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Who built the first pyramids and when?—and to fulfil what purpose? These are basic questions of prime importance that should ideally have been addressed years ago; but sadly, there has been far too much conjecture and little in the way of constructive thought. There have been reasons for the latter; relating largely to a strictly materialist attitude, to adverse political agenda and to the inherent dependencies that govern project funding.

Perhaps in fairness to the endeavours of our scientific community, it should be pointed out that there have been a number of most valuable advances in recent years, each initially unrelated to pyramid research; but these have made it possible to provide extra and extremely useful pyramid data. I refer in particular to radar (1935), to radiocarbon dating (1940) and to development of the digital camera (1975). Even so, there has been a considerable reluctance and time lapse in applying these noteworthy developments to pyramid research programs.

Radiocarbon dating relies on the fact that the radioactive carbon isotope C14 has a lengthy half-life and is contained as a part of all living organic matter, and the decay process continues in any residues that remain. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has leaf residues trapped between permanent outer layers that indicate an age for the structure of a little in excess of 30,000 years. Dated wood fragments from tunnel sections indicate that many of the tunnels became gravel-filled in a cataclysmic event that followed much later—5,000 years ago. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) has been used for mapping below-ground tunnels and chambers that have their pyramid connections. Russian military radar has been used to clearly reveal an energy beam that rises vertically from the apex of pyramids to a height of at least several kilometres. The digital camera has proved useful in that it can reveal items not normally seen visually. These items include spiritual energy orbs that clearly exist within ancient pyramids and within their associated tunnels—captured with unquestionable clarity in photos and seen to have sweeping movement when recorded on video film. There is thus no doubt whatsoever that pyramids with one pair of east – west orientated sides have energies associated with them, even if those energies are of a kind as yet unfamiliar to humanity.

So we might well next ask the question: why are ancient pyramids and their associated energies not eagerly studied by scientific institutions? Well, in fact they are being studied, and very much so; but not here in the western world. And highly significant findings have to date (2015) gone unreported by U.K. news media. This is where politics currently clouds the picture. The studies and funding have thus far been Russian- and Bosnian-initiated, with useful participation from several European laboratories. The latter have contributed by investigating construction details of the Bosnian pyramids—radiocarbon dating, GPR mapping, geo-polymer analysis and analysis of ceramic artefacts from within tunnels.

Leading names that must be mentioned for their valuable work include:

Volodymyr Krasnoholovets—who has studied the Giza pyramids and theorized on their interaction with aether as it sweeps past Earth due to planetary rotation—to produce the observed energy.

Alexander Golod—who has, as a result of this study and government funding, constructed in excess of fifty glass fibre and resin pyramids (largest 44 metres high and weighing 55 tons, built 1990), distributed mostly through Russia and the Ukraine. Following this, a number of eminent scientists from a number of disciplines have since had the opportunity to study interesting aspects of pyramid energy effects.

Dr Sam Semir Osmanagich—who for the past ten years has led the Bosnian pyramid excavations and project study. His work has included organizing large multi-national volunteer labour teams for clearing tunnels and exposing ceramic artefacts; also liaising with the European testing laboratories and publishing several books.

On close inspection it is clear that Earth’s ancient pyramids—those named above plus others—are all orientated with one pair of sides facing exactly East – West (aligning to planetary spin). They also have been sited to benefit from ley-line energy proximity. Why so?—and what does the pyramid-generated energy do? Facts have now become available that begin to provide answers to the latter question. A shortlist of phenomena selected from around thirty that result from projects conducted within and in the vicinity of Alexander Golod’s glass fibre and resin pyramids includes:

• At temperatures as low as -38oC water fails to freeze until disturbed, only when disturbed does it freeze.
• Seeds stored in the energy for just a few days germinate to give substantially increased crop yields, generally 20-100% extra yield.
• Razor blades become sharpened, and the effect compares with ultrasound polishing.
• The human aura is brightened.
• Meditation and psychic abilities are enhanced.
• Stored foodstuffs stay fresh longer.
• Viruses are inhibited such that healing from infections occurs.
• Longevity is increased, as has been indicated by trials with rabbits and rats.
• Tissue culture tests have demonstrated increased survival of cell tissue following infection by bacteria and viruses.
• Patient’s burns heal faster in the pyramid energy.
• The energy is found to combat addictions to alcohol and drugs.
• Dead animals seem to dry out or mummify instead of rotting.
• Radioactivity is decreased.
• In the vicinity of pyramids, growth rate of plants is increased in their early phase.
• Pyramids placed in the vicinity of oil wells cut oil viscosity and the pumping rate at one such location in the south of Russia has been increased by 30%.

It is becoming increasingly clear as the story unfolds, that pyramid energy promises wonderful benefits for the world and recognition of it is here to stay. But why the East – West alignment and why site on a ley-line?

