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The Christian Parapsychologist- also Luis Sergio Marotta

Posted on 28 September 2016, 11:38

Many, both within the churches, and outside, heartily wish that the churches would take to themselves the findings of scientific psychical research, and the testimony of mystics of all religions, and from the varying pictures of reality presented in the Scriptures, highlight those parts most in harmony with those findings and testimonies. In short we should concentrate on the many dimensions of love of God and neighbour, and sideline contentious dogmas.

The Anglican Church in the UK does have its “Church’s Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies”, with its publication, The Christian Parapsychologist. In the issue I have just received, former editor, the late Canon Michael Perry, explores Scriptural readings that seem to countenance such studies, and those that seem to forbid it. Canon Perry was very open-minded and that is why he edited the journal.  But if, like some conservative Christians, we want to give equal authority to all portions of Scripture, we will become very conflicted.  It is therefore best to put our energies into actual love of God and neighbour and all that that difficult goal entails.

In the year 1937 the Church of England almost got around to countenancing psychical research, but lack of unanimity prevented it. This lack of unanimity usually stymies proclamations in the name of the Church – any church, actually.  Outsiders often imagine that members of what used to be called mainline churches, including the Roman Catholic, all marched lock-step in tune with the formularies by which a church defines itself. But from a life time as a priest, I think that it is very likely that members of all such churches will be at all stages of spiritual growth, and vary widely in their beliefs and indeed unbeliefs. As a liberal and open-minded priest I recently attended a jubilee function at a church where I had been vicar in the 1960s. I had served there for seven years. My successor was a more straight laced conservative, who also served there for seven years. After him came an Anglo-Catholic vicar, whose beliefs were closer to the Roman Catholic. After him there came a Charismatic clergyman.  What had exposure to contradictory teachings from a series of unlike clergy done to the congregation?  There I was forty years later, and many of the congregation of the sixties were still there, only a good deal older. The church had carried on in spite of us clergy. A little deflating for me, but a reminder that congregations are there to have communion with each other and with the universal spirit of God, and serve the community, and love their neighbour.  I am sure that each member of the congregation had their private beliefs, and I might have been horrified to find out what some of them were.  But they were all good at communion with God and neighbour, and that was what mattered.

But yes, it would probably have been wonderful for each member if they had all the insights that science and psychic research could provide. But as I have indicated, congregations and churches are composed of people with a mixture of beliefs.  We have to be content to attempt to influence individuals in this direction, especially those who have been aware of an otherworldly experience.

This brings me to talk about a person I would like to call a friend, Luis Sergio Marotta, adhering to the Spiritist philosophy in Brazil. [Upwards of 40 million adherents in that country, 3 million in the Cao Dai in Vietnam, and further adherents in many other countries.] White Crow has published a book by the founder of that church Allan Kardec, The Spirits’ Book. Luis Sergio shares with me the desire that psychic and other scientific research should go hand in hand with fostering the kind of dogma-free religion that the historical Jesus bore witness to, as well as the founders of other world religions. Love God and neighbour, in a more advanced understanding of what it means to participate in a God who is in all, through all and above all.

Luis Sérgio records a segment called The Gospel and Spiritism in Kardec Radio. The radio has a weekly webcast listened to in over 100 countries, and it is located in the US but has cooperators in many countries. Vanessa Anseloni, Kardec Radio main host, interviews scientists and other people of interest for these webcasts. Luis also does wonderful work producing and editing numbers of videos that listeners to Kardec Radio may have access to.  In August this year he reissued an impressive new video on reincarnation by Keith Parsons: This Life, Past Life - Lembranças de Vidas Passadas - Legendado em Português , This   is a sequel to Parson’s film of 2009, This Life, Next Life.  As introductions to psychic research, and to the phenomenon of reincarnation, I think they are unmatched. They are straightforward, clear, and convincing. Luis has also reissued the last named video with Portuguese subtitles.

Other examples of his work: The Kingdom of God is at Hand - Emmanuel - Chico Xavier

Chico Xavier: Mediumship serving the Good PART 1/3

Deadline According to Chico Xavier

In Brazil, the movement has become widely accepted, largely due to Chico Xavier’s works.

Luis reminds us that in our psychic research, in our thinking and feeling about religion, we should explore what is happening in Brazil, a country with all its political and social difficulties, is open to Spirit in a wonderful way. 

Michael Cocks edits the journal, The Ground of Faith.
Afterlife Teaching From Stephen the Martyr by Michael Cocks is published by White Crow Books and available from Amazon and other bookstores.
His latest book, Into the Wider Dream: Synchronicity in the Witness Box is published by White Crow Books.


I am trying to connect psychic phenomenon with psychology.  On some days I think it just makes me weirder to people than being a therapist does.  On other days I love it.  But sometimes I wonder why do I care so much?  I’m sure it’s a past life from somewhere because it’s hard to find the 24 or so % of people who are really interested!  Blessings to all in this work, Karen

Karen E. Herrick PhD, Fri 30 Sep, 14:45

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