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W. T. Stead: Spiritual Lectures From the Afterlife


Dictated to Dr. S. Toman
Though W. B. Murphy, medium
Dayton, Ohio, U. S. A.


The Lectures
1 Allotment of Man in the Spirit World
2 Vindication of Man
3 Stages of Development in First Sphere
4 Continuity of Man
5 Science of Psychology
6 Science of Astrology
7 Evolution
8 Psycholization of Man
9 Spirit Molecular Magnetism
10 Spirit Levitation
11 Central Sun of All Sun’s Spiritual Levitation
12 Conclusion or Review


In presenting this volume to the public, I will not burden the reader with many words in the preface— but will give a brief explanation how these lectures were obtained.

In the first place my friend R. A. Boner and I went to have a séance with W. B. Murphy, the medium, 16 Barnet Street, Dayton, Ohio. After the control, John Murphy, a brother of the medium, opened the séance, and a few friends communicated, the control announced that we will hear from a spirit way up in intelligence. And shortly W. T. Stead took the trumpet and gave us his first message through this medium—by trumpet. He stated, that he wanted to give a number of lectures to the world, and he told me that he wanted me, Dr. S. Toman, to record them and have them printed and circulated all over the world. I asked him how I may know that the intelligence talking is really the spirit of W. T. Stead, of London, England. He said, “The Control introduced him as W. T. Stead just the same as if you would have come to London and some one there would have introduced me to you. You would not want me to prove my identity. I am no other than the Spirit of W. T. Stead and I find the conditions favorable to communicate to the people of the Earth plane—and I would like to have you record them and send them broadcast to the world in general.

W. B. Murphy developed trumpet talk in about four years. He also got the peculiar method of what he called slate writing also, in the light.

He sat near a stand and held the slate in his left arm and pencil in the right hand and used the whole arm movement all the time, running the pencil in circles, curves, sweeps, etc. I could not detect one letter or word, but he could see the words flashed upon the slate and would read them aloud, and I recorded them as he uttered them. I asked W. T. Stead how he did the writing and he said that the control hypnotizes the medium and then he is brought into a negative condition, and by wireless mental electro molecular induction the words are flashed upon the slate visible to the medium. Words come forth similar to the words upon a graphophone. The spirit intelligence, purporting to be the spirit of W. T. Stead, after that, gave a lecture every Wednesday, and I recorded them as faithfully as possible. These lectures, you will see, were all given in the light in the presence of the named witnesses in the latter part of the book, and each and every lecture was read in the presence of the witnesses and approved by W. T. Stead in the séance room. He used that room for proof reading.

The Medium

W. B. Murphy, the medium, is a common house painter—is a man of common education, having never advanced further than the Fifth Grade in the common school. For a man of such primary education, and no reader, to deliver these lectures himself would certainly be nothing less than a miracle. The medium stated that he could only read the words as they came fresh at the end of the pencil.

The Intelligence communicating is a very positive character, when he talked, it was apparently with authority—loud and distinct.

I had received eleven lectures up to the time of the famous flood in Dayton, Ohio, and did not get the twelfth lecture until June 4, 1913. I lacked one lecture to complete the series.

A Verification

The Spiritualists of Dayton had a mass meeting, and a strange medium from Hamilton, Ohio, told me that W. T. Stead said I should keep on and the book would be finished I was a perfect stranger to the medium, who gave me the test in the presence of 50 or 60 witnesses.
Yours truly,
1839 W. Third St., Dayton, Ohio.

Appeal to the World


To Dr. S. Toman, of Dayton, Ohio, U. S. A.

I, W. T. Stead, wish to express to you tonight, through the medium W. B. Murphy and his Guide, my heartfelt thanks to all mankind on the Earth Plane.

I, W. T. Stead, do hereby acknowledge the great truth of Spiritualism—founded on the grandest truths of progress of all things that were and are in existence.

It was the wonderful truths delivered by the American seer Andrew Jackson Davis that started me in my investigations of psychical phenomena and the grand truth of Spiritualism. My son, also having passed over to the spirit plane of life, brought me in disputable facts relative to spirit return. And I, W. T. Stead, give to you the right to record my series of lectures, and publish them to the world in general.

(If at the end of this series of lectures you see mistakes or typographical errors, you will please correct them and charge them to my account.) I wish to thank all the people who manifested an interest in me, and all the editors who espoused my cause. They all receive my heartfelt thanks, for recognizing me as an intelligent man and had the courage to expound what I thought to be the truth regarding Spirit return.

I studied about all the branches that were taught in the colleges, and the reading of Thomas Payne stimulated my reasoning facilities. In delivering these series of lectures, I will endeavor to be as explicit and concise as possible. This is only a preliminary to one of the grandest lectures ever given to mankind on the Earth Plane.

