energy; also that this energy may be transmuted to reveal the faces of loved ones now in spirit. (And three of our group have in fact photographed orbs that abound in the tunnels of the Bosnian pyramids.)

We had in earlier exchanges (1994, 1996 and 2001) placed questions to Salumet concerning Atlantis, of which at that time we had scant knowledge; also referring to Edgar Cayce’s work. He confirmed for us that Edgar Cayce was indeed a man of vision. And where past civilisations are concerned, Salumet was careful to generalise and to place them into a proper perspective, declaring there to have been many Earth changes spread across thousands of years—lands having submerged with disappearance of people as well as animals.

“Many have become extinct because of their own foolishness.”

Many had knowledge superior to what we have today—in stonework, crystals and in various elements of their living. He confirmed Atlantis to be one such example, with Atlanteans having much knowledge; indicating them to be not exceptional in this regard. He said of knowledge:

“There is only one form of love and goodness, and all others who have trodden (this Earth), whether they retain much Earthly knowledge or not, (it) does not matter. All of these Earthly events and happenings are lost in the greater scheme of things. I do not mean to say that these civilisations that have existed upon your Earth, matter not; of course, all of your Earth’s history has created what you have today. But each stage of development upon your Earth is not what is important. Knowledge is only worth retaining if it is spiritual knowledge.”
So perhaps we can say that scientific advancement and material knowledge in general pales into insignificance when compared to spiritual knowledge. Spiritual advancement of the parent soul is all-important—soul progression is what matters. But nevertheless:

“Of course there are those peoples who have trodden this Earth who would influence others.”

He went on to add concerning Atlanteans:

“Their knowledge was so much greater than it is today. Therefore their knowledge would have been such that they would have understood spiritual matters much more deeply.”

This statement certainly aligns to the above criteria from psychic sources. Our present day threat of nuclear devastation to people and planet is a matter for our deepest concern and compares with the Achilles heel that ended Atlantis. We therefore suggested that if erring Atlanteans were to reincarnate now, it would be an opportunity for them to re-work past mistakes and this should benefit their souls. Salumet agreed, adding that reincarnating as a group might well be favoured by some.

Moving on to 2003, I had in fact asked about Vincenta and I was advised of the value of her knowledge. It was pointed out that the lady has knowledge that I do not as yet have and our meeting was in no way accidental. There has been guidance involving our spiritual pathways. Well I certainly had a very strong feeling about that meeting! And I was further advised:

“She will bring you a new aspect of living in those times.” And:

“You need to have association with many and varied intelligences—human beings who are also on the spiritual pathway.”

Paul had read accounts of interaction with and riding on dolphins, to which Salumet responded:

“They were a race with much more open minds and hearts than anyone today—any spiritual gifts of the animals and the people would find that blending so much easier—it was lost, and so mankind returns to the beginning to relearn what has been lost.”

Other important confirmations were given on this occasion. Regarding the existences of those living on Earth today having had Atlantean past lives, as documented by Edgar Cayce:

“And there are those in your planet today who have come from this family of lost souls.”

And concerning survivors travelling to other lands, we have the statement:

“But yes, I will confirm for you that there were those who survived and travelled to other lands.”

Legends of the crystal skulls: Contemporarily these are shared by Mayans, Aztecs, Native Americans and indigenous people worldwide—with thirteen skulls claimed as constituting a set. It has been said that Cherokee Medicine Man, Harley Swift-Deer Reagan has stated: “The skulls were kept inside a pyramid in a formation of tremendous power”, and they have been described as repositories of knowledge. These legend details are of course in accord with Vincenta’s testimony. We had first placed a question to Salumet concerning the crystal skulls in 1997. On that occasion it was correctly confirmed that our modern technology would be incapable of producing them and Salumet described them then as simply pre-Mayan. It was not until November 2015 that, having received convincing information as to their Atlantean origin, I asked our guide if he could confirm this:

Salumet: “I have no doubts about confirming that that is so—none whatsoever! Yes, there has been so much spoken about these things, and again I have to tell you that as Earth beings, you do like to complicate matters. But yes, I can assure you, my dear friend, that that is so.”

And I must say: he seemed pleased to be able to make a clear statement on this fact at last! I of course expressed my gratitude at receipt of such an important verification. But of course, the crystal skulls whilst being of such extreme value are but the tip of the iceberg so to speak. They are but one of a number of unexplained mysterious artefacts about the planet that our modern technology would be unable to achieve.

So the sum total of evidence for the existence of Atlantis as what we might see as our recent mother culture is really quite overwhelming. There are significant links between psychic and scientific details. Our science can explain neither manufacture nor purpose of those crystal skulls, nor indeed their origin. But to Vincenta Moog, Salumet and a Cherokee Medicine Man this presents no problem. This is because, unlike majority, they have recourse to non-material thinking—to spirit realm guidance. Whilst they and of course Edgar Cayce have contributed such valuable details, there is also the material evidence. The (radio-carbon dated) mammoth and mega-fauna extinctions well illustrate an extremely rapid climate change that quickly froze their bodies, and converted what had been ample feeding grounds for thousands, to icy tundra. And the date for this change is in accord with the dates given by Edgar Cayce, Salumet, Herodotus, the priests of Thebes, the Coptic scribe Abu’l Hassan Ma’sudi and of course Plato, for the demise of Atlantis—this a little before the establishment of the original library in Alexandria and the building of the Great Pyramid. That so many differently sourced dates all fall into place is beyond any chance coincidence. So with apologies to Plato for ever doubting his word, we are now at long last in a position to re-write Earthly history and to steer our way towards a less fanciful and a more realistic future—paying due regard to that most recent of our ‘mother cultures’ whose influence still remains so readily discernible.

1. Plato, The Dialogues of Timaeus and Critias; also included in: Great Books of the Western World Vol. 6, Ed. Mortimer J Adler, Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc., 1990, p. 442-485.
2. Edgar Evans Cayce, Edgar Cayce on Atlantis, Ed. Hugh Lynn Cayce, Warner Books, New York, 1988.
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4. Merlina Marcan, Our Destiny Lies Within Orb Truth, Gordon NSW Australia, 2012.
5., A complete presentation of all communications from June 1994 to the present—17 page headings.

George Moss is the author of Earth’s Cosmic Ascendancy: Spirit and Extraterrestrials Guide us through Times of Change published by White Crow Books


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