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How They Dress in the Afterlife

Posted on 02 March 2020, 9:55

The idea of spirits wearing clothes provokes humor among the skeptics and doubts among the believers. However, if those same spirits were to appear naked, it would likely result in more humor and more doubt. Would it be more believable if they appeared as blue flames or white orbs? 

“Can you fancy seeing me in white robes?” Raymond Lodge, a battlefield victim of World War I, asked his mother through British trance medium Gladys Osborne Leonard on November 26, 1915. “Mind, I didn’t care for them at first, and I wouldn’t wear them. Just like a fellow gone to a country where there is a hot climate – an ignorant fellow, not knowing what he is going to; it’s just like that.  He may make up his mind to wear his own clothes a little while, but he will soon be dressing like the natives.”

Raymond, (below) a second-lieutenant in the British army, had been killed in action in Flanders on September 14, a little more than two months before he communicated with his mother.  He went on to tell his mother that he was allowed to have earth clothes until he got acclimated.  “I don’t think I will ever be able to make the boys see me in white robes,” Raymond added, apparently jesting.


Raymond’s father, Sir Oliver Lodge, a distinguished British physicist and pioneer in electricity, radio and spark plug ignition, recorded the communication in his popular but controversial 1916 book, Raymond or Life and Death.  Sir Oliver and Lady Lodge began receiving messages from Raymond on September 25, 1915, 11 days after his death.  A number of them were very evidential, offering facts which Mrs. Leonard could not possibly have known, thereby convincing the Lodges that they were in fact in touch with their youngest son.

As a world-renowned scientist, Lodge took much flak from his fellow scientists for his interest in such “occult” matters.  One current reference suggests that Lodge had no interest in the subject of life after death until Raymond’s death, but the fact is that he had joined the Society for Psychical Research a year after its formation in 1882 and had 23 sittings with Leonora Piper, the famous American trance medium, in 1889.  His book, The Survival of Man, dealing with life after death, was published in 1909, six years before Raymond’s death and before he met Mrs. Leonard, and makes it clear that he accepted survival well before Raymond’s death. 

Sir Oliver continued his interest in psychical research until his death in 1940 and often heard from Raymond.  On March 11, 1932, Raymond attempted to further explain conditions on his side of the veil.  “Father, we are obliged to create conditions, and what you might call things, on our plane,” Raymond stated through Mrs. Leonard’s vocal cords. “They’ve only got a temporary life.  They are illusions, something to the same extent as a materialization is an illusion.  On your side, you have something material for the time being.  It’s something natural in appearance, in feel, apparently in every way it appeals to the senses of this body (the entranced medium touching Sir Oliver).  On our side we are bound to create certain things, houses, clothes, partially for the time being, in order to make a satisfactory harmonious and suitable setting for the soul to live in and work in.  And they become a medium of expression…It’s one of the necessary illusions of our life.”

When Sir Oliver (below) asked Raymond if he was saying that he lived in a world of illusion, Raymond said that he was in an extension of the illusory world in which his father was living.  “We are in touch with a world of reality because we are in the outer rim of the world of illusion,” he explained to his father.  “We’re more sure of the world of reality than you are.  Father, the spirit universe is the world of reality.  Spirit and mind both belong to the world of reality.”

Mr and Mrs Lodge

Sir Oliver pondered the situation in writing:  “I know that its inhabitants say it is extraordinarily like the earth, that they have flowers, and trees and houses, and can get anything they want by merely wishing for it, which seems rather strange, “but I was not prepared to think of it as a world of illusion wherein all such objects of sense were illusory.” 

