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Three Amazing English Medium Healers

Posted on 17 July 2017, 7:58

By David Stang

Preface: Outside of my blog post of December 12, 2011 about John of God. I have woefully neglected the subject of healing mediums.  My good friend David Stang offered to help me catch up on this subject by writing this blog.  Dave is a retired Washington, D.C. lawyer.  Also, Keith Parsons, another friend, just happened to post a you-tube dealing with the healing mediumship of George Chapman. It can be viewed on Youtube and you can read about Chapman in “Surgeon from Another World,” which has been published by White Crow Books.  – Michael Tymn

We begin with Mac and Terri McKean, both of whom I got to know in England during the summer of 2009. Mac was then 91 years old and his wife Terri was 83. Mac at that time was spending nearly 10 hours a day doing spiritual healing and he used his dowsing pendulum to assist him. Terri was then a trance medium through whom many a disincarnate being or Ascended Master has found a temporary earthly opportunity to use her voice box in order to convey messages about happenings and insights originating in the spirit realm.

Terri said that while traveling in Beijing with her husband some years ago she heard a spirit voice talking to her and he indicated that he would be working with her from then on. She later learned the voice belonged to an Ascended Master who directed Terri to follow the Spirit Path near the cemetery in Beijing where the emperors of China were buried. At the juncture of where the Spirit Path met the cemetery her Ascended Master then declared that he had been assigned to look after Terri. She said that ever since when he speaks to her he refers to Terri as “my child.”

Terri informed me that “as a child I used to see spirit beings and living shadows but never said anything about what I saw and this ability went away in my early teens, but in my early 50s when I met Mac I’d see an event take place in my mind and then know it would happen. I asked myself how did I know that event was going to happen. When I put this question to Mac he would take my hands in his and hold them saying, ‘Let’s see what we can do together.’ When he took my hands I felt a big force come into the room then it whooshed right out straight through the window into the sky and after that I became much more aware of spirit activities and could again see spirit beings.”

At this point in the conversation Mac intervened: “When Terri goes into a deep trance she is taken over completely by her spirit guides and allows herself to be used by them. Trance mediums don’t usually know what happens when they are in trance. If a person goes into a deep trance and afterwards doesn’t recall what she said this is a clear indication that she realized only what the spirit wanted her to remember to say without interfering with the spirit’s thoughts by injecting other thoughts that came out of her own mind. Some mediums go into a light trance and do not only remember what they are saying. But the danger here is that they’re getting the thoughts of their own minds mixed up with what the spirit being is communicating. Terri’s ascended Master is her control, but he asks for permission from Terri before he speaks through her with information for me.”

I asked Terri the name of her spirit guide and what he looks like. She answered, “His name is Baylam and he is about seven-feet tall and black as ebony, yet gentle as a lamb.” She added that he usually visibly appears when they are in danger and he comes to help protect them. For example, Terri told of the time when she and Mac were working together to get rid of a witch’s coven she said as at that moment in time she was standing next to the window and Mac was working with his pendulum.  “I felt that I was being drawn toward a well and Baylam suddenly appeared and gently pushed me away from the well. There was no cover over the well so it would have been easy to fall into the well. It so happened that this particular well was the entrance to the witch’s coven that Mac was trying to clear.”

I then asked Mac how he relates to Baylam. Mac said “I ask him questions which call for a yes or no answer and if it’s yes Baylam gives me the yes signal and if it was no he gives me the no signal. Also he gives me a “maybe” or “so-so” signal which means that the answer in yes or no terms is unclear. I can tell by the speed, direction and intensity of the pendulum’s motion how emphatic Baylam’s answer is.  Baylam also works mind-to-mind and lets me know what I need to learn.

Mac emphatically insisted that he does not do any healing at all and that it is Baylam who does all the healing. “When I ask Baylam to do the healing my pendulum will usually start swinging and that lets me know what Baylam has started work on healing my patient. Also, I work mind-to-mind with Baylam on what is needed to heal the patient and any special action that is required. Often Terri and I work together in healing a patient and if there is some doubt as to what is wrong with the patient or what needs to be done to help the patient she will ask Baylam for answers just as I ask him.”

Terri and Mac died a few years ago.  They were good friends of Madge Rowe, another English medium who is also a spiritual healer.  It was she who first introduced me to Mack and Terri. Several years earlier I had been introduced to Madge by another English spiritualist healer. Madge, like Terri and Mac, exhibits extraordinary mediumistic skills. She not only worked on my late wife Sarah, but also on two women friends of Sarah’s who had been stricken with breast cancer. Madge was able to help extend their lives for several years. She also heals her clients’ sick pets and is able to locate and determine the physical condition of lost dogs and cats. A few years ago Madge was able to locate the lost dog of Susan Myatt, one of Sarah’s nurses and predict the exact date on which the dog and Susan would be reunited.

Madge’s late husband Reginald was also a spiritual healer and spiritualist. According to Madge, since his death in 1988, he has been a Psychopomp whose function is to escort recently deceased souls from the Earth plane to the spirit realm. His specialty, Madge said, is to help the disincarnate spirits of persons who have met sudden and shocking deaths often as a result of fatal accidents.  Reginald indicated to Madge telepathically that such persons are often unaware that they have died and believe they are still living. Madge explained that Reginald’s function has been to tactfully inform these new disincarnate beings that they are now living in spirit form only and then, having persuaded them of the reality of their disincarnate status, to escort them to facilities in the spirit world where they might stay and receive whatever additional attention they require until they are able to adjust to their afterlife existence.

