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The Mystery of Od Explained to Catholic Priest by Spirits

Posted on 03 June 2013, 16:28

If there is any book that explains the meaning of life, the spirit world, and communication with the spirit world better than Communication withThe Spirit World of God, authored by Johannes Greber, and published in 1932, I haven’t come across it.  It is as if all pieces of the puzzle are joined together in this 432-page book.

Greber (below) was a Catholic priest in rural Germany when he met a young city boy who went into a trance and was taken over by an apparently advanced spirit who offered an abundance of profound material.  “If you had the complete and unamended text of Christ’s doctrines, many a load imposed by man in the name of religion and Christianity would be taken from your shoulders,” the voice coming through the boy told Greber.  “Many a precept which you are expected to believe, even though, it seems out of all reason, would be discarded because it would be recognized as being wrong, and you, as God’s children could again breathe freely.  As it is, millions of people feel that much of what is being taught today as a part of Christian faith, cannot be true.  From force of habit, they may conform outwardly but there is no true inner conviction.” 


With Greber taking shorthand notes, the spirit went on to explain how several passages in the Bible have been misinterpreted or distorted by scribes.  He pointed out that when the Bible says “God spoke,” it was not God but his spirit messengers. The spirit speaking through the entranced boy told Greber that he would encounter mediums in his parish who would further enlighten him. Not long thereafter, in 1923, Greber was making a sick call on a member of his parish when one of her sons fell into a trance and began writing some profound messages.  Another son began turning his head from side to side against his will.  As it turned out, one son was an automatic writing medium and the other son a trance-speaking medium.  Greber was bewildered.  “The fact that spirits could use human beings in full possession of their faculties as instruments, and especially, that they could cause them to speak and write, was quite outside of my previous experiences,” Greber wrote. “Above all, I was completely at a loss to understand what was taking place…”

As Greber further sat with the two boys and received messages from apparently high spirits, he became convinced that they were advanced spirits, not devious spirits or   wolves in sheep’s clothing.  He eventually took “leave” from the Church, which he left after moving to the United States in 1929. 

Among the many Bible distortions, the spirits told Greber, were those references in the Old Testament which forbid “inquiring of the dead” and saying the “dead know nothing.”  It was pointed out that the word “dead” in the modern versions of the Bible originally meant the “spiritually dead,” and referred to “spirits of the lower spheres” or “inferior spirits.” 

What I found most interesting in this book is the chapter on Od or Odic Force, the name given to ectoplasm (below) years earlier by German scientist Karl von Reichenbach.  (1788-1869). “The body is nothing but od condensed into substance, and this is true of all bodies, not only those of human beings, but of those of animals, plants, and minerals,” Greber was informed. “Their growth and their taking material shape are subject to those self-same laws of odic condensation.”


The spirit went on to explain that in every terrestrial being there are three forms of od – that which has become solid matter and which we call the body, the od of the spirit, and the somewhat more condensed but invisible form referred to as the vital force. “At the death of terrestrial bodies, the odic force remains vested in the spirit, for those bodies possess no independent odic force of their own; it is only the spirits which have taken possession of the bodies which have that power.”

Greber was further informed that od flows through all parts of terrestrial bodies and radiates beyond them to a certain distance.  This radiation has been referred to as the aura.  “It is not visible to your corporeal eyes, but these odic radiations or ‘odic bodies’ can be seen by the so-called clairvoyants endowed with the gift of seeing spirits.” the discourse went on.

“The spirit is the source of life but the shaping and the scope of your lives are determined by the odic force associated with the spirit, and hence called vital force,” the communication continued through one of the two peasant brothers.  “This force manifests itself by vibrations of the od.  Every manifestation of the intellectual life, every manifestation of all life about you in nature, all natural forces are odic vibrations.  All thought and all volition are expressed in the corresponding odic vibrations, set in motion by the spirit, as the bearer of the od.”

Harmony in odic vibrations stands for beauty, health, happiness, peace, and good fortune, Greber was told, while discord in vibrations is the cause of ugliness, sickness, suffering, and unhappiness. “Discordant odic vibrations of the spirit are the diving-rudder of spirit-flight’ harmony, the elevating- rudder.  To banish this inharmonious attitude of its spiritual life is the most important task of every living being.”

