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Outer world – Inner world – Can physics clarify?

Posted on 25 August 2015, 13:37

If psychic phenomena, synchronicity and communication from the dead are real, then this physical world known by our senses, must be produced by a timeless realm of mind and consciousness. When in physics we talk of strange ideas like “collapsing the wave function,” “quantum entanglement,” “the EPR effect,” “denying local causation” and “zero point energy field”, when we do this, we are assuming that the timeless realm which is the Inner world is also real. They all imply the transcending of space and time, everything being potentially connected to everything else.

Many leading quantum physicists feel driven by the evidence to accept this timeless inner world. Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Pauli, David Bohm, F. David Peat, Brian Josephson, and an appreciable number of other Nobel Prize winners accept the Inner world as fact. David Bohm called it the Implicate universe, Plato had called it the world of Ideal forms, Carl Jung the Collective Unconscious, Rupert Sheldrake speaks of Memory fields, and the Hindus of the Akashic records. John’s Gospel speaks of the creative “Word” that brings all things into being.

Jane Roberts’ “Seth” introduces the idea of Consciousness Units which interact with each other and have an effect in the Outer physical world. All these are differing terminology for the same process where there is a trans-dimensional nexus between coherent thought and creation of events.

Obviously, in Into the Wider Dream, we have many types of examples of thought in the Inner dimension creating events in the Outer and physical world.

One type would be when a spirit person intervenes to make a point of some kind. One personal example would be when George Wolstenholme, former manager of Firth’s Stainless Steel in Sheffield in the UK, who had died in 1940, caused three saucepan lids to fall, and numbers of pictures likewise. When I was telling that story to someone, a further picture fell on my head. There were other synchronicities associated with that story which clearly belong, but perhaps not caused by the industrialist.

While I was writing all this, I received an e-mail from a new friend called Bruce Scott-Hill, who is publishing a book on reincarnation, speaking of synchronicities which had changed his life. He also speaks of a spirit intervention. “I have three such instances in my life, each of which was very dramatic and by their nature shocked me into a strong personal belief of the paranormal – particularly one instance that involved perceiving a lifelike apparition, following the death of a person on a neighbouring property (called Ken). Our doorbell rang inexplicably with no one at the door, and false sounding of a smoke alarm a number of times. After about three days these events disappeared as suddenly as they had commenced. They had commenced the day following the appearance of the apparition of the deceased passing by our lounge window in full daylight and easily able to be recognised both from facial features appearance and clothes. My wife and I, called by the neighbour next door to help, had unsuccessfully tried to resuscitate the person who had died next door, (a man called Ken)...who later was found to have had died from a heart attack. We interpreted the events which followed as a deliberate act to demonstrate to my wife and I of the reality of the paranormal and the afterlife by Ken, but we also felt that he was demonstrating to us that he had survived death, and to thank us for trying to render him assistance.”

Such an example of “a transdimensional nexus between coherent thought and creation of events!” The Inner world does this in the Outer world. Ken in the Inner world makes things happen in the Outer. Very many similar experiences have been recorded over the ages. When people talk of being helped by guardian angels, it is very believable. Groups of people in the spirit world often collaborate to guide and help one or more people in the physical, messages of love and caring for the living come from the deceased.

We have many credible examples of spirit healers coming to the aid of the sick.

Bruce Scott-Hill points out the inspirational synchronicity that comes from the Inner world. He writes, “There are occasional cases reported where a scientist has achieved a major breakthrough leading to a major discovery and benefit to mankind. In such instances the scientist will often claim that he is not responsible for the breakthrough, and instead felt the knowledge suddenly came to him and was “inspirational” in type. (There are many such examples in my book, such as Crick, the scientist who discovered DNA etc.).”

Here are two other examples of inspirational synchronicity.

Brazilian psychic painters are famous. Jose Medrado.

View this video “Music from the Beyond -The Mediumship of Rosemary Brown” (55 minutes). I will let these videos speak for themselves.

Many synchronicities are harder to classify. It would be helpful here to think about “Seth’s” teaching about Consciousness Units.

I quote now from pages 185-6 of Into the Wider Dream: (omitting acknowledgements supplied in the text.)

“Seth: What seems to be a perception and object of concrete event independent from you, is instead the materialisation of your emotions, energy, and mental development”

Friedman: “The reality of classical physics consisted of matter and the fields including gravitational and electromagnetic. Other fields were added in the 20th century, but the basic assumptions did not change.”