Yours truly,


Lecture No. 1

Allotment of Man in the Spirit World

The first of a series of lectures that will be given will comprise the “Allotment of Man” after he passes through the Earth Plane to the “Summer Land.”

The coming forth from the material to the spiritual is a passing over and is of great importance, in which I will make plain as possible the astrological, phenomenal, and what scientific research has achieved. It is the philosophy of Andrew Jackson Davis, in which the spiritual phrenology has been unfolded.

When the material life is eliminated from the material body, all men seem to think the end is there—and that worse is waiting for that one soul, but no vein of any description indicate than an angel or a devil can be made out of the departure from the material to the spiritual.

The atoms, of which the spiritual is composed, do go to the Beautiful Summer Land, expressed by Andrew Jackson Davis, and which no man ever made it more specific than he has done. He should be lauded to the skies by the inhabitants of the Earth Plane for all that which he has written. It was a preconception to him of the great truth, which I can now verify.

I cast all my energies and ambitions to unfathom the great future of the principles of psychical phenomena.

I, W. T. Stead, do affirm and declare that I will henceforth give these lectures weekly instead of monthly, as per previous agreement, until one dozen are given for humanity’s sake. After such periods have elapsed and the periodicals have had a chance to comment on these articles, etc., I will meet again at stated times and cause them to turn tail and meet me at fair combat.

The Summer Land is a grand sphere of rejoicing. The loved ones on the Earth Plane weep over the deserted body. If they could only see the rejoicing in the Beyond, when a lovely one from earth meets loved ones over there, they would instead of weeping, laugh for joy. It is a land of comfort and contentment when those loved ones commingle. It is inexpressible joy at their banquets. No death, no sorrow, no pain. The Earth’s inhabitants have no conception of the joys in the Upper Spheres.

May the Good God enlighten the denizens of the Earth Plane, so as to perceive the glories of the hereafter as those who have gone over. May the God of fraternal fellowship be with you all.
Good night,

Lecture No. 2

Vindication of Man

Dr. S. Toman.
Dear Sir— This is the second of the series, to be known as the “Vindication of Man,” after passing over from the material Earth Plane to the Spiritual.

I want to vindicate him from all thoughts of Hell Fire, and all the false doctrines promulgated from time immemorial.
Here we wish to vindicate mankind. Mankind, according to Biblical statutes, has always been imposed upon in an unmerciful manner. In the first place, our forefathers were driven out of the Garden of Eden, of which, was said, of disobedience because they tasted of the tree of knowledge. Even according to the Biblical statement—we will take the Bible statement to verify the truth of this assertion—“He tasted of the tree of knowledge.” What foolishness to man to preach to man. But it was given to that ignorant class of people—ignorant class today, as in the past. As I said before, this is for the vindication of mankind. There never was a soul lost in all time.

Man is the grand ultimate of all the evolutionary forces. His evolution takes notice of the present, not away back to the rear as the churches teach. When man, as I said before, passes to the Spirit world, he is the same man in every sense of the word; man, with intellect and affections. The vein tends to eternal progression and unfoldment of all his being.

And we endeavor to instill into the veins of all races so they can appreciate all the principles progressing on the Spiritual side of life. The great doctors of divinity on the Earth Plane do not believe one iota of what they say.

They often wonder why so many supposed intelligent persons will sit and listen to them preaching a lot of bosh. Is it any wonder that I, as an intelligent man on the Earth Plane do repudiate such false doctrines against immortal man, the highest form of evolution, and vindicate him that he is not born totally depraved, and worthy of Gehennal damnation.

Let me go back a few years and I will show you that woman has done more for the Spiritual cause than man. The Fox sisters were given the messages and they gave them to the whole world; without fear they gave them to all.

Then man followed suit. Then they both began to work in harmony.

There are noble characters today, who will stand up for the right, as Maggie Waite has stood for the right in Chicago. She has vindicated man, and all the mediums vindicate him. There are some on the Spiritual side not honorable, the same as on the Earth Plane. If the Spiritual truth be spread over the universe, oh how much better for all. Andrew Jackson Davis has spread the truth vindicating mankind.

Thomas Payne vindicated man, Robert G. Ingersoll vindicated man; and I, W. T. Stead, from the Spirit side of life do also vindicate man. And I trust that we will all bear witness that these truths have been given to Dr. S. Toman, of Dayton, Ohio, through W. B. Murphy, medium.

