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REINCARNATION: Ten Things That Suggest Past Life Existence by George Moss

In any serious discussion of the subject of ‘past lives’, the acceptable evidence is clearly a first priority. So here is presented a list of major evidential sources. But what exactly is meant by ‘evidence’?

Dictionary definition has it that it is information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true. Well, that definition is accepted by most, but scientists tend to be dismissive of anything that might just conceivably be seen as a made-up ‘story’ unsupported by mathematics, prior theory or hardware evaluation. This of course can make discussion of spiritual matters with mainstream scientists problematical.

And so I therefore place ‘past life memory’ at the top of the list that follows.

The major evidential sources include:

1. Retained past life memory held by living individuals.
2. Satisfactory explanation of child prodigies.
3. Speech via a medium in a language unknown to the medium.
4. Information received from trusted notaries in spirit, during recorded séance.
5. Information received telepathically from advanced sentient extraterrestrial beings.
6. Information about own past lives received during séance that can be corroborated.
7. A soul (in spirit) has many aspects and on rare occasions two aspects of the same soul will be on Earth at the same time.
8. Recorded Angelic-sourced teaching received during séance.
9. The return to spirit and ‘spirit rescues’.
10. Religious Doctrine and denial of ‘Hell and Damnation’.

Whether or not the above evidential categories are accepted might well depend upon who you are and which side of the material-spiritual fence you favour. Those versed in spiritual matters are likely to be generally accepting while scientific mainstream and its sympathisers will attempt rejection. But even so, there will be difficulty in raising rational objection to several of the listed evidential categories, especially where they have factual material connections.

1: Past life memory: While most of us have no memory of a past life, there are some very noteworthy exceptions. The most compelling cases on record are those of small children who spontaneously recall, giving details that may be verified. Dr Ian Stevenson, University of Virginia has done valuable work studying more than 1200 such cases, which typically involve the child telling its parents of that earlier lifetime as soon as that child learns to speak. Memories will sometimes include the child’s past life name, names of parents and family, the town and details of location. Where sufficient detail is available, researchers have then been able to locate past life family and verify the significant details given. Examples?—well there are many, both as research documents; also as published books.

Hanan Monsour / Suzanne Ghanem: Hanan was born in Lebanon in the 1930s. She gave birth to two daughters, but then developed a heart problem. A third child was conceived against medical advice. Hanan talked with family of dying, declared her intention to reincarnate and to speak much on her life with the Monsour family. Two years later she travelled to Richmond, Virginia for heart surgery which failed.

Prior to surgery she had tried to telephone daughter Leila but could not get through. Suzanne Ghanem was born soon after; also in Lebanon. At 16-months she is said to have pulled the phone off the hook and said into it ‘hello Leila’ over and over, and scribbled the phone number on a piece of paper. This was later found to be correct apart from the last two digits being reversed. The young Suzanne explained to parents that Leila was in fact her daughter and that she was in fact not Suzanne but Hanan. At 2-years she named her other children, husband Farouk, her parents and brothers. The Monsours, visiting the Ghanems, were understandably sceptical at first, until Suzanne picked out all of Hanan’s relatives, naming then correctly. She also recounted details known only within that family. As Suzanne, she still loved
Farouk and would sit on his lap with head on his chest. And later, there was clearly facial similarity between Suzanne and Hanan.

Barbro Karlen / Anne Frank: In 1945, during World War II, Anne Frank died in the horrific Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Nine years later, Barbro Karlen was born to Swedish parents, to be at first much troubled by recurring nightmares. It was prior to her third birthday that she informed parents of her real name—Anne Frank. They felt this to be mere childhood fantasy—that name being unknown to them since the Anne Frank Diaries remained as yet unpublished in Sweden. That was to change. At age ten, the family toured Europe, visiting several cities including Amsterdam, where in the war years, the Frank family had lived. Barbro remembered the streets and led her parents to the old house, now the Anne Frank Museum. Although beginning to accept, they nevertheless were still astonished. Barbro drew attention to pictures of film stars she had put on the wall. Her mother, staring at the blank wall, had said: ‘What pictures?’ Barbro looked again and indeed the wall was blank. Her mother later asked a guide if there had been pictures. The reply was affirmative and they had recently been taken down for glazing! It comes as no surprise that Barbro retains a fear of men in uniform and of showers (with memory links to those used in the Belsen execution chambers). As Anne Frank, she had of course been a child literary prodigy. Barbro continues with that gift, with a number of published books to her credit during teen years. And the Wolves Howled 1, published in 2000, accounts all.