In further discussing the matter with Raymond and Frederic W. H. Myers, his old friend and fellow psychical researcher who had died in 1901 and who also communicated through Mrs. Leonard, Lodge concluded that it was a temporary environment for spirits who had recently crossed over and were still making adjustments before going on to realms of higher vibration, which become less and less illusory and more and more real as a soul advances in the spirit world. “We are not transported to the full blaze of reality all at once,” Lodge surmised, pointing out that a table that feels solid and substantial is really a multitude of whirling electrons with great spaces between them and that when we stand on the floor we are bombarded upwards and supported by a great multitude of little blows delivered by the atoms beneath our feet.  “As none of this is apparent to the ordinary senses, it can be considered illusory even though we choose to interpret it in a way that appeals to our coarse-grained sense organs.”

Through another medium and to another person, Myers communicated: “We were accustomed to wear clothes that belonged to our particular period. The images of these are deeply marked in our subconscious memory. So our first instinct is to appear to those we love as we were on earth. Our minds, though unconscious of the imaginative act, fashion out of this amazingly plastic ether every thread, every inch of the garments which we habitually wore during our earth life. Naturally, after a while, we come to realize the change in ourselves and, aware at last of the creative powers of imagination, devise strange and lovely coverings for our etheric bodies. But as these fancies are largely drawn from it they are limited by the subconscious memory in character and kind. …”  Myers added that this applied primarily to souls who had just passed through the gates of death and were still in the lower realms or spheres.

The Rev. Charles Drayton Thomas, a Wesleyan minister and psychical researcher, carried on detailed conversations with his deceased father and sister through Mrs. Leonard.  He wrote that his father wanted him to understand that he now lived in a body which, to him, was as real and substantial as the body he had inhabited on earth. “Instead of the vapourish form which I had imagined to be the dwelling place of the departed soul, he described a replica of his former body, but one which possessed powers of movement, and an extension of the senses, far surpassing anything familiar to earth,” Thomas wrote. “He spoke of being suitably clad in garments, and not, as I had supposed, draped only in a cloud of light.”  His father further explained that his spirit body was built up by the character formed while in the flesh.

At a different sitting, Thomas was told that he often visits with deceased relatives when he is sleeping.  His deceased father told him that he could see Drayton’s soul leaving the body from his solar plexus during sleep, although at death it would leave from the head. He would watch the soul come out and form a sort of clothing for itself.  “That is because of one’s intuitive sense of the need of clothing, the soul naturally seeks to clothe its body (i.e., the spiritual or psychic body),” it was explained.

Many spirit communicators have stated that spirits tend to move from traditional clothing in the lower realms to robes and gown in the higher realms. After transitioning to the spirit world, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson began communicating through the hand of Anthony Borgia.  He told of being able to visit one of the higher realms. “I observed that most of the people waiting in the gardens were not habited in their earth clothes,” he communicated, “and I assumed that most of them had been in spirit for some considerable time.  Such was not necessarily the case, Edwin (their guide) told us. They had the right to wear their spirit robes by virtue of the fact that they were inhabitants of this realm we were now in.  And the robes they wore were eminently suited to both the place and the situation.  It is difficult to describe this costume because so much rests in being able to give some comparison with a particular earthly fabric.  Here we have no such materials, but by the kind and degree of light that is the essence of the spirit robe. Those that we now saw were in ‘flowing’ form and of full length, and the colours – blue and pink in varying degrees of intensity – seemed to interweave themselves throughout the whole substance of the robes.”

Emanuel Swedenborg, an esteemed 18th Century scientist and inventor turned mystic, reported on his clairvoyant visions of the afterlife in his 1758 book, Heaven & Hell.  Referring to spirits as angels, Swedenborg said that angels live together as people on earth do and “they have clothes, houses, and many similar things.”  He explained that clothes correspond to their advancement in the spirit world.  The more advanced have clothes that gleam as if aflame, some radiant as if alight.  The less advanced have shining white clothes without radiance, while those even lower in advancement have clothes of various colors. 

A spirit calling himself Johannes communicated through medium Hester Travers-Smith to H. Dennis Bradley, a British playwright. “Now you ask me about clothes and appearance…Every soul has its own form.  It has formed itself during the earth life, and it comes to us as it makes itself.  We seem to each other to be men and women as you are; and as to our garments, we do wear garments which convey the same impression as yours.  There are merely veils for the mental part, something that gives clothing and appearance to the mental form; but you need not believe that when you pass on you live so differently as you expect.  These garments are not made in the market as yours are; they really proceed largely from the idea of the individual.  They help to demonstrate the mind as yours do.”