Yours truly,

Lecture No. 3

Stages of Development in First Sphere

Dr. S. Toman.
Dear Sir—I, W. T. Stead, do hereby start the third series of the lecture, which will be entitled “The Stages of the First Sphere” of those who have passed from the material side of life to the Spiritual side; as I have said in lecture number one, The Allotment of Man in the Spirit World.
T he Spirit is always welcome to these shores. They are all welcome as can be, they are treated with the utmost kindness and charity, and are examined by experts in wisdom, to see what place is best for their welfare and unfoldment. They enroll each in his or her proper sphere of progression, where one is to a certain extent progressed. He or she is placed in a class suitable to the next line of progression. As there are various classes on the Earth Plane, so it is in the Spiritual Plane. If a Spirit passing from the Earth Plane to the Spiritual Plane has progressed to any extent, he gets along better than one who has been fed upon error.

I will now treat of the First Sphere. There are fourteen different classes or stages in the First Sphere. In as few words as possible, they are all classed according to their Spiritual growth. All eligible candidates are placed in such a class suitable to their further advancement, in love and truth. The criminal class are in certain stages according to their degree of inharmony below the First Stage of the First Sphere and must be instructed and evolved up to First Stage of the First Sphere through the a. b. c. or Kindergarten instruction until they are far enough advanced to occupy a place in the first common stage of the First Sphere, and then and not until then are they able to comprehend what is necessary for them to know, that they are on a level with common people.

The number one class is designated as the class including all races, black, white, yellow and red. They all comprise the number one class. They all will progress from number one to number two, and rejoice in their promotion the same as scholars advancing from one grade to another on the Earth Plane. They are satisfied in their respective stages of promotion, but rejoice when they come up the line to the second landing. Eternal progress is the prize of effort. It is not a lazy life, it is not without effort. Quite a large number seem to wish to remain in their old accustomed channels, but they all will eventually aspire to higher spheres, from sphere to sphere.

So it behooves us all to do the best we can on the Earth Plane. Advanced Spirits are doing all they can to go up higher and higher into more brilliant spheres, and so on. After passing through the First Stage of the First Sphere, we find loved ones in the Second Stage lending a helping hand and cheering us up, telling us to stick to it, and they try to help all aspiring souls up another notch, which gives both parties great joy, just the same as advancement on the Earth Plane causes rejoicing. Yet we have some who for many years do not try to advance. I have been through the Second and Third Stages of the First Sphere. Andrew Jackson Davis met me and showed me the wonderful beauties in the Second and Third Stages. (Dr. Toman, in making out these remarks, you will please rectify mistakes.) Andrew Jackson Davis escorted me in a gentle manner, as he had the permission to lead me up.

The Third starts from the close of the Second, and the Fourth from the close of the Third, and so on. In the Fourth Stage the workers and mediums come together with renewed strength to aid in the work of progression. In the Fifth Stage of the First Sphere, many Spirits linger long, apparently satisfied that that heaven is good enough for them—and many remain here through ages of time. At the close of the Seventh Stage there you will find dear lovely ones to welcome you up to the First Stage of the Second Sphere. They hold out their loving helping hand to all those ready to step upon their lovely shore. This seems a short time to tell it, but cycles of time are passing while one passes through the First to the Second Sphere.

Thomas Payne, Robert G. Ingersoll, and all great Spirits, who have passed on, have joy, contentment, and happiness.
Good night,

Lecture No. 4

Continuity of Man

To Dr. S. Toman, through W. B. Murphy, Medium, 16 Barnet Street, City of Dayton, Ohio, U. S. A.

The fourth series of these lectures treats of the ‘‘Continuity of Man.” After a review of the preceding lecture of the continuity of man, involving the evolution of the most gigantic forces and aspirations brought together and focused in man, and which are destined to live on forever more, the Continuity of life per se is in every form manifested on the material plane. Life is eternal. The manifestations of life will live in the archives of eternal destiny.

There are so-called anthros and semi-anthros, that will reflect like a mirror the unfoldment and aspirations of the future. There was a time on Earth when it was supposed that God made man by his omnipotent power and wisdom, a full-grown anthropomorphic creature, and that He Himself was also an anthropomorphic being. God is the great spiritual power of wisdom and love Who forms all manifestations, the Great Central Sun, the Focus of all Anthropology, and so far as we are concerned, makes a concession of his wisdom to each and every man. (The guide and control do not understand anything about anthropology.)

The various citadels that imprison our social age ere long will all be empty, and new conceptions far above the old will be openly given to man.

The tradition of Moses and the children of Israel crossing the Red Sea and Moses stretching forth his magic wand and destroying the whole army, mirrors forth what we will achieve—a greater victory. What I say of that tradition, we have the gift to know that we will stretch the wand of intuition and intelligence and destroy the whole army of superstition and ignorance. We have the gift of the conception of what is about to unfold to humanity.