2: Child Prodigies: A child prodigy is one who is seen to have one or more amazing skills at a very early age—such skills clearly not having been learnt in the present childhood. Extreme examples are: Barbro Karlen in literature, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in music, Carl Friedrich Gauss in mathematics and Bobby Fischer in chess.

Barbro Karlen: As a child literary prodigy this one, at sixteen, had published eleven books; these including her above named autobiography, now available in several language editions.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791): He wrote a sonata for piano as a four-year-old and at eight was composing his first symphonies. At twelve he composed his first opera. He went on to compose master works in just about every musical genre during his 35-year life. But how does one explain a professional ability as a four-year-old?

Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855): This brilliant mathematician began elementary school at seven and astounded his teachers almost immediately. He was able to sum all the integers from 1 to 100 instantly by spotting that their sum amounted to 50 pairs of numbers each of value 101 (1 + 100 = 101, 2 + 99 =101, 3 +  98 = 101 etc). Hence the sum becomes: 101 X 50 = 5,050. Rather clever reasoning for a seven-year-old!

Bobby Fischer (1943-2008): He showed brilliancy in chess at age 13 in what came to be known as ‘the game of the century’. At 14, he played in eight US championships, winning all and at 15 became the youngest grandmaster and youngest to qualify for the World Championship. These early steps led, at 29, to his beating Boris Spassky to become World Chess Champion.

3: Speech in an Unknown Language: News items received via mediums during séance has in general been shunned by Establishment; and yet, UK’s Admiralty felt it necessary to take action against Helen Duncan during World War II. This dear lady had conveyed messages to the grieving parents of drowned sailors following loss of the battleship HMS Barham. The Admiralty, having withheld news of the lost ship from public in an attempt to preserve morale, saw the accomplished medium as a security risk and she was imprisoned! So messages received via mediums are not always shunned by Establishment! Well anyway, regarding intelligible messages received in a language foreign to the medium and passed on to others—not all mediums can do this. There has to have been the medium’s own past life connection in respect of that language. That is the logical explanation that comes to us from spirit. An extreme example of this happened at one of our Kingsclere Group meetings, when the medium Sarah Duncalf began articulating very loudly and clearly in an extinct pre-Inca language2! And it was explained to us that the speaker was delighted beyond measure that his long lost spoken language should now be recorded for posterity!

4: Information received from Trusted Notaries:
It has been our great privilege to have received information from a number of notaries now in spirit. Such encounters have included royalty; also those of a philosophical bent.

Rudolf Steiner: There have been several very informative discussions with philosopher and architect Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)—speaking via Gary Samdaliri. Steiner is keenly interested in our rapidly expanding Internet, comparing it to Akasha, in the way it gathers and holds information. During his second visit, I had referred to the rebuilding of his spiritual teaching centre near the Swiss border. The original had been destroyed by fire. He had designed a rebuild prior to his death and would have observed its reconstruction from spirit. I asked if sight of this had given him pleasure. It had indeed, and he began his reply to my question with:

“The Goetheanum—yes!” 3

Well the fact is, I did not know of his admiration for Wolfgang Goethe or that he had named the centre after him and no one present knew of this. So that his giving of the name (all recorded) is a proof of his continued life in spirit; from which he may if he so chooses, in due course return for a further Earth life. One really cannot do better than to discuss reincarnation and life’s purpose with a philosopher currently progressing in spiritual domain; unless of course, one from Angelic realms makes special arrangement for one to come through and give details during séance!