On September 12, 1945, Phillip Gilbert, a sailor in the British navy killed in WWII, communicated with his mother, Alice Gilbert. “You want me to tell you more of conditions here,” he communicated by means of automatic writing.  “It’s not easy to explain how one can be solid and yet not solid.  Still, anyone who knows anything about physics and electrons knows that all earthly matter is just that – seeming solid and yet really a mass of vibrating particles.  We are the same, I think, the body I use now looks to me very like my old one, but there are no organs, as you know.  I think I function through my thought, somehow. I can will myself into any clothes I want. I usually get myself into my tweed coat and flannels…Some people go about seeing themselves in the most fantastic outfits.  They are dressed as their inner nature builds them up. That is why, at first, Grandpa so often showed to mediums in a sort of black cassock, like a clergyman.”  Phillip went on to say that people in higher planes become more and more luminous and that Christ is seen as a mass of violet golden light.

The bottom line seems to be that we are our own tailors and are weaving our afterlife garments now whether we know it or not. 

Michael Tymn is the author of The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die, Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife, and Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I.

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Good evening from New Delhi.  I completely agree with this view of afterlife. I continue to practice after life communication with my husband , Prof.Vijay Kapur who suddenly passed away in sudden cardiac arrest on 31st May 2013 in his office. I connect to him through EVP and automatic writing sessions.  We have heard heard his voice so many times on digital voice recorder and shot an amazing photo of his through water ITC in July 2015. Please continue with afterlife and after life communication findings and publications. Thanks. Regards ,

prof.Nandini Sinha Kapur, Sun 19 Apr, 17:55

Thanks to all for the additional comments and the links.  Very interesting.  Let me add something from Chapter 7 of my book, “The Afterlife Revealed”:

“After Mike Swain died in a head-on collision, he informed his father that when he first arrived in his new environment the routines of eating, drinking, and sleeping were too firmly established to be eliminated all at once.  ‘So if you think you need to sleep, well you lay down on a couch in one of the houses, and you sleep for as long as you want. If you think you need to eat, then you eat your fill. There are no excretory organs in our bodies. For example, when I drink a glass of water, it just diffuses itself throughout my system, and that’s that! In other words, it’s converted into energy.  If I see a beautiful apple tree with bright red apples on it, I can reach up and pick one off and swallow it – all it does is to give me a tingling sense of satisfaction.’”

“When Mike’s father asked him about clothing, Mike replied that it was just a matter of concentrating on a particular cut of clothes and he would be wearing it.  When they have public gatherings or when a teacher from higher spheres came down to lecture in the halls of wisdom, he would discard his personal preference and wear his spirit robe.  These robes come in a spectrum of glowing colors, which reflect the true condition of the individual spirit.  ‘Most of us here wear our spirit clothing most of the time,’ he said.  ‘When we combine this with our gift of telepathy, it’s well nigh impossible for anyone to maintain a phony front and hope to get away with it.  No sooner have I thought a think, than the person I’m talking to hears it.  He knows exactly what’s making me tick.’”

Michael Tymn, Mon 9 Mar, 07:57


I like this from your comment:

“I preface my account by saying I do not call myself a Christian though I did for many years. I would rather be accidentally identified as one by God than to declare myself one and be corrected later.”

But ...

“We are energy fields. We are not naked. We don’t lack anything and we don’t have anything extra. Dragonflies are energy fields and they don’t drape themselves nor would they even consider the need to. It would only drag them down.”

This is a logical fallacy (I forget what it’s called—the undistributed middle?). A dog has four legs and so does a horse; are you going to saddle up your dog then?

