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Premonition Man: The Documentary

Premonition Man

“Premonition Man” is the story of Christopher Robinson. Christopher is an ordinary, everyday person. He is not a mystic or a religious man but since 1989 he has been haunted by premonitions and precognitive dreams on a regular basis.
Known as the “Dream Detective” Christopher has had premonitions of plane crashes, terrorist atrocities, and murders, for more than twenty years.

If you are in the USA you can watch it online at Amazon for $1.99

The dreams began in 1989 when England was in the grip of Irish terrorism and was under constant threat by a terrorist organisation then known as the IRA. At first Christopher was scared and horrified; he would dream about a bomb exploding and then would read about the same event in the following day’s newspaper. He regularly contacted the police and initially was treated with disbelief and, when his predictions came true, was arrested and often initially accused of the crimes.

It didn’t take long for the authorities to realize that Christopher wasn’t the perpetrator but just an innocent messenger trying to convince them and himself he wasn’t mad, and in the process change the course of history. The dreams are rarely straight forward but over the years Christopher has learnt to read the cryptic messages and often understand their meanings.

‘Premonition Man’ contains interviews with scientists, psychical researchers, psychologists, and journalists, who have crossed Christopher’s path and have validated his extraordinary premonitions. In April 2001 Christopher, in a bid to have his gift tested scientifically, contacted Professor Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona. Schwartz is a published and respected scientist who specializes in individuals who appear to have psychic abilities.

Schwartz was sceptical of Christopher’s claims but eventually agreed to do some experiments. Schwartz constructed an experiment in which Christopher would have to dream of ten destinations over ten days before each day’s destination had been chosen by a third party from a selection of target destinations. They became known as the ‘Arizona Experiments’ and in August 2001 ten days of investigations began. The results - which are reconstructed and examined in-depth - are extraordinary.

“Premonition Man” examines the ‘Arizona Experiments’, Robinson’s lucid and terrifying premonitions of I.R.A bombings, 9/11, the London 7/7 bombings, and the death of Princess Diana. The film is a must for anyone interested in dreams and the nature of reality.

The documentary is 52 minutes long and the DVD version includes more than an hour of interviews.
“Premonition Man” is authored in NTSC 0/Worldwide and is available from


If you are in the USA you can watch it online at Amazon for $1.99


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