We have been taught about the white and black sheep. Peter is supposed to be the white sheep and Judas Iscariot the black one. Now Judas was no worse than Peter who denied Christ. He repented as well as Peter, and the great law of purification operates in one the same as in the other.

Peter is not standing at the gate any more than that God is an anthropomorphic God. You will please bear with me as it may seem a radical departure from what you have been reading and hearing propounded from all the pulpits for these thousands of years.

Andrew Jackson Davis and I travelled together many millions of miles and examined many undeveloped conditions. Hence we can both vouch for the truth of the above assertions. The God you worship is all right, but your say so does not make God. The real God is the divine within you. You live in God and God in you. The child will make up in its imagination what you have taught it. The impression is left stamped upon its plastic brain, whether truth or error. It is simply ludicrous to think such evils still exist in this age of enlightenment. Those old things that were preached thousands of years ago. Man continues to live by virtue of the inherent principles of the divinity— within; it is the grandest blessing we can have. The teachings of Andrew Jackson Davis, Thomas Payne, and Robert G. Ingersoll are true. The continuity of life is what all men are looking out to grasp.
Yours truly,

Lecture No. 5

Science of Psychology

The fifth of the series of lecture will be entitled “The Science of Psychology.”

This is a subject that will not be very easily digested and assimilated into the constitution of those upon the Earth Plane. This is one of the greatest and most difficult to comprehend of any that has ever been given to man. There is no scientist on the Earth Plane that does not receive scientific truths from the Spirit side of life. There are scientific principles on the Spirit side of life. There are scientific principles on the Spirit side of life just the same as are on the Earth Plane. There are also grades of development in knowledge and wisdom the same. There are some who are continually delving into the secrets of the universe, while the many appear to be satisfied to only use the scientific discoveries of others. The scientists on the Spirit side of life must conform to the laws and principles just the same as scientists do on the Earth Plane. We must work to precision or get no results.

Not to preclude any possibility of a doubt, we must strive in a scientific manner to promulgate to Earth’s inhabitants the very same as all on the Earth Plane do. We are put to a more critical test than they are.

The common orthodox world simply accept emotional manifestations and think they have something, but when we examine psychology, we must know the science of the various effects of the fine psychical forces, and when we do that, and call it science, the orthodox world are dumbfounded. The science of psychology simply means Spirit work in its various stages or phases of manifestations. The various manifestations recorded in history are not miraculous but only natural scientific principles are brought into action and Spirits have a perception of these principles. Hence Spirits, that have evolved up the line in wisdom have finally experimented with the various psychical principles, so as to be able to establish communication between the two spheres of existence— oh, what a grand achievement to do. The dead do now return and give messages to Earth’s inhabitants. It is also a psychological fact that Spirits do communicate through different phases of mediumship. They must concentrate the forces to meet the requirements scientifically or they will get no results.

The use of the trumpet requires a great amount of wisdom, so that the various forces may perfect all of the various languages, etc., similar to the telephone or phonograph on the Earth Plane— very simple to use when once arranged. We must also have science on the earth plane to deliver the facts (or in other words various stations of reception. Truths are being grasped from the Spirit side of life daily and hourly, and this inter sphere communication is the greatest of all the scientific discoveries vouchsafed to the Earth’s inhabitants. Of the different phases of mediumship, let me instruct every one, the scientific planes are the same as a collegiate course. To get at truth, we must eradicate all erroneous impressions to prepare a proper soil for truth to grow.

There are primary phases of mediumship and then they gradually unfold in strict law into more complex forms, etc. This is one of the grandest things to give to man each and every phase must be handled scientifically, or we get no result. These are the sciences of psychology which are so very intricate and complex, yet so valuable to man. As man evolves on the Earth Plane so it is with the Spirit Plane. It requires both planes the physical and the Spiritual to get the operation of the principles. There are men now on the Earth Plane tabulating various phenomena endeavoring to reduce the various manifestations to a scientific basis and let me tell you all there will be ere long scientific demonstrations handed to man the grandest ever yet given to him.

Yours truly,

Lecture No. 6

Science of Astrology

Dr. S. Toman through W. B. Murphy, Medium.
The sixth series of the communications will be entitled “The Science of Astrology.”

The science of astrology is also one of the deepest that can be obtained from the Spiritual Sciences. The relationship of the Spiritual astrological science to the scientific researches upon the material plane of life.
The great astrological system is so great that it is very difficult to explain on account of doubt. To give only an ordinary conception it requires so large a scope that very few, even the most intellectual, are able to grasp it—or even at most have only a very small conception of its immensities and glories. Hence you see it is not easily made plain to the inhabitants of the Earth Plane.

