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Mickey Robinson’s Near Death Experience: A journey to the Spirit World

We regularly read testimonies these days about people who have had near-death-experiences, and the recent success of the Todd Burpo book Heaven is For Real, which at the last count has sold in excess of 6 million copies —shows us there are plenty of people out there who are searching for the truth of who we are — why we are here — and what happens to us after our physical life comes to an end.

Mickey Robinson was into extreme sports, and in particular, parachuting out of airplanes. He was a professional skydiver. One day his luck ran out, and the plane he was in crashed. Watch this interview with him and listen to what happened next.

For more on near-death-experiences read Michael Tymn’s article, Finding The Truth in The Light





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The Role of Affinities and the Group-Soul by Anabela Cardoso – Affinities seem to play an important role in the next world. We have touched on the subject in a previous chapter and I have discussed it in earlier publications (Cardoso, 2010, 2003). Indeed, the meaning and importance of the Group-Soul described in the mediumistic literature, e.g. the information received purportedly from the deceased Frederic Myers by Geraldine Cummins (Cummins, 2012), have been emphasized in my own contacts. Read here
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