What the spirits next told Greber supports my theory about many famous baseball players who leave their teams and go to another city for more money, only to fail in the new city. Examples are numerous.  The communicating spirit informed Greber that the odic vibrations of an individual are influenced by the thoughts and moods of others   In effect, if I am correctly interpreting it and applying it,  the negative energy directed at the player by the fans he “deserted” in his former city of play is absorbed in his odic field and the disharmony results in sub-par performances, at least until his old fans forget about him.

“Od is among the most wonderful things in God’s Creation,” the spirit went on.  “The odic band not alone connects you with everything with which you come into contact in life, but it also reflects your entire existence – every act, every utterance, every thought of yours is reproduced by it as in a film.  It is a ‘Book of Life,’ into which everything is entered.  It is a phonographic record which retains and reproduces everything.  It is a film which does not lie, and whose revelations cannot be denied.  And it is the evidence by which in the end you will be judged by your Creator.”

However, the communicating spirit went on to inform Greber that everything is not predestined.  “Most of it results from the acts of your own free will.  Only the general part is predestined. What you do while traveling the path and how you act at those turning points , is for you to decide.  For that much you are responsible.  Your life has one purpose only: to raise your spirit to a higher level on the road that has been mapped for you and to bring it nearer to God.  Your path through life is one of tests.” Its nature and length are fixed in advance , beyond your control and these you cannot change, do what you will.  The turning points on that path are stations at which you have to pass those tests, and at the end, corporeal death awaits you.  Whether or not you do your duty as you go, depends on yourselves.  Whoever passes the tests, his spirit will continue to progress in the Beyond until it reaches the final goal: union with God.  Whoever fails to pass must take the tests over and over again until he can meet them successfully.  Passing or failing are not predestined, but depend on your own merit or shortcomings.”

The process of materialization and dematerialization was also explained to Greber.  “As you are able to convert matter into steam with the aid of high temperature and even to cause steam to become invisible to the human eye, so also is the spirit world able to dissolve matter completely.  It too makes use of hot power currents, by means of which it converts matter into an od-like etherealized form.  For, as I have explained to you, all matter is nothing but corporealized od which can be dissolved into spiritual od.  Matter which has been converted into od penetrates all substances without meeting resistance, as does all other od, and can be transported to any place whatever, there to be condensed anew into matter.  You speak of this dissolution of matter as dematerialization and of the condensation of od into matter as materialization.”

Greber was informed that the condensation of od in the presence of heat and in bright daylight is not entirely impossible but requires a quantity of od far greater than that available, except in the rarest instances.  “It is therefore childish and a sign of your profound ignorance to such matters, to ridicule the fact that many spiritistic phenomena can be produced successfully only in the dark.  Some of your scientists even assert that darkness is insisted upon only because its facilitates the concealment of ‘spiritistic humbug.’ It would be as reasonable to demand of the photographer that he develop his plates in broad daylight instead of in a dark-room and to call him a fraud because he can do his developing in the dark only.”

It was further explained that there are many degrees of odic condensation or materialization, from that visible only to a clairvoyant to the complete materialization of spirits.  It all depends on the amount of od available to the spirit world. A complete materialization requires so much od than no one medium is capable of supplying it, and the spirits must draw od from others in the room.  This is why partial materializations, such as a hand only, are more common. 

“It was in a form fashioned of materialized od that Christ appeared after His resurrection, and in a similar form that He stood before His disciples, on the Day of the Ascension,” the spirit communicated.  “They saw his odic body dissolve into a cloud of od before their eyes and when the cloud itself had become invisible by further attention, Christ had disappeared from sight.  The general belief that it was an ordinary cloud which hid Christ from His disciples is utterly wrong.” 

More on the enlightenment of Father Greber in a future blog.

Michael Tymn is the author of The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die is published by White Crow Books. His latest book, Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife is now available on Amazon and other online book stores. 

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I have read many spiritual books, and none are so clear as Greber. It is the only book discussing the fall of the spirits to Earth (this realm), out of Paradise in Heaven above.
It clarifies the many passages in the Bible of the spirits rising through stages of reincarnation progression (never regressing), and provides all the lessons to discern spirit levels (as we read in 1 John 4: 1-6)”...those who affirm Jesus was the Christ incarnate and defeated satan are from God. All others send away”.
  Johannes Grebers book is such a masterpiece, compared to the many spiritual works in the world which often leave the reader partly confused in one or more issues of life.
Christ will eventually materialized in this universe again, we are told, and will not be a human again, because the need to have incarnated 2000 or so years ago is now done. Satan lost the right to stop any spirit from returning to Paradise in Heaven.