Mary Queen of Scots (1542-1587): Well, our guide Salumet in fact made just such an arrangement—wonderful! Mary brought us history book corrections. And her final words in the execution hall were apparently not ‘Sweet Jesus’ as has been published, but ‘Je suis (I am)’—very understandable, she having been brought up in France in most happy circumstance. But the crux of the matter came with Mary’s declaration of what is important:

“—Not the words I have spoken to you, but to tell you that the person that I was then, has subsequently returned in another form, to your Earthly plane. Salumet has told me that he wanted you to realise what he has taught you, that you are more than one. And whilst I retain the memories of those painful times within that lifetime, that part of me returned for the betterment of others. And so he hopes that we all can share this time, to know that we are not just ONE.” 4

So, at the bidding of an Angelic being, this speech by an historic notary states the nature of reincarnation in forthright terms. Soul in spirit is not one single entity but is comprised of aspects that have incarnated and may continue to do so.

5: Information from Extraterrestrial Sources: [Firstly, it should be explained that brain is a biological computer capable of downloading thought-behind-words to its known language; and regardless of distance, minds can link. Thus we have the principle of telepathy, and sentient ET-beings of this universe use this method of communication—via their own planetary séance group arrangements. The principle of mind-link operates exterior to the material space-time so that all such communications are instantaneous. Although SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) actually seeks to communicate with others, their currently attempted method employing radio dishes is inappropriate; neither is mainstream science accepting of the principle that much more can be learned about our universe through ET-communications than by blasting hardware into space.]

Our friend ‘Bonniol’ on Planet Aerah has a séance group of around sixty individuals and one of his many communications occurred on 19th September 2005—all recorded and published 3, 4, 8. We inquired of Bonniol if bereaved Aerans, through mind-link, stay in touch with their departed ones.

“We keep in touch for as long as we wish to, and often that is quite a long time.”

Being spiritually more advanced, they find it easier than Earth dwellers. And we asked about their need to reincarnate:

“Yes, we have people who are aware that they no longer need to return, and they are aware that they will probably not return (to the planet). But they could still return if they wish, for reasons of teaching and not learning. It’s the same with yours I believe.”

So it would appear that, as one might expect, the reincarnation rules are much the same for the different planets of our universe.

6: Information Received Concerning Our Own Past Lives: There are occasions when soul aspects of similar energy pattern seek to reincarnate as a group. The present Kingsclere Séance Group is one such group and it seems that we have been together across the centuries more than once. On 14th March 2005 we were addressed from spirit by Chief Gran Mancha of the Amerindian Gor-Rukka tribe—our old chief from around 2,000 years ago 4.

“Ah tor ta tah—God tor ta tah!”

That seems to have been the regular tribal greeting, and his visit was later confirmed as genuine by Salumet. We understand from our old chief that Lilian was then a teen-age male, Sara a young girl and Sarah would have been our next chief but was killed while hunting. And 6’ 4” Graham was my squaw! Our full-trance medium Eileen was Nahashiwah—meaning ‘small body, great spirit’. She was by all account a major tribal link to spirit, and ‘small body, great spirit’ remains apt description today.

Much later, in Tudor times, we were monks in a small monastery at Myddlewood, Shropshire, UK—so we were informed. It was, like many other monasteries, destroyed during the reign of Henry VIII. But we have since found historic reference to it in an old book5. And when Ann and I moved house, our new dwelling had the name ‘Ruyton’—an unfamiliar name yet it has always felt strangely comfortable. It was several years after the move that I discovered Ruyton to be an ancient village just three miles from where our old monastery would have been!

7: Two Soul Aspects on Earth Simultaneously: Such a happening is not commonplace, but when two aspects of the same soul live on Earth at the same time, one can expect much accord. John Adams, second president of the United States and Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United State were connected in this way. They enjoyed a wonderful friendship and communicated much. They were 500-miles apart when they died, each passing to spirit at approximately the same time on the same day, as far as one can tell—the 4th July; exactly 50-years following the Declaration of Independence. This was a noteworthy synchronicity, and Salumet’s response to our subsequent question included:

“These two gentlemen you speak of were indeed soul-brothers and that was their choice. It is as simple as that. They had knowledge—when YOU also have knowledge, these happenings are not mysterious in any way.”

So they chose to be on the planet at the same time and work together, for that formative period that immediately followed US independence—all very understandable to those who are accepting of the principle of reincarnation.

As already stated, such relationships are not commonplace, but there have been a number of such instances through history, another noteworthy example being Jesus and Mary.