You and a dragonfly are both energy fields, but that does not make you a dragonfly and does not mean anything that applies to dragonflies applies to you. You wear shoes (sometimes, I guess) so should a snake wear shoes?

You are welcome to undress for success in the afterlife and in some environments on earth, but that doesn’t prove it is acceptable any time, anywhere.

When my turn to cross over arrives, I want to use my mental creative powers to try different “clothes.” One astral “day” I will appear to other spirits and possibly to physical plane inhabitants as a Texas cowboy in jeans and Western boots; another, as a suave gentlemen dressed for a soiree at Somerset Maugham’s house in St. Jean-Cap-Ferrat; another, in a gorgeous colored robe; as Thomas Jefferson; as an officer in Wellington’s army (although he said, when asked if his troops would frighten the French, “I don’t know what effect these men will have upon the enemy, but by God, they frighten me”) ...

Rick Darby, Sat 7 Mar, 00:46

I know I already had my chance to say what I wanted to say, but after reading these other comments, I hope I will be allowed to make further comment. I mentioned earlier I had two dreams of seeing who I believe to be Jesus. I only believe it to be Jesus, not because he told me so or because he had wounds in his body, but because I was raised Catholic and the notion of a perfect man only brings up the idea of seeing Jesus for me.

I preface my account by saying I do not call myself a Christian though I did for many years. I would rather be accidentally identified as one by God than to declare myself one and be corrected later. What I call myself is meaningless and I find too much pressure put upon me by well-meaning Christians who seem content to leave me alone as long as I don’t wear the title. The first dream is the one I shall share now. It stands alone and deserves its own consideration.

I was in a room and I knew Jesus was in the next room. I do not know how I knew he was there, but I did. The door separating us was slightly ajar, but I couldn’t see him because the door was in the way. At the edge of the door, a single strand of his hair came within view. I saw it as if it was huge and I was looking into it on a subatomic level. It was some sort of quartz, crystalline, whizzing energy field following precise mathematical formulas. Words cannot describe the beauty of this single strand of Jesus’ hair. I could not breath for the beauty of it, yet I was not uncomfortable being unable to breathe.

When I awoke, I was gasping for breath. I am confident I heard God say to me, “Yes, you have seen a single strand of Jesus’ hair, but you have also seen a single strand of your own and all the universe is this beautifully complex but you (speaking of humanity) limit yourselves to what you can see because it would be overwhelming. To the degree that you open yourself up to me and to truth, life will become a constant unfolding of beauty unto beauty unto beauty.” We gain an ever deepening experience and understanding of life as we are able to handle it.

I share this dream because the notion of wearing clothes still seems quite silly to me. We are energy fields. We are not naked. We don’t lack anything and we don’t have anything extra. Dragonflies are energy fields and they don’t drape themselves nor would they even consider the need to. It would only drag them down. Planets are energy fields. They don’t hide behind anything because they are too arousing or too anything. In fact, I can’t think of anything in the known universe that hides itself behind what we call “clothes” than humans. Even the author of Genesis thought clothes rather silly and wrote a suitable myth to explain the odd behavior as a result of disobeying God and feeling the need to hide.

I’ve taken this much time to share my thoughts because honestly it angers me that human beings are so frightened and ignorant and the thought that this kind of behavior continues on into further realms is disturbing. I, again, do not intend on hiding behind anything. An energy field should not be a shame to anyone or anything.

Brian Anthony Kraemer, Fri 6 Mar, 22:20

Dear Mike Tymn, Have a look at this letter from Professor Archie Roy when he was head of astronomy at Glasgow University in 1983:

He now has the infra-red camera and is now ready to film Raymond Lodge wearing his army uniform as shown above. He will also capture on film six recently deceased people being physically reunited with their loved ones who are still on Earth. At this moment a psychologist on his team decided to sabotage this most important experiment. This psychologist had just published a book saying that all materialisation mediums are frauds. I would not care to be in the shoes of this professional wrecker for all the tea in China. This psychologist so upset the medium, who was giving her services free of charge, that she withdrew from the vital experiments of Archie Roy. I hasten to add that the medium, Rita Goold, was very fond of Professor Roy. She was very sorry to let us all down but she could no longer put up with treatment that she was receiving from other members of the scientific team.