Brent Mahe, Sun 1 Apr, 05:51

I find this forum interesting, especially the comments of other spiritual books of other mediums, psychics. One thing in common with all spiritual experiences is that they reach the spirit world. I have read some accounts of spirits talking through or inspiring mediums who speak of the spirit world as one form, inclusive to their own experience.
Few spirits speaking through mediums today have been able to explain the overall Grand Plan of Salvation or of development of the soul.  I think in Greber’s book is an easier path to check other works (and there are plenty) and to understand, by recognizing the level of the spirit according to how they describe the spirit world (whether a narrow view or a view encompassing every direction as equal).
  It seems that the more a spirit tries to explain the spirit world or the purification of a spirit according to a specific event which is not well described, but generalized the more that spirit is trying to understand what is required for even themselves, and they really don’t understand the whole Plan of an Orderly Creator yet. (ie:, “the spiritual path is many and one, each soul takes what is desired and the ‘God-Complex” will feed to them to their higher self” - which means nothing, gives no specific knowledge at all) .
  As a medium, i love clairvoyance especially. It’s difficult to be tricked by spirits when you can see them and their real personality.
  If harmony or great love is taught by one spirit, they would also have to have a perfect form, most beautiful and most brilliant. But often they have little of this.
Highest spirits whose light is so bright that they light up the room in the spirit world also teach about Christ as He was depicted in the Bible. I think Johannes Greber’s book has no match yet in explaining the spirit world and levels of spirits, the requirements of the person in their attempt not only to develop their own character, but also the requirements needed to reach the highest spirit as a guide if they are to receive true wisdom from perfect spirits from Heaven.

Brent S, Tue 27 May, 12:53


Many thanks for that very interesting report.  It is very meaningful and much appreciated.

Michael Tymn, Mon 1 Jul, 14:05

Thank you Michel!

Grebers book have really helped me to better understand how the spirit and physical body is intertwined.

This discussion is also interesting.

This monday, 24th I attended a seance with the physical medium David Thompson at Banyan Retreat Ashford England.

I had listend to the whole Greber book before this.
As Davids spririt controll was materialized in the room, I had the opportunity to ask him - “What functions do the spritual copeis of the physical body organs have in the spiritual body?”
He answered that the organs is not duplicated in that way. He also told that when he materialize now, it is his memory of his earthly body that take the physical form, textures and functions.

He then asked if I wanted to feel his hand? He put it on my head and I could feel how big it was, with strong fingers, totaly living and real.

Later came Timothy a great spirit that pased when he was just 9 years old.
He made 2 paperboard trumpets move extreamly fast, banging to the roof, making big circles.
He told us that he do this by his imagination.

There is obviously different kinds of Od, Ectoplam, Chi. It could be helpfull to learn more about these differences and their respective properties. Gerber mentions some of it.

One interesting conclusion about Jesus resurrection (Tom’s comment) is that he must have used a more resiliant form of “Od” than that David extract allowing William to retake his form.
The body that Jesus produced was obviously formed as he last remembered it.
You can read that “douting Thomas” was allowed to feel Jesus hands and to feel the scar in his side.

I find the myth about Lucifers rebellion and the fall of his collaborators very interesting.
I can very well imagin that I were one of these.
Jesus deceived Lucifer when he dies on the cross, as he then could target him directly at his dark lower plane.
When Lucifer surrender he can from then on only keep the souls that deliberately want to stay with him.
We (the banned souls) are now free to find our way back to God.
This is what we are doing here in this material free will form, right now.

I am a slow reader so when I found Gerbers book as pdf I made mp3’s of it.
Anyone is welcome to download it here :
435 MB

In the introduction to Grebers translation of the new testament, he concluded that it never was Jesus intention to write down his teaching. As it then certainly would come under evils influense, be distorted and ripped of it’s essens, as also did happen.

The plan was that Gods good spirits would take an active role as the teachers.
When the clergy banned all spirit communication as evil, they worked for Lucifer.

It seem to be now in our time that the good spirits can fullfill Jesus promise to some greater extent.
and others.

Thanks again Michael!