The fact is that the aether sweeping our Earth, as well as existing planetary energy, both contribute towards maximising the pyramid energy produced. Choice of building materials also comes into the equation. So there are these magnificent structures inherited from our distant past that are widely distributed across our planet, and it is clearly evident that they conform to a design shape and to a placement pattern. Furthermore, we have ample proof of the energy that they produce. So both the pyramids and the energy that they produce clearly form an undeniable part of Earthly history. Perhaps this statement brings us to a suitable time to answer that question: who built them? And we might well also ask ourselves: who, 30,000 years ago (Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun), and 11,000 years ago (Great Pyramid at Giza), had the required expertise for such admirable projects? What construction methods did they use in shaping, transporting and assembling vast multi-ton masses of rock?  Was energy-production the purpose of these projects, and why should they have need of it anyway?

The answers to these questions—the answers themselves that is, may be quite simply stated. The early pyramids were built by visiting extraterrestrial beings who had mastered space-travel and who were therefore versed in what might be termed ‘spiritual science’ methods. The modus operandi for shaping, transporting and fitting-to-amazing-perfection involved dematerializing the otherwise extremely heavy units to weightless condition and then rematerializing each into the exact position required. Some degree of plasticity whilst in weightless condition assisted the observed perfect fit of the Giza pyramid rock units. These are all attributes of what might be seen as ‘spiritual science’, as opposed to our more readily understood ‘material science’. Regarding the energy: that was a requirement of the ET-visitors, in the first place to help sustain them whilst here, then later, as a means of boosting the re-launch of their space-craft. While these facts can be simply stated and will immediately be seen by some as plausible while other explanations fail to convince; the further supporting evidence and explanations are inevitably of a much more cosmic and of a much more complex character.

It is suggested that it might well assist to explore the following thought excursions:

Firstly, one must accept that our brains form part of our material being, while the associated mind is non-material and belongs to spirit. There is much good evidence for separate identity of the two, and of course, they each perform their different functions. Secondly, one must accept that brain is a wonderful biological computer that is capable of, amongst its other functions, downloading thought-behind-words to the brain’s known language. This forms the basis of telepathic communications (which operate instantaneously across any distance, since mind works within spirit domain). And thirdly, one must accept that accomplished mediums forming part of an appropriately guided séance group have the ability to receive from spirit domain; also they are able to mind-link with others in the telepathic mode. The evidence for items listed in this paragraph is substantial and well recognized by séance groups that meet regularly and by practicing mediums. Much has been published on websites, in books and in articles; but this agenda has been largely ignored by scientific mainstream and its attendant peer-reviewed journals—this is changing.

In its present form, the Kingsclere Group is now into its 22nd year of weekly meetings. Those usually present include mediums, clairvoyants, scientists, psychologists; and the group enjoys a number of key spiritual links. All sessions are recorded, transcribed and published both as transcripts and as audio files on our website1; also there is an email service, sent out free on request.

SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) was founded in 1984 following estimates for the number of civilizations living on planets in our galaxy, based on the Drake equation that was later updated by Carl Sagan and colleagues. SETI is a large California-based organization, that today employs 130 scientists, and its various projects include attempted ET-contact by means of signals sent out from radio dishes. Despite years of earnest endeavours using this approach, no contacts have been made. The three likely reasons for this are:

(1) The velocity (186,000 miles/sec) of radio/light signals. If a signal were picked up by a planet 10-lightyears away, it would be at least 20-years before any response could be expected.

(2) An insurmountable language barrier.

(3) No other sentient beings would use radio communication between planets when a much more satisfactory ‘spiritual science’ method is available to them.

So whilst it is admirable to see that a team of scientists is intent upon verifying the existence of other planetary beings and is attempting to make contact with them, one has to accept that radio dishes will not work.

Using its mind-linked procedure, the Kingsclere Group has since 2004, experienced in excess of eighty detailed exchanges with extraterrestrial sentient beings all of which have been published1, 2, 3. Earth does not stand alone in having its séance groups for mind-linked exchanges; and information received makes it very clear that pyramid building is most certainly not a practice confined only to Earth. Sentient beings on a number of planets have built pyramids that produce energy for their own various needs. Our most frequent ET-contact is ‘Bonniol’ whom we now rate as a very dear friend. He lives on a planet in a distant galaxy, known to his people as ‘Aerah’.

They are humanoid, blond and hairy, more progressed than humans, and Bonniol’s séance group generally has 60-80 sitting. Selected phrases (downloaded by the brain of his chosen medium Paul to good English) that concern pyramids I quote:

“Yes, this is another subject that crosses the planetary divide ... We also have found this benefits our—the energies that we wish to expand or use, can be helped by this shape.”

“We do not have ancient pyramids like the ones you have, because our ancient ones were not built to last.”

“They must be orientated—um—to, yes, receive the flow of energy through their flat sides.”

I had suggested in response to this: “So the build-up of energy really depends on the rotation of the planet—”

“Yes, that is the main consideration—the way your energies flow—and the pyramid will then harness them better.”