Madge, like a multitude of other spiritual healers – whether they practice “hands-on” or “distant” healing – prays to her angels and spirit guides to assist and empower her. Madge believes that when she detects areas of her patient’s body needing healing energy that this awareness is amplified by the intervention of her angel or spirit guide. She has a deep confidence that her angel not only knows in advance what is the cause of the patient’s illness, but also where healing energy should be directed to help cure it. Additionally Madge’s angel or spirit guide will inform Madge if there are problems Madge did not discover during her scanning of the patient, such as an underlying emotional problem or block. They will give advice telepathically on herbal supplements or other remedies that can assist in the patient’s healing.

Until a couple of years ago when Madge was treating a patient whom she sensed was demonically possessed she would contact by telephone Mack and Terri McKean to solicit their assistance. She told me that they were powerful exorcists. To this day when Madge is working on a patient filled with dark energy she summons Mack who shows up in spirit form to continue working with her. Madge told me, “Each time Mack comes to assist me I ask him to lovingly take the demon to the Light.” Sometimes if the demon seems to be nearly overwhelmingly resistant Madge prayerfully contacts the Archangel Michael and asks him to come and exorcise the demon.

Similarly, when she feels she needs a powerful energy boost to help heal a chronically ill patient, who is not possessed, she contacts the Archangel Rafael, who, she tells me, is “quite remarkable, very powerful, always kind, responsive, helpful, encouraging and consistently reliable. He never lets you down.”

Sometimes when Madge is feeling exhausted, distraught or burdened with an illness of her own one of her favorite spirit guides, an Arab named Acefi, shows up literally riding on his big white horse.  Madge said that Acefi has remarkable brown eyes. He never gets off his horse but soon after arriving he sends Madge healing energy. When he does her revival occurs instantly. She finds his presence always uplifting and she can feel the power of his love for her and can hear his encouraging tone of voice.

Acefi once informed Madge that he and she had worked together during their past seven lifetimes, before he became a spirit guide. In the first lifetime they came to know one another many centuries ago. Madge lived with her father in Cornwall, located in Southwest Britain. One day two Arabs came and kidnapped her and took her back to Arabia as a slave. When they returned to Acefi’s home she was branded on her right arm.  Gradually Acefi became very fond of his slave, Madge, and he impregnated her. Acefi’s mother disapproved of her son Acefi’s affection for Madge so one time when Acefi was traveling away from home she sold Madge who never thereafter in that lifetime saw Acefi again.  Sadly, she died a few months later during childbirth. In her present life, Madge has had a dark mark on her right arm where she had lifetimes before been branded. Her husband Reginald in this life time, who like Madge, is quite psychic, once noticed that birthmark and informed Madge that it was a brand mark from a prior lifetime when she was a slave.

Terri, Mac and Madge are three stellar examples of the continuing powers of mediums to do good by healing others. Were it not for my late wife Sarah introducing me to spiritual healing and a number of spiritual healers and creating within me a burning curiosity to learn more about that sacred art and the altered state of consciousness that seems endemic to such healers I would have never met Terri and Mac McKean and Madge Rowe.  It has been indeed a very real privilege for me to have met these three people who never held themselves out as being especially gifted or possessing a consciousness capable of communicating with spirit beings ranging from Archangels to Ascended Masters to the disincarnate spirits of family and friends.

Even though the stories I’ve mentioned are anecdotal, the three people in the stories are representative of a breed of sacred mediums who instead of parading their talents on a stage have chosen to remain anonymous because they believe that their gifts are of divine origin, and that it is predominantly the spirit beings they are in touch with who are the power behind the good works they regularly perform out of humility and unconditional love. Ironically, they deliberately “hide their light under a bushel” and avoid the temptation to make a spectacle out of themselves because they believe they have been called to serve and not to become self-important exhibitionists seeking glory.

Next blog post: July 31


If anyone’s interested, Ambrose and Edna Worrall, husband and wife, were both extraordinary healers about whom relatively little has been written. Bruno Groning, the phenomenal healer from Germany also worked tirelessly and, like the Worralls, charged not a penny for his services.

Bruno, unlike the Worralls, had a vibrant international following which probably contributed to a great deal of his suffering, both emotionally and physically. (Think: science goes on a witch hunt.)

The religious aspects of the 3 healers - devout Christians, all - brings even more skepticism than often accompanies this ‘line of work’. However, it’s worth noting that, after several rigorously administered scientific studies were conducted by actual physicians - and even a noted physicist in the case of Edna W - the best thing the ‘materialist’ community could say about all healers is that ‘mysterious forces’ seemed to be at play during the healings.

Here’s to a resurgence in this field. Godspeed, all

Brett, Sat 25 Jul, 21:19

How nice that they did this wonderful work and still stayed so humble!!  Great article!  Blessings Karen

Karen Herrick PhD, Fri 28 Jul, 00:57

I can imagine no greater satisfaction in earthly life than to work with spirits of high degree to heal people’s illness and injury. Such work is surely its own reward for those who have been chosen for such a mission.

Rick Darby, Mon 17 Jul, 15:42

Thank you very much for the link to the YouTube video by Keith Parsons about George Chapman and Dr. Lang.  It is very informative and the piano music “Newborn” at the end is beautiful.  I could listen to it all day. - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Mon 17 Jul, 14:22

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