Magnus Ossiansson, Mon 1 Jul, 02:46

How can we -that are plunged into the time- understand the lack of it? Can we see our face without a mirror? Guess that’s the same thing…
My 2cent worth…

Claudio Pisani (from Italy), Tue 18 Jun, 03:08

Sorry, guys, but the nonlinearity of time is not just a cute idea on my part, and while it may be difficult to comprehend, it is not impossible, because we have the math for it.  If you survey the physics of the past century you’ll start to get a feel for what I mean.  Even a very simple introduction to relativity will show you that “cause” and “effect” are far from clear.  Which event happens “first” depends on where you stand.

There are also experiments that clearly show the action of the human mind on both the past and the future.  Some tantalizing examples can be found in Lynn McTaggart’s “The Intention Experiment” and Dawson Church’s “The Genie in Your Genes.”

Our material-world conscious minds are poorly suited to dealing with these concepts, but that has nothing to do with whether or not they constitute reality.  The science is there.  And going further into fundamental reality doesn’t “muddy up the waters”—it points toward the truth.  If that stretches the brain a bit, well, there’s nothing wrong with a little exercise.

If you don’t care for reading science texts, talk to experienced meditators, or better yet, try meditating yourself, and you’ll likely find the same point of view about the nature of time. 

And if none of that works for you, you can go back to where we started, listening to what the spirits tell us over and over and over.

Elene Gusch, Tue 18 Jun, 01:06

There is a simple foundation in logic for the linearity of time and that is the word ‘before’, without which we cannot describe anything. 

NASA did not land men on this planet’s satellite moon five billion years ago, before this star and it’s satellite planets formed.  Rome did not invade Britain when it was buried under thousands of feet of ice during that particular Ice Age.  I did not break a number of bones sixty years ago in a fall that I won’t have until next week.

It is possible that there is a dimension where there is no linear time but it would be completely incomprehensible to us.

Leslie Harris, Mon 17 Jun, 11:01

POV and Elene,

Thank you for your comments.  While I agree somewhat, I believe that what you are referring to is for the most part beyond human comprehension, at least beyond mine and most people.  Going there just muddies up the waters.  I don’t recall now if it was in the Greber book or elsewhere that I recently read a comment by one of the advanced spirits who said that trying to explain the true nature of the “afterlife” to a human is like trying to explain advanced algebra to a fourth grade student.  Perhaps there might be a young genius in that fourth grade class who understands, but all the others wouldn’t get it.

Michael Tymn, Mon 17 Jun, 03:23

What a great point pov made.  There is really no “after”-life because there is no linear time.  It just looks that way to us from here.  It does make more sense to think of “source portions of ourselves.”

Elene Gusch, Mon 17 Jun, 00:25

Many are interested in the “after-life.” IMO this still speaks to the tendency to put physical incarnation as primary. What I’m interested in is the “before-life” - also a misnomer one rooted in our belief that linear time is foundational. In fact, what I’m interested in are the source portions of ourselves that are actively creating physical existence.

pov, Sun 16 Jun, 21:46

Thanks to all for the comments.

As for Claudio’s question about the “evil eye,” I really don’t know if that is the same thing I referred to as the negative energy affecting ballplayers, but it seems like it could be in the same category.  Intent seems to be more of a factor with the evil eye than in what I was talking about, however.

As for Leslie’s comment about things falling within the framework of the person’s education, experience, and prior beliefs, that seems to have been the case with a number of NDEs as well, e.g., some Christians see Jesus, Muslims see Mohammed, etc.  Although I can’t give exact references now, there has been spirit communication suggesting that this is the case because so much of it is beyond human comprehension that they have to put it in such a framework for the person to understand.

Michael Tymn, Fri 7 Jun, 14:21

Aloha Mike!

Johannes Greber’s “Communication With the Spirit World of God” is my favorite book of all time, I have read it at least 7 times!  Thank you so much for sharing some of what it contains with your readers!

Julie Worley, Fri 7 Jun, 08:56


I have been reading Greber recently but still only part way through it.  At the same time, I have been reading Findlay’s ‘Curse of Ignorance’ and have found it a very useful counter to the several writers, including Greber, who phrase everything in terms of a religion.

Findlay’s book is a map of human society and thinking, starting effectively with the Sumerians.  He charts the development of religious beliefs and I was astounded to learn that large slabs of what became the Christian faith were lifted from previous religions, all of which he carefully details. 

This borrowing is of such a scale that one would have to read the book to comprehend the extent.  Name it and it is there in the earlier religions – the trinity, baptism, the lot!

