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ANGELS by Andrew Glazewski

To begin with, angels are not winged creatures with nice faces. They are certain patterns of proportions; intellectual patterns that are self-conscious as we are self-conscious. Just that we have a body, neck and head and they havenít got one.

Now what I mean by a set of proportions is something which we have to investigate from different angles. If I see you and see somebody else, I recognize you from the set of proportions of your face. I distinguish a table from a chair by its set of proportions. So we have to realize that we are constantly moving among sets of proportions as such, and those sets of proportions are perceptible, and when we connect them, then we form a picture of a man or an object or a sensation. So the sets of proportions surround our perceptions.

Now angels are something of a set of proportions in that sense but without being incarnate or having a body. If you take the personality as such, the personality is itself a set of proportions. Actually in theology, we know that the virtue of prudence, for example, is what brings a set of proportions into balance: the balancing factor in the character of a person that tells you, not too much or too little. Just the right proportions. Now this is my hand, a good hand that has a certain natural set of proportions.

Once we have established what we mean by a set of proportions, we have to establish further that what we call our set of proportions is reflected in our field. Your field is the result of your physical, emotional and mental life. It is also a set of proportions that according to the way you think and imagine things, sends respective impulses throughout your body corresponding to your emotions, every minute, that produce a change in your field. So your set of proportions reflects your moods.

Your field is something that is outside your body, as a set of proportions, and which is actually related to electromagnetic phenomena as well as other mechanical phenomena such as sound. But when I talk about an angel as a set of proportions that is aware of itself, Iím talking about a different thing. Once you realize that your thinking is in the field and not in your brain, the brain only being a transformer from the inner field set of proportions to the material field, then you will realize what an angel is. You can call it a set of proportions in a field, which is not the Secondary Field arising from electromagnetic and other phenomena, but is the Primary Field which we call, Soul. But if you want to expand on this conception of Soul then the angel would be the Primary Field without manifestation in the material world. But I suppose it can create a manifestation in the physical field, such as electromagnetic and so on, by the power of his will. Of his consciousness. This, an angel who is your partner for life, is somebody who has a similar set of proportions as you and therefore he is in relationship with you. And we call it our Angel Guardianóthe name is irrelevant. It is your partner. It is somebody who fits with your set of proportions, and therefore he is connected with you. As your set of proportions are outside space and time, therefore your angel is outside space and time. It doesnít matter if you are here or you are there. This set of proportions is with you everywhere. Just as the set of proportions 3,4,7,8 and so on, is not necessarily bound by space or with time. Itís outside all those phenomena. Now that is an angel. Its set of proportions can be compared to a kaleidoscope, to pictures you observe in a kaleidoscope. You have to imagine them not in two dimensions but in three dimensional space, although theyíre made of glass pieces. Because the set of proportions produces a certain kind of presence in space, therefore he can express certain properties of light that I can see, an optical set of proportions, so beautiful that you are absolutely held by it. You canít take your eyes off it.

MacManaway: And you canít describe it.

AG: Itís impossible to describe it. How can I describe it? Itís a personality by itself. An angel. According to theologians, every angel is a species unto itself, because it exists in its specific strata. Each one is absolutely unique, as is each human being. As is every atom.

MacManaway: Even every atom?

AG: Yes. Itís a pattern by itself. There are human sets of properties, plant sets of proportions. According to the work of Hans Kayser, Die Harmonik, theyíre all harmonic phenomena. If you take middle ďCĒ on the piano, 256 cycles per second, then the next one octave is twice that, 512, the next is 1024 octave and so forth. The first one is represented in standard notation as 1/1, the second will be 2/1, 4/1. If you go downward from middle ďCĒ you have Ĺ, 1/3, ľ so on. So once you get into the world of proportions as such, which are always musical proportions, also in the field, then you go into the place where 3/4 or 7/8 is irrespective of space. Therefore it doesnít matter whether an angel is of atomic size or astronomical size. It is still 7/4 and therefore every atom and every astronomical body will have its own partner, according to the set of proportions of the field. And that agrees with statements of old theologians as Thomas Aquinas who concluded that every planet has its own angel. Its own partner. But, concluding from our investigation, every atom would have its own partner as well, because it is a set of proportions. How can an atom have a partner for an angel, or a planet? We know from the Bible that every region, every glen has its own angel, but how on Earth can every atom?

We donít understand it because we still have the concept of size in our mind. But in the world of proportions there is no size. The funny thing is that though we actually move in the world of proportions, we constantly refer to ourselves in terms of our size and not as a set of proportions. Here is the real difference between the spiritual and physical worlds. But we have to remove the concept of size, and then we find ourselves in a totally different world, on a different level, but still in the world of proportions.

