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NDE Network interviews Ineke Koedam about her book “In the Light of Death”

Interview: Ineke Koedam by Michael Visser NDE network Australia
June 3rd, 2015

Ineke Koedam studied at the University of Humanistic Studies and is a former hospice coordinator. Since 2003 she has her own practice for death and bereavement. From 2009 till 2011 she carried out Peter Fenwicks (UK) research on end-of-life experiences. Ineke speaks and writes about death, dying and organ donation. She is author of a.o. In the light of Death, experiences on the Threshold between life and death.

Why this book and who is it for?

Having learned from all those who experienced near death it’s time we became more sensitive to the dying process. In the nearness of the dying we may catch a glimpse of a different reality. It will most likely broaden our consciousness and may completely change our vision on life and death.

From 2009-2011 I carried out Peter Fenwicks (UK) research on deathbed phenomena. Peter Fenwick is a prominent neuro psychiatrist and researcher in the UK, who had been studying near-death experiences for decades before he became intrigued by so called ‘end-of-life experiences’. I happen to meet with Peter Fenwick in the Netherlands while we were both to speak at a conference ‘Beyond Consciousness’. Not long after we met I began to carry out his research on these wonderful phenomena in the Netherlands.

So, I set out without the intention to write a book. However, after concluding the study I found myself with so much wonderful anecdotal material that I could not refrain from writing about the dying preparing for death. Having been a hospice coordinator myself I learned that death is a process rather than a single event in time and that death may be heralded by specific phenomena that comfort the dying and help to prepare them for their transition from life to death.

In the Light of Death contains many accounts and anecdotal evidence of hospice staff and has turned out to be a real contribution to diminishing the fear of dying which is so widely spread in our Western societies.

Further, this research suggests that loving spiritual care is most important. By developing openness and understanding for these kinds of ‘end-of-life experiences’ we create more room to the needs of the dying. Not only for carers but for whoever is professionally or personally involved with dying, In the Light of Death is educational, reassuring and very needed in a time when people are afraid of dying.

Could you elaborate on the miraculous nature of end-of-life-experiences?

I consider myself immensely blessed whenever I experience these kinds of phenomena. And we should, L. Stafford Betty tells us. ‘If we don’t make the mistake of assuming they are ‘confused’ we are likely to feel some of the excitement they convey. For we are witnessing the momentary merging of two worlds that at all other times remain tightly compartmentalized and mutually inaccessible.’

End-of life experiences as amply described in this book suggest that these leave a long and lasting impression on the people involved. They are of a subtle, otherworldly quality, they comfort the dying , their loved ones and carers and above all they suggest that death is a passage to alternate forms of existence. Continued

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