Michael Roll, Fri 6 Mar, 11:38

I was born and raised in southern Florida, USA. At 21, I became a social nudist.  To me, it is insane that we must wear clothes here.  Only people who have warped, prurient minds choose to hide behind clothes when the temperature and other conditions do not require protection. We all know what is right and do not need rules to tell us what is kind and good from what is harmful and imposing.  I lost my beloved husband 12/31/2007; I have had dreams where we were flying together over Europe? when it was one entire forest. Of course, we were nude.  I have also seen my mother, two weeks after her death 12/18/1969, and she was dressed in a white gown (not a robe) with a design on it which looked like flowers and a sash of “old rose” color up under the bust; that rose color and coral were her favorite colors. Beams of golden light came from her “face”, which I could not look into; I could see between the huge beams, which made it possible where they penetrated the walls, for me to see the outside yard. I am 74 now (2020) and intend to be nude as much as I like on the “other side”; I have no control over what others see, but I know that there is nothing lewd about our bodies.  If it were not for fear of arrest here, I would have freedom here.  Maybe, just maybe, after death these people can learn something without my being jailed to teach it.  Especially when I just want to exercise my rights and they can turn their heads if they don’t like what they see.  record15

Gina Mariposa, Fri 6 Mar, 08:32

Thank you for another interesting blog posting!I believe you would be interested in Joy of Healing founders, Andrew and Tamara Overlee. Andrew is a full trance medium who was introduced to his spirit family as a youngster, experiencing his first semi trance healing at 7 years of age. His father, Vernon, communicated with spirit for most of his life, and helped Andrew to work as an instrument for healing energy. Tamara, Andrew’s wife, is a spiritual counselor who authored The Truth of Life From the World of Love and Spirit written through true automatic writing, not inspirational writing. My uncle, a free thinker who was forever giving me the latest metaphysical books he was reading, introduced me to this gifted couple and their beautiful healing work as I was suffering with painful, chronic, debilitating fibromyalgia.       
Desperate, barely able to move, I was considering going to a nursing home to spend what I was certain would be my final days on this plane in misery. I prayed for a miracle. I even prayed for my own death, anything to stop the pain.
Then Uncle Bill phoned and told me about the Overlees. He told me how they had helped the members of his Edgar Cayce group who had introduced him to them, my Aunt Phyllis, a cousin, and him with all manner of issues. Uncle Bill assured me if anyone could help me it was Tamara and Andrew and their spirit family who work through them. Eager to learn more about this work my uncle had such faith in I researched their site then phoned Tamara to learn more.                        It has been 20 years since I first met with Andrew and Tamara and experienced their life altering work. Because of them and my own efforts, which at last had direction and focus, I am still in remission, pain and prescription free. I have my life back, renewed and full; and I am forever grateful. During our sessions Spirit taught me so very much. I had the opportunity to see the beautiful drawings of some of the spirit family who worked with me and to learn about how the pictures came to be. Please look at the website and see some of the spirit family of authors, teachers, philosophers and healers who work through my dear friends, Andrew and Tamara. Notice their attire, and read the story about the origin of the drawings.            In our sessions, Spirit, speaking through Andrew, told me that spirit often appear as they appeared in life at a time when they were their happiest. I understood that to mean at that age and possible wearing what they wore then.

