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The Five notes of Attunement of the Close Encounters UFO. O   O   O   O   O​

Posted on 01 June 2016, 8:45


“I proclaim myself, I reveal you.. think about it!” That was a translation of five words in ancient Greek that St Stephen the Martyr spoke through medium Thomas Ashman, (Iacho me, phaino se, phrontizesthe)

It is a profound statement. Those words invite us to think and feel deeply what is really happening when we say the word “I”.  Usually, when we say “I” we are focusing on this physical me who is speaking. But I am also a soul. Our very soul is often involved when we say the word “I” . But yet I am also a “child of God”: I am a participant in Universal Spirit. Universal Spirit is whole and non-dual. The fact is that when we say, “I”, we are saying it at the physical level, soul level and Spirit level whether we know it or not. We cannot separate ourselves from All That Is.

To think of oneself only as a physical “I” is limited and shallow, and our unity with the soul “I” and the Spirit “I” seems lost. Love, creativity and wholeness turn into their opposites.  What we call “evil” makes itself known.

Getting in sync with higher levels of self is the objective of each of our lives in many reincarnations.

St Stephen’s words seem to mean, “I, universal Spirit, proclaim myself, I reveal what you really are.” There are heights and depths in each of us beyond our knowledge, beyond our imagination.
When we pray for others, we put ourselves in the presence of Spirit, and a higher level of ourselves seems to kick in, the soul. as “I” pray for the well- being of another..

When we see things from the point of view of the Whole we see things sub specie aeternitatis, from the point of view of eternity.

We are all really “Holy Trinities” in these three levels of saying “I”.  Each of can be described as “Father” or the universe of Spirit, “Son” or the physical self and mind, and “Holy Spirit” or soul. And the source of all the problems of humanity is when our physical selves and minds get out of synch with the higher levels

What led up to St Stephen saying those words, “I proclaim myself, I reveal thee,.. think about it?”

Our medium, Thomas, had an experience of something like a UFO hovering about his car, and asked about it. Stephen agreed that it was a real experience, but of no great significance. I followed on with a question of my own, relating to the strange pattern of synchronicities that we had been experiencing

“There is a German word Gestalten: If you look between two heads facing each other, noses three inches from other, you can see the space between as a vase. If you look from the “Vase” you will see the faces. It depends on the focus. Now it sometimes seems to me, if we look at each other, that it is almost the pattern between us that is important, rather than we ourselves. It is almost as if we represent the thought of the One Thinker, and that these patterns reproduce themselves over and over again.”

Stephen answered: “Take this into your everyday life; look at the void, the pieces we feel are not filled, and ascribe to that the substance. [On the other hand] regard what has been filled, like the past, and our history, as making place for the substance. It is a difficult concept to grasp.”

Michael: “But it seems necessary, this thought, to explain the interlockings, the patternings.”
[We already had several years of striking and puzzling synchronicities or interlocking of events.]

Michael: “I get that impression from the interlockings of meaningful coincidence. Sometimes it feels as if my consciousness lies between you and me, or between Olive and me, or between the fireplace and me.

But I can only infer this, for to me my consciousness feels mainly in my head. When my body dies will my consciousness fit into the space between? Or will I have no consciousness?”

Stephen: “We forget that there are two parts of us, this that thinks, and has bodies, and this that is of the Creator, which is the space maker.

But the pattern is determined by the Creator, and these lives that we find so confusing and so unsatisfying, we are told by the Lord, are necessary, so that the space and emptiness can be created and experienced, to enable what has substance, the true Substance, to be placed there.”

[For a fuller version of this conversation, go to p,197 of my Afterlife Teachings ]

Stephen then spoke the FIVE Greek words which can be translated as “I proclaim myself, I reveal thee, think about it.”

I said to Stephen, “The true Substance” is the “God” part of us. The highest level of what we can mean when we use the word “I”.”