8: The Angelic-Sourced Teaching: An early declaration of Salumet was:

“Spirit has always been and always will be. You have to think of (consider) the Spirit World.”

So it is essential that we take into account the Spirit World in all our reasoning about life’s happenings, or we progress little. Following due preparation, this one of all-knowledge first came to us as guide and teacher in June 1994—his mission two-fold; (1) to steer Earth-dwellers away from that pathway to nuclear oblivion that we had been resolutely heading towards, and (2) to teach the truth of existence6. And it has been made crystal clear to us that our main sentient existence is ever-ongoing in spirit, whilst being accompanied by many Earthly incarnations.

In the earlier teaching sessions, Salumet compared each one of us to the facet of a diamond, pointing out that whilst being a single entity, a diamond has many facets—in the spiritual parlance, each of us is one aspect of an ongoing soul entity. As already mentioned above, one single aspect of soul having one physical planetary life at a time is the norm, but it is also possible for two aspects of that soul to be on Earth together. The Dalai Lama is a little different—an example of an advanced soul—a Master; and it is each time a different aspect from that one advanced soul that has Earth life, one Earth life following another. And there is the observed Earthly tradition that another will arrive following the passing of each Dalai Lama incarnation.

As time and teaching have progressed, we were able to ask more searching questions and always received credible and seemingly well-founded answers. At what stage does an embryo become a spiritual being? Answer: from the moment of conception. So what happens to that spiritual being if the child is aborted? That depends upon situation details, but it is always a learning process for those concerned. The spirit may seek new parentage or the young child may be raised and cared for in the environment of spirit. Why should desire for change of gender come about? Answer: As in Earth life, a reincarnating spirit still has free-will. But it is the norm to accept advice from helpers in spirit, choose parents and then reincarnate when the time is right. A small minority will, however, be impatient—will jump the queue so to speak. When this happens, there will be a 50:50 chance of arriving in a body of inappropriate gender, and wrong gender means that the body gets the wrong signals at time of puberty. Free-will is then exercised by that individual to find the best physical solution to the problem.

9: The Return to Spirit and ‘Spirit Rescues’: So having had an Earth life, what then? The soul aspect departs the physical body and returns to spirit. Just like that?—no hiccups? It is usually a smooth journey and a joyful one—reuniting with family and old friends. But a few get stuck in limbo on the way, especially if they have no belief in the spirit existence!—but even so, no cause to worry. There are those in spirit that are pleased to lend a helping hand and their help is usually accepted. The majority respond. Occasionally however, one may be so ‘Earthbound’ that it is more satisfactory to bring them to a séance group such as ours, where they can be slipped into the body of a medium to speak with fellow humans about their situation7. It has been our experience that they always finally accept the truth, look into the light, see their loved ones waiting to greet them and move forward. Some rescues have been traumatic while others might have a touch of humour. One gentleman who died in a pub was happy to move forward to those waiting, but wanted to know if he could take his pint of beer with him! But the mere fact that a number of séance groups are involved in ‘rescue’ operations adds credence to the principle of Earthly incarnation followed by return to spirit at time of death.

10: Doctrinal Hell and Damnation: So what about the really bad people? Are they damned—subjected to hell-fire—eliminated? No!—this is a false idea that has been written into religious literature. Mankind’s State-bonded religions have at times used ‘fear’ to control their citizens. Hell-fire and damnation do not exist. The true spirituality is based upon love and spiritual progression, with free-will decision-making. The soul in spirit is ever-ongoing without destruction. The only bad feeling for a soul-aspect returning to spirit will be due to self-recrimination for bad deeds or awareness of missed opportunity. Help and advice are always available and a self-recriminating one can always be guided into making amends for the bad deeds during Earth life. One may reincarnate into a situation for making amends; equally the problem can be worked at from spirit domain—the miscreant conducting a programme of beneficial influence. So through work, there is always the chance for a soul aspect to rise above that self-recrimination for a bad Earth life; but no hell or damnation.

So the evidence is that our main progression is ever-ongoing in spirit, aided by many planetary incarnations. And this is the pattern of existence for sentient beings throughout this universe—all one big family.

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Earth’s Cosmic Ascendancy: Spirit and Extraterrestrials Guide us through Times of Change by George Moss is published by White Crow Books

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