“Quantum theory has essentially erased the difference between matter and fields, making reality a unity which exhibits the properties of both. This single, unitary stuff gave rise to the fantastically successful algorithm now used by physicists in all calculations involving quantum theory. But nobody knows what the unitary stuff really is. Seth of course, defines it as Consciousness Units (CUs,) which have essentially the same attributes as the quantum stuff (waves and particle attributes).

Most quantum physicists, of course, stopped short of calling this unitary substance consciousness.”

“Seth explains that CUs can move faster than light and slow downto the speed of light to form matter. Before matter appears there is a ‘disturbance in the spot of space time where a materialisation is to take place. The slowing down of prior faster than light activity helps freeze the activity into a form.’[As in my friend’s story of seeing the deceased Ken through his window.] The initial faster than light activity and the deceleration cannot be ascertained from within the three dimensional universe…In this connection Bohm says:

‘So matter, as it were, is condensed or frozen light. Light is not merely electromagnetic waves but in a sense other kinds of waves that go at that speed. Therefore all matter is a condensation of light into patterns moving back and forth as average speeds which are less than the speed of light. Even Einstein had some hint of that idea. You could say that when we come to light we are coming to the fundamental activity in which existence has its ground, or at least coming close to it.’”

Consciousness Units will refer to spirits, personalities, memories, instincts, histories, instinctive behaviours, and could be understood as conscious thoughts in the universal ocean of mind. A species of migrating bird will be tuned into the CU of its species in order to safely traverse their often enormously long flight paths. The CU of the flight path combines with the CU that gives rise to the living birds. Memories of the living and departed humans, seem to have a consciousness of their own, they too are CUs, and are accessible to psychics, who will experience the pain, joy or whatever, that belongs to that CU. What Jung calls an archetype, would similarly be a CU.

Whatever has been the conscious experience of any entity at whatever time is probably a CU. We can perhaps compare a CU with an item on the internet. Instantly found and related to other items by writing a search word into Google. The difference is that the internet refers to unconscious print, whereas CUs have a consciousness of their own.

Seth therefore gives us a way of understanding some of the complicated synchronicities found in Into the Wider Dream. Namely, that the conscious energies of a CU by “that reminds me” link to the energies of another, and another. Somehow when the vibration speed of a group of CUs is slowed below the speed of light, then it can manifest as a synchronicity.

Materialisations in a séance will involve slowing down the vibration rate. But on the other hand, we would be maintaining that everything in the material world is also a slowing down of the vibration rate of what exists in ocean of mind, that is reality. Synchronicities, to repeat involve a similar slowing of vibration rate. They break the rules of cause and effect as we know them in the physical. But as suggested, the physical is the product of a higher vibratory dimension where the rules simply follow the pattern of thought in the human mind.. which may indeed have a lot in common with the universal mind that produced all that is.
Thus we have ‘impossible’ synchronicities.

Remember that we are dealing with consciousness units. We have conscious units of mind at work. There is nothing machinelike in the connections. There is nothing machinelike in the relationship of musicians Beethoven and

Liszt to music medium Rosemary Brown. And the consciousness involved, is mostly feeling and emotion.

Materialists confine themselves to the sensory-physical world, where for something to exist there must be three ingredients: it must take time, occupy three dimensions of space, (length, breadth, and height,) and involve either free energy like a flow of water, or an electric current, or energy locked up in some physical object like a brick where we speak of energy having mass. i.e. The four dimensions of Time and space, together with energy/mass.

No energy/mass, then it doesn’t exist. No time or space, then it doesn’t exist.

But that is not the whole truth. The whole truth is that we need to think in FIVE dimensions: Length, Breadth, Height, Time..and… the TIMELESS. Without the Timeless, the other four dimensions could not exist. The Timeless, the Eternal, can be seen as a world of thought memory, and creativity.

Zero point energy field: ”Another peculiarity of the sub-absolute-zero gas is that it mimics ‘dark energy’, the mysterious force that pushes the Universe to expand at an ever-faster rate against the inward pull of gravity” See this article.

Michael Cocks edits the journal, The Ground of Faith.
Afterlife Teaching From Stephen the Martyr by Michael Cocks is published by White Crow Books and available from Amazon and other bookstores.
His latest book, Into the Wider Dream: Synchronicity in the Witness Box is published by White Crow Books.

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