Stephen later went on to say, “[We need to] recognise that Reality, the Substance, does have an outline, and do not confuse reality with what is without Substance, and appears to us in the physical. Think then of this, that if the mind that was the contour, whether [or not] it be at the opposite side of the Substance is immaterial, that if it were to touch the outline, then they touched the Substance, and then of course the thoughts coincided.

“It cannot be surprising that this is the case. For touch one of my ears (I should say, “Touch one of Thomas’ ears”) then the other ear would be aware. Not the space or air which surrounds Thomas, but the ear has been touched, and all that “Substance” is aware.

Things that you have in the true void or non-Substance [i.e. physical reality] are of no value other than they are an outline. These things that our Lord spoke of, when he spoke of the camel, and using the camel as the thread to the needle, [contrasting] Substance, and non-Substance. For it would be easier to use the camel as the thread, than to turn what is nothing into something.”

It would of course be good to quote the whole chapter, but this can’t be done here.
My friend Rene, (Irene), was often amongst those questioning Stephen. Later it became apparent that on the evening that Stephen had spoken his five words, friend Des (a gifted psychic) had been at home trying to find five notes on his piano, my future wife Gertrud was dreaming of five philosophers stones,  a teacher friend was making five connections to a “UFO” he had constructed in his classroom. On the same night in a fifth location my friends Peter and Marcia were meditating and they felt led to a piece in August 21, 1978 issue of The Christian Science Monitor which read:
Message Received:
Sudden sun bursts…in your thought
The tree at your window… takes leaf in your book
Unannounced five birds
five shadows
gather print in their wings
move within the branches’ tracery
that grows through the words
their meanings alight
Notes on the stave of the tree, they remain
after the birds are gone, after the words fly free.
The eye becomes the ear.
You’re wondering why
in all this sun, in all this gentle urging
five sounds frame one

[Iacho       me     phaino   se,  phrontizesthe ]

[The five notes of the Close Encounters UFO were reproduced here in musical notation. I have placed Stephen’s five Greek words below them.]

It was a day or so before the people in the five locations became aware that the five events had occurred. We could see that each of the events in each of five locations, was being experienced by our physical selves, all of us were focusing on the physical “I”; the experience struck deep for us, so we were all aware of our spiritual “I”; but then when we grasped the meaning of the whole 5X5 experience, we could see that the highest or deepest level of ourselves was creating all of these events.  This highest level is the level we all have in common, the level of the “I” that all at all times can speak, namely the Creator of All that is, Universal Spirit, “God the Father” if you like. The highest level of us all had orchestrated the events that we had just been experiencing.  It was a very strong experience for us all.  Previously I had quite a number of dreams preparing us for the time when we heard of and saw Stephen Spielberg’s film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  These too would have been orchestrated by the “I’ we all have in common, the Creative Spirit.

Why were the Five Notes important? Because they were the sounds by which the Spiritual UFO attuned itself to the physical earth.  And our very conversations with Stephen were a process of similar attunement. Our hearts and minds, were so to speak lifted up to heaven.

A period of time then elapsed, and I wrote an article about the experience for what was then called the Journal of the Academy of Religion and Psychical Research, but which is now called the Journal of the Academy of Spirituality and Consciousness Studies.

A further period of time elapsed until I received this letter from a then stranger to me, Professor Stephen Rosen, of the department of psychology, Staaten Island, New York.

“I have had an experience that might interest you, one I would like to share. But first, let me introduce myself. I am a college professor in the City University of New York. My interest - really a passion - centres
on the transpersonal, evolutionary aspects of parapsychology, and of science (e.g. theoretical physics, foundational mathematics in general.

For the past several years I’ve been working towards expressing my theme in a way that would communicate to a broad-spectrum audience.

I’ve been writing a “metaphysical novel” that deals essentially with these synchronistic linkages attending the evolution of consciousness.