From this you can understand what angels are. A few words about the different levels. The Scriptures tell us about nine choirs. Well, maybe theyíve explored the whole thing. Maybe there are nine, maybe an infinite number. I donít know. I havenít got a clue. But the fact is that those levels are so distinct from one another that, according to Thomas Aquinas, a lower angel cannot talk to a much higher angel, unless he uses certain channels, because he speaks a different language. He has a specific set of proportions that will not communicate with that of angels very high up. So he has to go through the usual channels, from one choir to another, and then a higher angel will understand what he is talking about. If I talk German to you, which you canít understand, I canít communicate with you because the language has a different set of proportions from English. But in the angelic world you have a different phenomenon which is called Grace, or participation in divinity, and this is participation in divine life. In view of the enlightened divine set of proportions which are unique for some, those angels can communicate immediately between all levels. So here you have the species of angels. If you talk using a long-wave radio set you canít tune into it with a short-wave radio. But if you have a converter, then you can. The same thing occurs between angels.

The lower angels are much more complicated than the higher ones. The higher you go the simpler they are. Theologians say that God conceived the whole world through one word, one concept and that means his own Son.

The higher angels must have at least two concepts. We have immense concepts for each particular object. But always, a set of proportions enters our mind. The mind attempts to adjust its set of proportions to the object, and then they match, and we understand. Angels are sets of proportions harmonically, harmonics but of different kinds. Here we have an explanation for the choir.

The third thing that is essential about angels is that they are serving spirits, as St. Paul says in his letter to the Hebrews. What does this mean? Itís that their essence is to serve, not to be served. Itís expressed in the Bible where St. Michael said, or Our Lady said, ďLord let it be according to thy will.Ē They are obedient. Now what does obedience mean? It doesnít mean that I give you orders and you carry them out. You are listening to the laws of nature, and then when you listen properly to them and grasp them, then according to the laws of nature the angel will obey you.

MacManaway: Through resonance?

AG: Yes. Obedience means a resonance; fitting into a certain pattern. In order to cooperate, a serving spirit needs a willingness to cooperate with somebody else, and not only with somebody else but with the whole universe. Because it grasps the harmony of the universe as something that fits in with them, which will enlarge their consciousness and will give them an infinite possibility of joy. Then the whole universe is playing with them, and they are playing with the whole universe. That is a serving spirit. The spirit that says, ďI shall not serveĒ says, ďI want the universe to fit in with me but I shall not fit in with the universe. Therefore I am miserable by myself.Ē And that is the principle of those who have revolted.

So here you have the explanation of the serving spirits. They are willing to cooperate and willing to do anything they can to play the game with those they are connected to. The lower choirs are the Guardians, those who are specifically related to a certain object. The next choir is Archangels, then Principalities and so on until the Seraphim who are glowing spirits of love. They will not interfere with your pattern, they will let you play your music, but if you tell them to do something about your music because you are not yet very good, not yet the master of the instrument which you have to play, then they will do everything possible to help you. As a matter of fact they will always obey, and you canít give them a better pleasure than to tell them what you are fond of, because then they will mend your thinking, teach you to master your instrument so that they can enjoy the harmony coming from you. It is in their interest to do whatever they can for you, but they will respect your individuality and they will not interfere unless you tell them.

As every angel has its own particular pattern, every angel has a different function. One angel may be the angel of your home, but there are angels for each of your atoms, each of your organs which coalesce in the whole. You have millions of angels to yourself, to your body. You have another set of proportions which is your mental personality, your different needs and different moods, specific patterns for your joy, serenity, one for your anger and your desire. So in each case there is a different angel who is in charge of these things; specialists, for these are specialists. You can speak in any choir you want to but they canít. They are fixed in one pattern and they canít develop into another. But you can.

MacManaway: Thatís an interesting thought. They canít switch?

AG: No, they are fixed, because they havenít got a lever to change.4 You can switch from the body to the field, from the field to the body. You are not a closed system while they are. So you can absorb two choirs, three choirs, any number of choirs and you can fit into all of them. You have that entire possibility in you while they donít. All of Creation, the entire being of the universe must be for Man, for he has all the possibilities; but all other creatures have nothing.

MacManaway: Can man help the angels climb the scale?

AG: No, because they are fixed by nature, by the set of proportions they have, in the fields that are ordained for them, though with tremendous possibilities. You have a cable; you can play anything on that cable but you canít go from a cable to a guitar, because the cable doesnít have a guitar socket. You have all the instruments of the orchestra within you, so you can go anywhere you want. That is the greatness, the potential greatness of human beings. You have strings that can play Brahms or percussion, can play anything you want. Tremendous possibilities. Itís fantastic how the human being is so great, with wings, and how far he can go with the help of those sets of proportions.

You have to tell the angels what you want and then they do it. Iíve told you how angels helped me in different ways. So unexpectedly. Iím amazed at how they care about my tastes. Somebody once prepared for me something I donít like and then forgot about it. She didnít give it to me. And then she wrote to me that she left it at the delicatessen. She forgot it because the angel didnít want her to send it to me, because I canít stand it. Itís amazing how it works. I never have a parking problem, if I think of it in advance.

Remember always to thank them. Someone suggested very rightly that you thank them in advance, and then you have no problem when you receive something, but usually youíre so thrilled by what you got that you forget to thank them. Well, youíd better thank them afterwards too, as you need to educate your spirit of thankfulness, which is extremely important for the development of your personality. Thankfulness opens you up to certain possibilities, and the angels can infuse a higher power in you when you are thankful. I canít yet properly grasp this, but they said that I would grasp it later on. Well, fair enough.