Janet Komanchuk, Thu 5 Mar, 20:53

About six months after Tom’s passing, in conversation with Anabela Cardoso she mentioned that David Fontana had said he was amazed how warm it was in the spirit world. I later sent out a thought to Tom as to what he thought of it. As was his usual practice the answer came back a week later during the Home Circle we sat in (in Spain). One sitter (B.) said she could see him in his shorts. He loved wearing shorts – ( in fact I had difficulty getting him into long trousers for our visits to UK). Later in the séance he spoke through the entranced medium.  We joked with him about the shorts and B. said “No more long trousers, eh Tom?” To which he replied, “Never again.”
He has also shown himself in his blazer and flannels which he always wore for his talks about his mother’s mediumship. Then very recently a medium described him wearing a creamy coloured monk’s habit, as it seems he is now studying with The Third Order. At Christmas, one of the Spirit teachers confirmed that Tom’s robe was fastened with a golden cord, a sign of his progression, and later Tom did, with difficulty, manage to tell me he was still wearing his sandals!

Ann Harrison, Thu 5 Mar, 16:03

Reading this makes me wonder how many individuals are walking around in the spirit world wearing Darth Vader’s outfit, or Sauron’s armor from the Lord of the Rings, or Indiana Jones’ adventure gear. There HAS to be at least one spirit who has done so. If not, I’ll be proud to be the first.

Still, I have my doubts about how clothing would be a reflection of one’s ‘rank’, so to speak, in the spiritual world. One’s character is more important than the threads you wear, and I’m pretty sure we all know people who wear the fanciest, most expensive suits of the finest silk, but are selfish and cruel to the core, while others wear camo pants, torn shirts, and the like, but are the most generous, kind, and compassionate people you’ll ever meet. If an angel, long-time resident, or even Jesus wants to dress like a clown, a SCUBA diver, or a Spongebob Squarepants costume, I doubt others would mind.

Ian, Thu 5 Mar, 09:11

Thanks again Mike for a wonderful article.  I enjoyed reading that the etheric body is built up by the character formed while in flesh.  Also very interesting was that the etheric body leaves from the solar plexus during sleep but at death (and I would assume in a NDE or OOB) from the head.

Very good “stuff”.  Blessings Karen

Karen Herrick, Thu 5 Mar, 03:05

Richard, like you, I have a difficult time picturing spirits wearing robes, but I have an even more difficult time picturing them wearing ripped jeans with holes in the knees or even in coat and tie.

Michael, thanks for summarizing your Raymond experience. Very interesting. It left me wondering what boots or shoes he materialized with in the first place. 

James, you might find my “interview” with Sir Oliver Lodge of interest.  It can be found in the archives at left for 12 June 2010.

Thanks to all others for the comments to date.

Michael Tymn, Thu 5 Mar, 00:40

Sitting around wearing robes does NOT ring right to me. Checking with MY Psychic Channel, they say NOT. I will get a “better” description from my source in Spirit later. Minor issue anyway. I expect to get back to my Work soon after I get back Home. Clothes being a VERY minor issue. Richard

Richard VanDerVoort, Wed 4 Mar, 11:31

Michael Tymn, I first made contact with the materialisation medium Rita Goold following a front page report in the Psychic News by Alan Crossley. Raymond Lodge appeared to Alan in his full army dress uniform. It was only his physical body that was damaged in the war. Sitting next to me he was in perfect health. He put on the wellington boots that we had brought in. Raymond then said, watch this. He then walked the physical boots straight through the physical table. I am now coming towards the end of my stay on Earth and getting very excited about meeting up with my mother and father again.

Michael Roll, Wed 4 Mar, 11:26

It is easy to understand why Raymond’s description of the afterlife—which, as you note, he was smart enough to recognize as “illusions”—was thought by many to be a hoot. A spirit smoking cheroots and sinking glasses of scotch? You’re kidding, right, Sir Oliver?

If you take Raymond’s account as a literal, materialistic statement it sounds like moonbat stuff. So there are tailors and clothing designers in the afterlife? “Moss Bros, purveyors of stylish haberdashery for the incorporeal, est. early Cro-Magnon era.” “The Yvette Chanel Salon: Drape your spirit in the latest Paris fashions. We copy them from earthly minds before they can be produced on the physical plane!”

There would have to be clothing makers who specialize in all the historic styles that a spirit might have worn when on earth, like costume designers in the movie industry.