In the first place, the cycles and orbs in the ethereal dome of which the sun, moon, and millions upon millions of stars that the telescope reveals to the material eye, is very small compared with the wonderful beauty and magnitude of the orbs that roll in immensity and are viewed by the Spirit eye. It is so grand and sublime that material man in his highest development cannot comprehend it. There are eight different kinds of suns in the astral world, and millions of spheres of great planets—and there are many so beautiful that it simply baffles description the grandeur they display. These planets have interplanetary communication and visit each other.

The focus of astrological science is the place where all spirit forces meet each other. The Spirit of Fact, the Spirit of Perception. Material Fact, Perception of Truth, and Home Fact, of which all partake of to an absolute certainty.

There is a Great Central Sun, of which the great American seer, Andrew Jackson Davis, had a preconception of. This Great Central Sun has fourteen orbs, fourteen suns and fourteen moons and many lesser ones in this great system of grandeur, of which it is utterly impossible to give you but the faintest idea. We have access to this great focus of forces to get our spiritual illumination. We are gradually unfolded in love and wisdom by the Great Central Sun the same as the petals of the flower are unfolded by the genial influence of the material sun. There we gather spiritual forces to send out to the people in general. You, Dr. S. Toman, can see how difficult it is to make these Spiritual truths digestable to man. We want to reciprocally assist those upon the Earth Plane to perceive the grandeur of the Spiritual that they may be able to comprehend that it is necessary for them to send forth good thoughts and be able to overcome all evils by positive illumination and live up to the requirements of Divine Law. Then they will be able to travel from sphere to sphere, and orb to orb, and aid in the advancement of the material. For we must take all along to raise ourselves. We must give good thoughts to others—by so doing all receive impetus. We are all linked together into one solid unit.

Those who have unfolded their inherent principles are able by conforming to the laws of the Spirit to travel al through the astral fields of infinity. I would further remark that Andrew Jackson Davis, Robert G. Ingersoll, and Thomas Payne assist in giving this lecture. The astrological researches on the material plane are very insignificant compared to the science of Spiritual astrology.

The Great Sun from which we receive stimulations in love and wisdom, ever expands and sublimates our Spiritual nature.

The Great Brain and Heart is what religionists call Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Not a literal God—no, no. This grand sign of astrological fire is surrounded by all orbs and planets, and all to the outer-most fields of infinitude receive its wonderful energies. The science of astrology simply shows that all stars and orbs, including the Great Central Sun, are interlaced by magnetic affinities, that they all cooperate and have reciprocal relationships, and each acts in sympathy with all the stars in the fields of immensity. That all error retards progress to a certain extent in the great unit. But that they all also contribute to the elimination of error. Hence we should send forth good thoughts to all parts of the universe. By so doing we will aid in the preservation of the divine harmonies of the Great Whole— the normal physiology of the Universe.

Yours truly,

Lecture No. 7


To Dr. S. Toman, through W. B. Murphy, medium, 16 Barnet Street.
The subject of this lecture will be entitled “Evolution.”

The evolutionary forces start from Spiritual principles evolved from whole solar universes. The principles of evolution also require an enlightened mind to form any conception of their wonders—both in the material and Spiritual workings. Material evolution must come from unit forces infinitesimally small. They have inherent power to gradually attract about them similar forces only a shade higher, thereby increasing their size.

The combination of similar atoms make a whole molecular unit, in mineral and vegetable. These evolve up still finer and finally merge into the animal unit. They in turn, still keep on by the great law of progression evolving higher and higher until they reach a sphere wherein all universal, material and spiritual forces focus in the grand ultimate man by the same progressive principles. He, man, is the highest organization in the universe. And then the time to evolve a perfect harmonial man on the material plane of life will require ages upon ages. Animal matter will continue to progress until the evolution of the material man will be complete. And man on earth will then be a beautiful harmonial character. The brain will develop in symmetry and proportion until he will be an all-around beauty, a god.

The evolution on the Spirit side of life is in strict accord with the evolution on the Earth Plane—all are as one solid unit growing more refined. That is, those in advance keep on getting finer and finer. The top grows as well as the branches. They keep on progressing through higher spheres. It is one of the psychological truths that all Spirits conform to.

There are five different stages of evolution, of which we go higher up from one stage to another. There are four on the material and five on the Spiritual; childhood, youth, manhood, and old age. Then they start on the fifth, which is the first stage on the Spiritual plane. Spirits, who have evolved up into those higher and enlightened spheres with their banners flying, are now sending back peace on earth and good will to man, aiding and assisting him up the steps or stages of evolution. They are handing to man principles that otherwise he could not have enjoyed for ages of time yet to come. The whole astral world contributes to the evolution of man.

The stellar world and all men grow and unfold together, making one grand whole. So evolution is continually going on both in the natural and Spiritual — due to the influx of the principles of wisdom and love, reason and liberty.