Often I discover that they do what is best for me. So Iím never discouraged if something that I want doesnít crop up because I know that they are doing the proper thing. The whole thing will crop up in the best possible way.

Once you have developed a sense of proportion, of proportionality, rather I should say a sensitivity to it, a clairvoyance to it, and you live in the world of proportions, then you contact them immediately, because proportions are proportions. But when you are steeped in material things, you donít conceive of what you can see in the field world. You may find a set of proportions that is beautiful. Why? Because it is beautiful. The flower is beautiful. Why? Well, I donít know, itís just beautiful. Eventually you see that it is beautiful in its fragrance, shape, the colour, the whole thing and all in its environment because the flower grows according to the field impinging on the flower, and it will be beautiful in its respective surroundings. Now if you abstract the material field from the shape and you go into the set of proportions, and you start to look, then you have contacted the angelic world. You start to perceive it, not with the human eye because you canít see the shape, but you can see the set of proportions.

MacManaway: One of the questions I know is going to crop up, something about which we have partial teaching, is the stream of evolution within which the angelic forces move. For example last weekend we had a conference on Pan, and the nature spirits. Into what relationship would Pan and the nature spirits, and the angelic hierarchy as you just described it relate? Is it one and the same stream? Are Pan and his nature spirits all part of the same set of proportions, one angelic stream?

AG: I think that there is only one set of proportions throughout the universe, throughout Creation. And as you have solid, liquid, gas, and further states, there must be further development. Itís only the materialist scientist that says I canít touch it or I donít smell it and so it doesnít exist. Itís absurd, because you canít touch a set of proportions or musical notes, or a musical theme, and what he actually experiences is this; a set of proportions, but he doesnít see it. Materialistic people are absolutely hopeless. They canít see what actually they are dealing with.

MacManaway: Now Andrew, in your vision, can there be any interchange between angelic beings and human beings?

AG: Constant. There are many instances that survive. There is an old tale of an angel who came to Palestine and said all sorts of things. We donít know. How many angels do we perceive on the street, maybe an infinite number of angels? They can assume the shape of a plant, or an animal. I havenít got a clue. Here I canít give you an answer; itís a totally different world. But Iím quite sure that they can in certain environments, and for a certain necessity, being serving spirits, assume different shapes, and appear to the human eye. To material eyes. What would this mean? They could condense air in such a way that they would reflect or refract light. And therefore they would condense the field so you would perceive them with the physical eye. If you need touch, they would condense the field further, because they are obviously very powerful in manipulating energy. Matter is nothing but a form of condensed energy. Or say, condensed lines of space in a certain set of proportions, or arranged in a certain pattern. I suppose that they can do that too. As we also can by the power of thought.

I would like to speak a little more about spirits; the nature of nature spirits. I told you about a scientist in this country who performed experiments with a revolving arm. It was an arm about two and a half yards long and it could revolve three hundred and sixty degrees. In the centre was a container with radioactive material, and at the end was an electrode connected to an amplifier and loudspeaker. Now when he put an element into the container, then the radioactive discharge moved the arm. Relative to the Earthís magnetic field the discharge was always at a certain angle depending on the element. He studied an entire sequence of elements from hydrogen to the higher elements, up to uranium, and then the lower Lanthanides, progressing higher and higher to the human being. Each of these elements has its own angle of discharge, where the discharge is most pronounced. But there remained ninety degrees free Ė left over. And he asked me, ďWhatís there?Ē I said, ďI donít know but probably higher beings than us.Ē They might discharge there, but we canít put anything in the container. Well, it would be an interesting test. Would there be a discharge at that angle? If so then weíll know that it is related to nature spirits whatever they are. Or rather an appearance of nature spirits, spirits with a different set of proportions, but our eye doesnít pick them up because light doesnít reflect from them. Therefore we donít see them. Maybe they can bend light. Itís quite easy to conceive of an instrument that could put a field around you that will bend light around you, therefore you would be invisible. Iíve seen photographs that seem to show them but I donít know.5 Iím not saying Ďnoí and Iím not saying Ďyesí. Iím just keeping an open mind. So thatís what I can say about nature spirits.

They may be a higher development or a lower development than us. They donít seem to be angelic beings. Theyíre some sort of different creature. Theyíre in resonance with the proportions of plants and with stones, and humans, but their nature is not so high. Not so spiritual. They may only be electromagnetic in nature, while angels are much higher than electromagnetic. If they are only electromagnetic, they should be detected by instruments we have now. Or they could have a special waveform, and because we havenít produced an instrument to detect such a wave form, we canít pick them up. Today the police use not a very high frequency band of superposed wavelengths for communication. Maybe one day someone will produce an instrument that picks up a waveform that will show all sorts of things in a room that we donít perceive. So that is one possible explanation for nature spirits that belong in a different world. I keep an open mind, because if people see something through the ages, independently, there must be something objective. So you have to keep an open mind.

“ANGELS” is an extract from Harmony of the Universe: The Science Behind Healing, Prayer and Spiritual Development by Andrew Glazewski with Paul Kieniewicz.

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