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The Barbanell Report: A Journey into the Afterlife Edited by Paul Beard

During the four-year communication with Paul Beard, the then president of the College for Psychic Studies, Maurice Barbanell, the medium for the spirit entity Silver Birch until his passing in 1981, reported back on his life in the spirit world. It’s evident that because of his “knowledge” on the subject of life after death, it was thought he would be prepared for what was to come after death. But he clearly wasn’t and considered himself a novice, and was still finding his way.
In this communication, they refer to Silver Birch as the “Old Man and “Old Fellow.”


12TH JULY 1985

Maurice Barbanell: I can understand why people at a certain level over here start to draw back.
It hasn’t happened to me yet but I can understand why they see us like children playing games, as if they’re the adults and they let us get on with playing games. Can understand why people pull back from this level and find that there is not a lot we can explain. I, because I am stubborn and persevere, will continue but others feel that the gap becomes too wide. My own perception of the level I am on comes and goes. I’m wondering if I am in for a change, a shift. It is like a shift of light but it’s not, it’s more than that, it’s a shift of emphasis. Could you understand this?
Paul Beard: Yes perfectly well.

MB: It is not uncomfortable, only distressing. I have seen our friend.
PB: The Old Fellow?

MB: He grows in stature. I’m almost afraid to approach him now. It was easier when I was in your world, now I am seeing the reality. He lectures us at times and yet lecture isn’t the right word.
PB: He shares his mind?

MB: Yes but I can only understand one in ten things, the rest I grasp at feebly. It can be very frustrating. I do feel more strongly this shift in my perspective, and wonder what lies ahead, and if I can handle it.

PB: Well I don’t think it would come to you unless you could handle it.

MB: That is what I’ve been told. I would never have described myself as having rigid views but in comparison to what I’ve been shown it makes my views seem rigid.
It has been a salutary lesson.

PB: I suspected this morning the Old Fellow had got a lot of his original wisdom from China?

MB: He told us wisdom is. All have the opportunity to reach for it. Reality is. Wisdom is reality. Each person, each religion reaches towards the same truth. When that truth is reached it belongs to no one or is started by no one, it merely is. All take different paths to it. If I give you a truth which you then hold to and, in another country, another time, someone recognises the truth that you have spoken of, his recognition of your truth makes he and you on the same level. It doesn’t matter which direction it came from, or even if it was known by another because it doesn’t change. The reason I say this is because already this was spoken of to the Old Man. This question was raised and his answer was this: ‘I can share my mind with you but if your mind is not on my level or I have not portrayed that truth in its right context then it will mean nothing to you. I might as well have shown you nothing.’ He neither accepted nor rejected the issue of where his wisdom came from. I could say he was indifferent to it. He merely said to the one who brought this up: ‘Do not clutter your mind with trivia.’ So I thought I would mention this to you.

PB: Yes, thank you.

MB: There are people of thought that we gather around. This is the best way I can describe this to you. There is one pool of thought where the teacher or master just keeps repeating one question. I have not myself taken much interest in this.

PB: Why not?

MB: Because I am drawn to the Old Fellow, but I have heard that the question which is repeated again and again is: ‘Who are you?’ Nothing more and, according to what I have heard, as your awareness increases your answer changes. I have not asked the Old Man what he thinks of this. I do not think he would comment anyway. I have also been aware of Myers but only for a brief occasion.

PB: Do you know why you saw him just then?

MB: Yes. I was thinking of him and wondering what he was up to. Never a man to be still. When we met it was rather dreamlike. It seemed real in so many ways, yet unreal in others. He spoke of scientists in his world getting together to help your world. He seemed very excited but I felt it wouldn’t work.

PB: I think it needs scientists on our side who care enough.

MB: Myers seemed to think that his scientists could stimulate yours.

PB: I see.

MB: But I didn’t feel it would work. Being on the level we are I could not hide this thought from him, but it did not seem to disturb him. He is a man who often gets very excited and when he’s off on a scheme, a plan, he doesn’t listen to others.

I thought you would want to know he has not changed.

PB: Yes. I’m interested.

MB: I had caught your thought and spoken to him of the Gestalt. He said he did not believe a group of souls could be as effective as he felt he could be as an individual. He must remain as he is to achieve this.

PB: The experiment’s still worth doing though.

MB: Myers is too much of an individualist for this. This is something I know and you know he would be most reluctant to give up. I could not see him tying himself to the plodding minds of others; they wouldn’t be plodding but they would seem like that to him.

PB: I would take it that the White Eagle we know, is an aspect of a greater soul just as Silver Birch was the aspect of a greater soul?

MB: Yes.

PB: What sort of spiritual link is there between these great beings? Just by virtue of what they are I suppose?

MB: The link between these great beings lay in the fact that they both wished to help and guide at this level but both were different entities. Just as the Old Gentleman portrayed himself in a different racial garb, so the same was true of White Eagle.

I do know that the entity that was White Eagle, and is still White Eagle, had an existence in your world that came from the East. If certain of his words are looked at, the Eastern outlook is there.

PB: Are you in touch with Grace Cooke?

MB: Grace is becoming increasingly difficult to be in touch with.

NOTE: Grace Cooke, who died in 1979, was the medium for spirit entity White Eagle, and the founder of the White Eagle Lodge.
Myers, who died in 1901, was Frederic William Henry Myers. He was one of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research and a well-known figure in psychical research.

“FOURTEEN” is an excerpt from The Barbanell Report: A Journey into the Afterlife, Edited by Paul Beard

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