Primary from the Great Central Sun, which is both material and Spiritual, and secondly from the evolved Spiritual intelligences, all men and even Deity mutually reciprocate with each other.

My ideas as given above are the absolute truth.

Yours truly,

Lecture No. 8

Psycholization of Man

The eighth of the series of lecture will treat of the “Psycholization of Man.”

The psycholization of man indicates a higher force than has ever been written of before. The forces of these psychological principles tend to fit man for a higher allotment than was ever given to him, I mean the Spirit sense of the force. Men are, to a certain extent, hypnotized by Spiritual forces in general more so than they are aware. Nature hypnotizes us all and evolved intelligences aid in the work of unfolding him through the action of these Spiritual forces. These Spiritual forces may be taught to others. They are great factors in his development and give him force and knowledge. Many men are so psychologized by this force being operated upon them that they do not realize what power does these things—for the force is so sublimated that it is imperceptible. The whole world psychologizes man to a certain extent—and Spirits who know how to handle this subtle principle also can psychologize his brother man. And this truth extends to the Spirit side of life the same as on the Earth Plane. It is in other words the power of enchantment that one has over another. Hence you witness great results so and so. We wonder why we cannot do so and so. We wonder what is the matter. A great amount is due to the manipulation of this psychical force from the Spirit side of life—unequal densities of the psychical etherium in which Spirits reside may warp their judgment.

These are principles that may be learned by the aid of teachers of truth. There may also be several reflections that may sway the perception and many feel the enchantment as literal truth, but inner and upward judgment will clear away the appearance of truth—or psychological mists— and we perceive from another viewpoint more clearly. The truths of phenomena are taught in various classes according to their degree of unfoldment. Man and all nature reciprocally psychologize each other. Nature acts upon man, and man in return acts upon nature physiologically, psychologically, and spiritually. These are great truths. The Spirits focalize inherent forces, thereby energizing by will upon the forces to such an extent that they are able to control persons on the Earth Plane or on the Spirit side the same as a leader may influence the so-called forces as they have intrinsic power to handle the currents by will and hold negatives at will. The grand focalization of the vital electrical forces can be so liquidated and so used to centralize the forces so that manifestations may be given to man on the ma- material side of life.

Yours truly,

Lecture No. 9

Spirit Molecular Magnetism

To Dr. S. Toman, through W. B. Murphy, medium.
Lecture number nine will be entitled “Spirit Molecular Magnetism.”

Spirit electro molecular magnetism is composed of the centrifugal force atom from the units of Spirit force. The material atom is a force whereby the Spirit atoms are manifested to make the Spirit. The molecules of the electric forces are so construed to make the electric force. The same in stone or mineral, even in a grain of sand, thousands upon thousands of atoms unite to make a molecule; and millions upon millions of grains are united to make the stone or mineral block. Millions upon millions of Spirit atoms molecules unite to make the soul, and ages upon ages and cycles of time are required to form it with its infinite possibilities.

It requires ages of time for the atoms to form a molecule of Spirit. What a grand thing it is the centrifugal force. It requires of the little atoms to form a Spirit-molecule. It takes you to the end of time. And to you there is no end of time, but one continual ever present.

The electrical and magnetic forces have been called Spiritual—as they have been in action for ages of time. The electric forces have electrified the atom in one place by focusing the energies on a point there by forming the atom, and the molecule is formed by the magnetic attraction of other atoms causing them to cling together. By this same magnetic force that causes atoms to cling together causes, upon a more advanced stage, brother to cling to brother to form society, or association of human molecules, and the grand centrifugal force concentrates to form the Spirit body.

I want to transfer your imagination to a Spirit group of which the electric forces have been completed, and see how they stand together as one solid social molecule. They stand solidly as one man and view the panorama of the heavens, all similarly evolved by the great electrical force. They see many wonders displayed by this wonderful force simply amazing. Thus you see that from the tiny atom to the molecule and continually advancing on and on until you see the fully developed human form, and finally the most beautiful angel face. This great force forms the face and body of the Spirit. It gives us power to use a trumpet and communicate to Earth’s inhabitants. It is the vehicle of clairvoyance. It conducts vibrations to your hearing organ. It is the same whether to your natural hearing of clairaudience. It has everything to do with seeing either in Spirit or in the material.

This magnetic force is the all in all of the Spirits’ agency to produce manifestations on both sides of life. It is so attenuated that Spirits cooperate with it by will power. It is the most refined and most powerful force in the Universe. It forms a molecule associated with all atoms of oxygen, and the various gases.

Spirits can centrifugate this force by induction and impress a sensitive in the material. That is why we can perform this mode of communication.

