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The Enigma of Oil by George Moss

Oil: Is it a blessing or is it a threat, or maybe even malediction—a curse? Possibly all three views are relevant. Eyebrows were raised while fuel prices at the pump and revenues peaked, and discontent continues still as barrel price of crude oil finally drops with talk of rig workers being laid off. We just don’t seem to be able to get it quite right!

It was James ‘paraffin’ Young who initially pioneered oil production from Scottish coal in 1851—that was eight years before the first oil well drilled in the United States. And that was the start of it all. Refined mineral oil has indeed been a blessing for lubricating all those machines and all that gadgetry following in the wake of our industrial revolution. But the oil wells, off-shore rigs and use of gasoline and similar fuels have produced their benefits accompanied by a plethora of problems, both for the environment as well as adverse health effects.

But am I suitably qualified to make any proper comment? Well, my first job in industry was in the plant control laboratories of a large oil refinery. (Part of the attraction for me was weekly day release for further study at Birkenhead Technical College, then, in the 1950s, an admirable and thriving teaching establishment.) My work at the refinery included thousands of viscosity determinations, which has left me with some knowledge of the significance of this important property. And there is a matter relating to viscosity that really deserves headline reporting. This concerns the understanding and use of pyramid energy as a means of influencing viscosity to make the oil flow faster. Yes, pyramid energy can actually do this!

Research into pyramid energy has received much more attention from Russian scientists than it has here in the West. It was Nikolai Kozyrev whose valuable work, conducted during the Cold War period proved the existence of an omnipresent aether medium as a part of creation (1). Dr Volodymyr Krasnoholovets, affectionately known to many simply as Dr. K, has since theorized on how the Egyptian Giza pyramids are swept by the aether as the result of Earthly rotation to produce energy (2)—an energy hitherto not recognized by contemporary humanity. Following in the wake of this interesting theoretical work, Dr. Alexander Golod has organized the construction of similarly east-west orientated glass-fibre-and-resin pyramids to facilitate study of pyramid energy effects, this by Russian top scientists. His largest construction is on the Novorizhskoe Highway, 200-miles northwest of Moscow. It stands 144 feet high, weighs 55-tons and was completed in 1999.

It is my understanding that around 50 more glass-fibre-and-resin pyramids have since been built mostly in Russia and Ukraine. So what has prompted this major development? Alexander Golod was convinced that the energy fields in and around the pyramids could usefully influence material objects as well as biological organisms. He was right, and the Russian government has supported his innovative project. It is now known that the energy has a large number of effects, many of which could be extremely helpful to humanity. One striking effect for example, is that water, whilst it remains unshaken, does not form ice—it does not freeze, even at temperatures as low as minus 40oC. The energy clearly interferes with the attraction between water molecules—the hydrogen bonding that would otherwise form ice does not occur.

So what has this to do with oil? Well, the rate of pumping of crude oil depends upon its viscosity. And the energy from a small group of pyramids has been found to reduce oil viscosity quite considerably, thus allowing a faster pumping rate. So as with water, it would appear that in a similar way, the energy influences inter-molecular attraction so that the oil becomes thinner. A small group of pyramids has in fact been constructed on the oil well complex at Bashkiria in the south of Russia; and it was soon observed that the oil viscosity was decreased by a useful 30 % and rate of production was increased accordingly. This was also accompanied by some compositional changes (gums, pyrobitumen and paraffin), as revealed by chemical analysis and confirmed by Gubkin Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas.

Major oil producing countries such as Venezuela and the Gulf States (Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) have the advantage of high daily temperatures that keep their oil thin, so that it is easily pumped. So the disadvantage of those much lower temperatures in the Russian oilfields can now be offset by introducing pyramid energy to cut viscosity and speed the flow.

It may be of interest to note that the generation of energy by a pyramid or by a group of pyramids is consistent with information received during séance meetings (3) from cross-referenced key spiritual and extraterrestrial sources, also from the recent Bosnian pyramid studies. Extensive details of confirmations from spirit, data from extraterrestrial sources and the Bosnian pyramid evaluations are given in our 2014 publication Earth’s Cosmic Ascendancy (4.) The study and application of pyramid energy is an extremely important venture that will doubtless quickly lead to many improvements where health and understanding of the nature of disease are concerned, to advances in agriculture and very much more. And those who have contributed to this forward step for humanity are to be congratulated.

While the days of burning petroleum fractions as fuel are numbered, other applications will of course continue; so one can expect a much reduced-volume oil industry to remain with us as the future unfolds. Solar cell electricity is clearly environmentally clean and there is a vast potential for clean energy derived from the sea. There are firm indications that these and pyramid energy will feature strongly as we proceed.

1: David Wilcock, The Aether Science of Dr N.A. Kozyrev, Divine Cosmos Article, 2006.
2: Prof Volodymyr Krasnoholovets, The Great Pyramid as an Aether Wind Trapping Site, Hera Magazine, Rome, 2002.
4: George E Moss, Earth’s Cosmic Ascendancy, White Crow Books, Guildford, 2014.

Earth’s Cosmic Ascendancy: Spirit and Extraterrestrials Guide us through Times of Change by George Moss is published by White Crow Books

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