When it comes to Jesuah (the Greeks translated his name as Jesus), there is no direct historic record at the time of his existence but it is reasonable to assume that he lived and was probably a powerful medium – but mortal nonetheless.

Most of the religions around the time of Jesuah appear to have been based on or incorporated mediums who were able to provide guidance from higher spirits.  This is well documented.

The most interesting information to emerge was the actions of Cyprian (200-258CE), who managed to have the Jesuians and the Apostolic Church abolished, then set up the Christianity of today.  This completely removed the role of mediums. 

What becomes painfully clear is that the current Christian bible and dogma is a collection drawn from many centuries after the death of Jesuah and opportunistically added to by priest scribe after priest scribe – sexed up, to use a current phrase! 

Bear in mind that only the priesthood, a few nobles and a few merchants were literate, this allowing the priesthood a free hand to alter or insert whatever they saw a furthering their cause.  They were “the authority’, more powerful than any king and to question them usually resulted in a swift death.

It pays to be mindful of this history when reading Greber and similar (religiously influenced) authors, whose work is heavily structured around the Christian dogma that prevailed at the time that they wrote.  They phrase their experiences and observations from within the framework of their religious ‘education’ and the struggle is very obvious. 

I do not in any way question the veracity of Greber but it certainly makes for very laboured reading!  It becomes a matter of separating the religious fiction form the actuality of what they are reporting.

Leslie Harris, Fri 7 Jun, 08:43

Hi, Mike.
Good article!
Do you think that this statement:
>The communicating spirit informed Greber that the odic vibrations of an individual are influenced by the thoughts and moods of others.> 

may also refer to the popular credence on “evil eye”?

Love, Light & serenity,

Claudio Pisani (from Italy), Thu 6 Jun, 15:59

Great article. Of course, I am partial to Kardec’s The Spirits’ Book.
I do have Gerber’s book and he does goes more into detail about explaining the difference
between the Christian Doctrine versus the principles of the spirit world and mediumship, etc., etc..
Some of what you/he wrote about is discussed in different terms in The Spirits’ Book: Body, soul, spirit, the “vital fluid” and the “universal fluid.”
Also, check out Greber’s pages 381-382 where he discuses reincarnation, where it is written:
“But when you learn that your spirit came into this life bearing iniquity of a former
existence, the mystery of your lot on earth is solved in an instant…”
and he speaks of “previous incarnations in human form”...
Different author/medium from a different time, a different country, in a different language, teaching the same basic principles.

Yvonne Limoges, Thu 6 Jun, 11:56

What a great post! I’m looking forward to learning more…

John harmon, Wed 5 Jun, 20:22

In my book “Afterlife Teaching from Stephen the Martyr,” I record experiences similar to Johannes Greber, a Catholic priest. As an Anglican priest I of course empathise with him. Stephen’s teaching has much in common with that of Greber’s “advanced spirit”. He agrees that in the resurrection experiences the disciples were seeing materialisations of the spiritual body of Jesus, that we were not saved by the death of the body of Jesus, and presents an understanding of his teaching sidelining some contentious doctrines. If we compare Stephen’s teaching with that reported by Greber, and other sources quoted in the correspondence, we can see much in common. There is a difficulty in the various ways of putting things. Stephen seems to use the word “Christ” as the divine creative activity, where Greber speaks of the Odic forces. Stephen seems to follow John 1.1: “In the beginning was the Word..v.3 through him God made all things, not one thing in the whole of creation was made without him.” John and Stephen see (the Universal) Christ as the source of all that we experience in the sensory-physical world. When I asked Stephen about some particular striking synchronicity we had experienced, he said that too had been orchestrated by such a Christ.
I don’t think that I am disagreeing with the others here have been saying, but I do raise this question of the difficulty in language.

Michael Cocks, Wed 5 Jun, 05:36

I have directed plenty of negative energy at greedy ballplayers who leave their loyal fans.  Unfortunately it doesn’t always work.  The basketball player Lebron James is one of the worst in what he did to Cleveland.  He appears to be on his way to a second straight championship.

coyd, Wed 5 Jun, 03:13

My understanding is that the Gnostics believed that Jesus was never material flesh and blood in the first place, but had only a spiritual kind of body, like the odic body described above, and thus when he was killed nothing “really” happened to him.  Or something close to that.  Of course we know what happened to this “heresy” and those who espoused it.