Yours truly,

Lecture No. 10

Spirit Levitation

To Dr. S. Toman, through W. B. Murphy, medium.

The subject of this lecture will be entitled “Spirit Levitation” to which so much research has been given to find the cause of ponderous articles resisting the law of gravitation and rising up without any perceptible or known power operating upon them. It is amazing to scientists to see ponderous articles obeying to them, an unknown law. I will say that it is a very fine form of magnetism, that is used by Spirit intelligences. This fine force is generated and centrifuged upon an object and it permeates the article, and by magnetic attraction by the will power of the Spirit, levitation of the article takes place.

The article is charged with a sufficient amount of this magnetism in proportion to its weight. To the Spirit sense it is seen to be electro magnetism—the same as that generated by the animal kingdom, including the human. It is done then by molecular induction by an act of the will of the Spirit. Sometimes this power is naturally collected and certain phenomena may occur without the aid of Spirit intelligences and ponderous bodies may be moved without any visible power. The action then is due to two different electrified forces. A Spirit also may then operate with these forces. It is often asked “How a trumpet can be raised.” Yes or any other thing. In the first place, we have a sense of power to raise an article by molecular law.

Psychical Research has pointed to the yet unknown law which is as yet beyond the reach of the material scientist whereby the levitating manifestations occur. The electric power by the Spirit, through the medium, is that great power of magnetic force. The levitation of a piano, table, or even a feather is all the same, only it requires more voltage in one than the other. The same as a man lifting a heavy article, it is necessary to apply more molecules of this force than in lifting something lighter. Even a house might be moved from one place to another by the united force of a large number of Spirits centrifugating their powers upon it and then using their combined power of levitation. It is a force millions of times more sublimated than our ordinary terrestrial electricity and much more powerful, and you can see how much power a small spark of earthly electricity has. Even a mountain may be moved. It is stated that the Central Pyramid of Egypt was moved a considerable distance by a sufficient number of combined molecules of this great force.

One little molecule, like a grain of powder, does not amount to much, but when millions upon millions are combined to act as one—then the power is proportional to the number of molecules. That is, the law is the same.
It was Julius Page, long before the Caesars placed a record in one of the Pyramids stating of the moving of the Central Pyramid quite a distance by the electric power. This levitating force is called the magnetic or lifting force.

This great levitating force is beautifully displayed in all the astrological realms, whereby all planets and orbs are held in lovely association. This same force lifts the trees and grass toward the sky, and everything turns to the Great Central Sun, wherein light and force are supreme. And yet many will wonder that a little tin trumpet can be lifted. The action of the Spirits operating upon this force is called modern Spiritualism. It always has been modern, only we did not know it.

Yours truly,

Lecture No. 11

Central Sun of All Sun’s Spiritual Levitation

The last lecture was levitation of the material by Spirit intelligences.
This lecture will be known as “Spiritual Levitation of the Great Central Sun.”

It pertains to the inmost portals. It centrifugates its forces through all bodies in space propelling them forth into the great open fields of space. It also attracts magnetically all orbs in space with what we might term levitating power. These powers, centrifugal and centripetal, act and counteract upon every orb in the Universe—holding all planets and all atoms of the whole astrological world in harmonial union, each acting in concert with the whole universe, continual action and reaction similar to a number of balls attached to a number of rubber strings and whirled around, being held in the center. They would all curve around the center as they could not get away from the central point of attraction. So it is with all worlds that must revolve around the Great Central Sun, and all men should conceive the same fact to control themselves— that all of the souls desires may have their centrifugating tendencies held at bay or from running wild by the Central Sun within. Action and reaction are the same in man as in all nature.

In the first place we gave levitation on the material plane, but this is Spiritual and takes you onward and upward. You often wonder what keeps the Sun, Moon, and all planets from falling, but they are held by this great levitating power derived from the Great Central Sun, of all suns which keeps everything in its relative position to forever remain so. You are living in one constellation. There are many constellations rolling in space, all being protected from plunging into the depths of infinitude never to return were it not for this great levitating force of the Central Sun. Hence the Great Central Sun has the most distant sun or constellation of suns held in its lovely embrace by this great principle of levitation. Hence it follows that no Spirit can go out of the bounds of this affectionate force—which will ever protect it like the planets from being lost. Hence no soul can ever be lost in all the wide fields of immensity.

Huge spheres revolve around certain centers, which result in the changes of the season. But the whole coterie of world systems revolve around the Great Central Sun. And all receive light and heat from it. This principle of levitation is found in all systems of worlds.

So action and reaction is in all nature to the remotest orbs in the fields of infinitude. With each and every molecule in the Universe, what is apparently lost in one molecule is restored by reaction in another.
Planets are repelled by the centrifugal force and then magnetically drawn by the centripetal, or what we call levitating, force.