“Last Wednesday afternoon, I was working in the basement office of my New York suburban home, feeling enthusiastic about approaching the climax of my project. The three central characters, in the course
of their development, have just listened to the theme “Joy” from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. “Sandy” remarks that it reminds her of the movie “Close Encounters”. I want to portray her as singing the
five-note musical signature phrase. Can I use musical notation in my manuscript? Specifically how would it be done? (I do not know musical notation).

“At that moment, my father-in-law called down to me, telling me that the mail had just arrived. I opened the envelope from the ARPR, removed the latest issue of the Journal, thumbed through its pages and quickly discovered your article on synchronicity by spotting your splendid musical staff.”

[See my Into the Wider Dream at page 147.]

NOTE; For more than ten years the late Professor Mary Rose of Baltimore and I have explored personal experiences of synchronicity and pondered their meaning. I have also been involved with Professor Steven Rosen philosopher now of Vancouver. It would be of interest to read the quite long essays they have written in relation to Into the Wider Dream at Amazon. Remarks about Afterlife Teaching from Stephen the Martyr will also be of interest.

NOTE:  When Moses and Jesus said: I AM

When Moses encountered God at the burning bush, he asked him his name. And the reply was I AM.  I AM that I AM.  God is using I AM in the universal sense. He is All That Is.  When Jesus is quoted as saying I AM the way, I AM truth, I AM life, he is using “I” at the highest and widest level, the “I” that he employs is the same as the one all humanity can jointly use. We are all “children of God” and therefore have the possibility of saying I AM from that perspective.  There is no mystery about the Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity, if we can accept that there are these three levels of saying the word I AM; and if Jesus can be described in terms of that doctrine so can you and I, and that Jesus came to show us in word and deed how we might recognise that we are Holy Trinities too.

Michael Cocks edits the journal, The Ground of Faith.
Afterlife Teaching From Stephen the Martyr by Michael Cocks is published by White Crow Books and available from Amazon and other bookstores.
His latest book, Into the Wider Dream: Synchronicity in the Witness Box is published by White Crow Books.


Yes, Elaine, That is what Stephen is saying. He said that we (our eternal selves) are like children looking at our reflections in a pool of water, and in our imaginations living in the reflection. That our physical lives are projections of a more “real” world suggests an explanation for some of the impossible synchronicities that we notice. 
He says that while we are incarnate our wider memories have been left “in safe keeping.”

Michael Cocks, Thu 30 Jun, 03:54

It seems that Stephen is saying that the material aspects of our lives and selves are NOT the substance, while the immaterial aspects are the true Substance.  This requires a lot of contemplation.

Elene Gusch, Wed 8 Jun, 19:05

I would like to thank Nate and Deardon for their comments which so add to the picture emerging from the events surrounding the Five Notes experience succinctly.
Years before on two occasions early in a still summer evening a member of our group had seen a white heron, and heard the words, “I am Thou”. They were to change her life. (Really they mean the same as “I proclaim myself, I reveal thee.”)

Michael Cocks, Sat 4 Jun, 06:10

One of the intriguing things about the Close Encounters theme is that the last act of the film was edited to the soundtrack - not the other way around. John Williams was able to develop the music largely on his own. And he went through several hundred versions of five notes before he found one he felt ‘worked’. So there is perhaps a much more ‘holistic’ sense to those five notes than might be found in many soundtracks.

A music site suggests that the five notes are ‘critical tones of the major scale’, which makes sense to me. Q&A/Q35.html

A while back I put together a soundtrack of popular songs I thought matched the theme of UFOs (with a positive, happy tone rather than negative)... and although I hadn’t consciously been thinking about it, I found at the end that they all seemed to key off the Close Encounters theme. I wonder how we could estimate the odds of that happening naturally?

Nate, Fri 3 Jun, 09:16

Earlier in the day this blog was posted, (I live in the USA) I took a car trip with two friends. We were talking about music and music’s connection with birdsong. One traveling companion commented that music might be the means of communicating with aliens. What was the name of the film with that notion, he asked? Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I replied. Synchronicity about synchronicity!

Deardon, Thu 2 Jun, 14:53

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