We moved on to discuss some of the findings of Russian scientists, pointing out that a pyramid-shaped hospital burns unit should accelerate healing.

Bonniol’s response: “Yes, it is a pity is it not, that this knowledge was forgotten?”

Too true!—well, those words came to us from Planet Aerah. We have also received from a planet known to its people as ‘Simkah’—this time via another accomplished medium—Sarah.

So what prompted those of Simkah to mind-link with us? Well, they became aware of our interest in the Bosnian pyramids and in the distant past, it was their people who actually built them! And we are so fortunate to have had this link, which has provided much in the way of new data3 and useful confirmations! The actual builders have of course long since been continuing their life journeys largely in spirit, but this one was able to convey messages from them. Now it emerges that the Simkah people are a little shorter than humans, which explains why we had to stoop in some of the tunnel sections. We were able to discuss many of their project details. The pyramid building was it seems a combined operation with humans assisting those from Simkah and the purpose of the 8-ton ceramic artefacts was to provide a supply of clean water while the tunnel floor remained dry. We understand that the humans were well looked after and the one from spirit described it as: “—a most useful and cordial time.”
In response to our suggestion: “You must come again!” he had replied:

“Yes—I am beginning to smile because maybe I come again—for real!”

And that was a thought to which we had expressed much enthusiasm.

So this leads us to one further question: why is our little team so confident that all these exchanges, that news media prefer to ignore, are genuine? Well, the Kingsclere Group has as its guide and teacher, one from Angelic realms known to ourselves and our readers as ‘Salumet’, with whom we have since 1994 been privileged to have around 600 lengthy exchanges, all of which have been published1. This one has full access to Akashic Records of this universe and others; and so, as far as we mortals are concerned, he is versed in ‘all-knowledge’. In-keeping with free-will observance, however, it would be wrong for him to simply tell us what we should much better discover for ourselves. But he has always been happy to confirm true facts that we place before him; also to embellish those facts where appropriate. This might possibly be seen as a reward for our work and further thinking. So all facts presented in this article have been confirmed in this way.

Regarding the Great Pyramid that stands on the Giza plateau, there have been the studies and publications of Graham Hancock5, 6 and the intriguing record of Abu’l Hassan ma’sudi4. These rang true, indicated a much earlier construction date than postulated by Egyptologists and opened the door to an electrifying discussion with Salumet. An age for the Great Pyramid of around 11,000 years is confirmed. Its construction was indeed organized by the ET-visitors using ‘spiritual science’ methods, with human cooperation. This time was a high-point in Egyptian knowledge and understanding of the energies. The pyramid was a centre for teaching and healing. Isis, Osiris and Horus were not vague mythical figments but real beings—the last of the visitors to finally depart. This was truly a splendid time for Egypt, but sadly, through the millennia that followed, materialism took over. The Pharaohs realized they could accrue immense wealth for themselves and they used pyramids as their burial chambers. The cartouches describing their wealth that adorn the walls came very much later than the departure of ET-visitors. Spiritual connection was neglected and knowledge of all those finer values was lost.

Those who seek factual alignment to detail may like to ponder this: Does pyramid energy occur elsewhere? It does—the UFOs that leave crop circle formations, the genuine ones that is. (If large and intricate, and the design arrived overnight, this is the hallmark of a genuine one; as opposed to those with spoiled and broken stalks made by silly pranksters.) The energy within a freshly made design can be felt, and an ear of wheat has seed that will give increased crop yield—as does that seed stored in a pyramid. Tests have found this to be so.

In conclusion, we had placed a question to Salumet in 1997 concerning hopes for the future of humanity, to which he gave a definitive reply that, at that time, took us all by surprise:
“Why should you confine your hopes, your wishes, to the population of this planet? My wish for you would be that you could become more aware, more universally aware, more cosmically aware, rather than stay in the confines of Earthly population—I want you, my dear friends, to be children of the cosmos, because that is what you are ... all of your population, all peoples, no matter what colour, what race, what religion; all will come to the realization, that we belong to the much wider scheme of life, of living, of love, of that eternal energy to which we all belong.”
So as ‘children of the cosmos’ perhaps we would do well to think beyond the material exigencies of this one little planet. There is so much out there and so many would just love to befriend us—and there have been attempts in the past that have left their mark, and there is much that we can learn from them.

2: Bonniol, Salumet, George E Moss, The Chronicles of Aerah – Mind-link Communications across the Universe, Trafford Publishing USA/Canada, 2009.
3: George E Moss, Earth’s Cosmic Ascendancy – Spirit and Extraterrestrials Guide us through Times of Change and Challenge, White Crow Books, Guildford UK, 2014.
4: Abu’l Hassan Ma’sudi, Akbar Esseman MS, Bodleiean Library, Oxford.
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Earth’s Cosmic Ascendancy: Spirit and Extraterrestrials Guide us through Times of Change by George Moss is published by White Crow Books

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