The Central Sun is the greatest of all powers combined. “Up” and “down” are only terms to express the action of these forces. There is no “down” (as we look at it), to the Great Central Sun. Hence it cannot fall, but must forever remain the positive, the center of all powers of both the centrifugal and centripetal forces. All forces, both Spiritual and material, are derived from this Great Central Sun.

After a Spirit evolves up to the Seventh Sphere he does not stop, but goes on higher and higher, and finally acts as one of the additional forces of power. A Spirit never ceases to progress, for the Spiritual centrifugal force is rebalanced by the Spiritual levitating force. Here action and reaction on the Spirit side are again equaled. These evolved Spirits return to the Central Sun and bring with them their own inherent force and to a certain extent enhance the power of the fountain source and contribute to the twirling of worlds through space.

The levitating force is an endless chain that binds and holds all worlds and all people together. It is the universal tie that binds world-to-world and soul-to-soul. Science used to follow the Bible, but now the Bible must follow science. Hence, scientifically speaking, no soul can ever be lost, for this great Spiritual levitating force holds each and every atom in its lovely embrace.

Yours truly,

Lecture No. 12

Conclusion and Review

Dr. S. Toman, through W. B. Murphy, medium, 16 Barnet Street, Dayton, 0hio, U.S.A.

In concluding this series of lectures, I wish to state in a very brief manner a few things relative to the previous lectures. From the first lecture to the last, I have endeavored to bring out the various conditions relating to man, the grand ultimate on the material plane and on to higher spheres, from the Allotment of Man to his astrological relationships, in as concise manner as possible. It is useless to enter into minute details of the lectures as they are complete in themselves. Everything is true therein, as I have examined all of them. The conditions were favorable on the Spirit side of life as well as on the material side. And I was able to keep myself positive to the forces of the medium and the circle of witnesses. Hence I could give the truth as I wanted. These messages were all given in the light in the presence of not less than six creditable witnesses.

All of these lectures were given by W. T. Stead through W. B. Murphy, the medium, by wireless mental induction. They were flashed upon the slate plain enough for the medium to read them. And Dr. Toman acted as a faithful recorder of the messages, which were proof read in the séance rooms with the trumpet. These messages were given to the people of the Earth Plane for the enlightenment of the whole world. The hell fire and damnation theory has been exploded long ago by science, nature, and all enlightened souls. The old creedal doctrines are fast decaying and man is coming into the Spiritual light. The Spirit side of life rejoices to see the light shining into the dark caverns of superstition and ignorance. We have taught in all these lectures what glories to expect when the mortal puts on the immortal. These truths, coming from the Spirit side of life, are certainly the grandest of all truth. I have given the various stages of progress from the time a soul enters Sprit life on into the advanced spheres of love and wisdom.

Read the lectures often and carefully and you will find a balm for your soul. For we come back from the shores of the so-called dead and tell you of the discovered land after death. “From whose bourne no traveler returns” we now can say is not true, although it was said by the immortal great poet. For we do return from that shore.

The following are the witnesses that bear testimony that these lectures were gives in the light and proof read in the séance rooms:

Miss Jennie Boyer, Troy, Ohio.
William B. Murphy, 16 Barnet Street, Dayton, Ohio.
Mrs. Elizabeth Murphy, 16 Barnet St., Dayton, Ohio.
Robert A. Boner, 556 West Fifth St., Dayton, Ohio.
Samuel Toman, 1839 West Third St., Dayton, Ohio.
Fred Grundish, 233 N. Williams St., Dayton, Ohio.
Mary Manning, 233 N. Williams St., Dayton, Ohio.
Frank Dietrick, 528 East Second St., Dayton, Ohio.
Frank Flinn, Troy, Ohio.
Mrs. John Shafer, South Broadway, Dayton, Ohio.

I will also give a number of intelligences on the Spirit side of life to also verify from their individual consciousness that the foregoing lectures are absolutely true in every detail:

Andrew Jackson Davis.
Thomas Jefferson.
Abraham Lincoln.
Thomas Payne.
William Denton.
Robert Ingersoll.
Elizabeth Ross.
Henry Carter.
Henry Ward Beecher.
Moses Hull.
Horace Greely.
Henry Webbert.
Robert E. Lee.
La Fayette.
Robert Burns.
George Washington.
Napoleon Bonaparte.
J. R. Francis.
Queen Victoria.
Samuel I. Tilden.
Count Tolstoy.
Johnathon Barnes.
Henry Clay.
Christopher Columbus.
John Q. Adams.

And now I wish to thank you all for the interest each and all of you have taken in securing these lectures.
Yours for the cause of truth,

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