The idea that the resurrected Jesus was a materialized spirit form very nicely explains the stories that have come down to us, including the idea that when Thomas touched him he felt physically real.

It seems to me that much confusion lies not in thinking that the Christ will return someday, as in thinking that he ever left to begin with.

I’ve heard the term “odic” before, but never a clear description of what it means.  Od exactly corresponds to what we think of as Qi, and so to me it is not theoretical, but is a bedrock reality that I experience and work with every day.

Elene Gusch, Wed 5 Jun, 01:26


Thank you for responding. One of my concerns has been the need for a resurrection. Those in the spirit world seem to show no expectation that this will occur or is even necessary. I also find your comments that Jesus’s disciples were mediums interesting. Regarding both of these points, for what it’s worth, you may find the following quote from Ursula Roberts’ More Wisdom from Ramadan interesting:

“We are given to understand that one day Jesus will return.
I would say to you, beloved one, the Master Jesus has already returned to your world, and has in many degrees manifested Himself to many people. Therefore, the thought that He has to come back again into a mortal body is not necessarily the true understanding of the spiritual truth. In his ethereal soul body the Master Jesus returns again and again to those who have some special need of His blessing, and has been seen bringing His blessing throughout the many years of your earth’s history. I would also say that in His spiritual form He remains very close to your mortal world. The Christ spirit, the spirit of love which ensouled the Master Jesus, does indeed return in the shape of greater ensoulments, for these ensoulments, or overshadowings, are a manifestation of the love aspect of the great Master Creator. So throughout your years of earth’s history, you have from time to time teachers who appear and who become great lights in your earthly world, because they are ensouled by the Christly Spirit.
I have been reading about early Christianity and it seems that while Jesus was on earth there were no writings or notes made of His sayings until a long time after His death.
That is not true, for there lived in that land, in the time of Jesus the Master, many who were scribes or simple priests, who were trained in the teaching and the writing of their own particular form of language. These simple priests, within their own synagogues, did indeed keep a record of His words, because the truth became apparent to their understanding. It is also true that the Master Jesus lived in a city in which many Roman soldiers and citizens and traders came from all parts of the world, and not all of these were ignorant men and women.
I think that the records that were kept have been lost under the many changes which have come to pass within your world, but of the books which are now in existence, many have been compiled from more ancient records, to which the first writers had access. Furthermore, I would say it is good for you to remember that these followers of the Master Jesus were good mediums, as were also their followers. Therefore, when it became known that a book or scrolls of teachings were to be inscribed, there drew near unto them sometimes the spirit of the Master Jesus Himself, sometimes the spirit of Peter, sometimes the spirit of John, who would overlook the work of the scribes, inspiring their thoughts or controlling their hands that the work might be well done.”


Tom Davies, Tue 4 Jun, 19:09


Thank you for that interesting quote from The Witness.  While I believe there have been a few other sources suggesting that it was Jesus’s spirit body that materialized, I can’t identify them off the top of my head and it would involve a lot of searching in various books to find them.  I think the general Spiritualist belief is that Jesus chose his disciples because of their mediumistic abilities, including their ability to produce the necessary od or ectoplasm to permit him to materialize. 

In the fifteenth chapter of First Corinthians, Paul said that the body that has to be “raised” is not the body that was buried.  He used the analogy of a grain of wheat, pointing out that the grain of wheat that is planted is not the grain of wheat that is raised.  Of course, like so many other things in the Bible, there can be so many mistranlations and self-serving interpretations.

Michael Tymn, Tue 4 Jun, 14:50


I was interested to see the materialization, as opposed to the resurrection, of Jesus mentioned in this spirit communication. I am aware of only one other account, The Witness, written down by Jessie Platts, with an interesting twist:

“If only people would be firm in their resolution to demand purer teaching from the priests, they would get it in time. The fact of survival after death, was demonstrated by the Master Christ, when, after the death of the disciple Jesus, He shewed Himself to many people in the form of that faithful worker, but it was not the poor, tortured, earthly body, that His friends saw. The body they saw was a materialization of that great soul used by the Master Christ, for further teaching. Does it not seem strange, mother, that though they saw Him appearing and disappearing, they yet could imagine it was the flesh and blood body they had seen crucified?”

Are you aware of any other spirit communications where Jesus’ appearance after his crucifixion is described as a materialization rather than a resurrection?


Tom Davies, Tue 4 Jun, 06:56

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