The early readers of Lodge’s books about Raymond (even scientists) had been raised on stories about a heaven of angels and pearly gates. No wonder they couldn’t take on board what Raymond said. But now, when most of our “intelligentsia” profess agnosticism or atheism, they are no more open to it.

Clothing, etc. in the afterlife seems like a fable only when you ignore the mind’s role in perception. Even in our world, where the data from our senses is downloaded into consciousness and dominates it—the inner life can play us false. Think of mirages. Dreams, which are intensely real while you’re in them.

This blog entry is an excellent summary of why spirits, appearing through mediumship whether mentally “seen” or physically manifesting, can have normal-seeming attributes like clothing.

Rick Darby, Tue 3 Mar, 06:46


Thanks for sharing your views and very interesting dreams. They are much appreciated.

I might want to do some running when I get over there, in which case I might need at least an athletic supporter. smile

Michael Tymn, Tue 3 Mar, 03:54

Fascinating subject and well covered (!) Michael. Brian Kramer’s very interesting experience reminded me of a hypnosis session I had in which I entered the spiritual realm naked and my discomfort resulted in being covered with a white gown. Like Brian, in real life I had no conscious qualms about being seen physically naked. It was only in retrospect that I could understand the symbolism and realised it was symbolic of my psychological state. At the time I was struggling with self esteem issues and so my embarrassment at my physical nakedness was reflective of my psychic situation. I do feel that spirit is infinitely creative and however it manifests will somehow be a combination of both the subjective and objective points of view and can shape shift according to requirements.

Gloria J Oelman, Tue 3 Mar, 00:43

Those who want to run around the spirit world au naturel are welcome to do so. For my part, I intend to dress like a Victorian gentleman: and when I tire of that, an English country squire from the 1930’s.

It was interesting to me to learn that like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Oliver Lodge was interested in psychic and spiritualist matters decades prior to the Great War bereavement which supposedly occasioned it.

James McArthur, Tue 3 Mar, 00:19

Very interesting. Thanks Michael.

Paul, Mon 2 Mar, 23:40

Tricia, keep in mind that there are two aspects to this: 1) how they project themselves to us; 2) how they appear among themselves.

Amos, I don’t recall the OBE case, but I recall Julia Ames telling William Stead, that she first felt naked when she realized she was “dead” and there was an immediate need to clothe herself, or something to that effect.

Michael, when you met Raymond Lodge, how was he dressed?  Did he appear as he does in the photo above?

Wendy, many thanks for the continuing support from you and Victor. Your weekly newsletter is very much appreciated.

Michael Tymn, Mon 2 Mar, 22:18

I am entirely comfortable wearing nothing with or without other people around. I don’t anticipate wanting or needing to wear anything in other realms. If some realms require hiding one’s body behind textiles, then I shall choose another realm.

I believe each of us are allowed to live as free and unashamed as we are capable of living. I have two dreams of seeing Jesus. This is the second one and I share it because Jesus was naked as was I. In spite of having these two dreams in which I truly believe I have encountered Jesus, I do not identify Christian because I don’t believe in the basic tenets of the Christian faith that Jesus had to die for our sins or that wafers and wine turn into the body and blood of Jesus. If those things turn out to be true, I’m fine with whatever is true, but until such things make sense to me it would be foolish and unethical to pretend they do. So, here’s my second dream.

Jesus and I were standing naked face to face. He put his arms around me and held me in an intimate, loving hug. Every single cell of his body was conscious. He wasn’t just thinking with his brain, but with every cell. Every cell communicated acceptance. “I am yours in my totality” was communicated both in the embrace and in some sort of mind-to-mind communication. “There is nothing about me that I withhold from you.”

Every bit of Jesus was conscious and loving and embracing and present. There was nothing that was held back. Though Jesus had a sexuality that was part of his totality, I did not feel what we would call sexual arousal. There was no attempt on his part to either accentuate nor minimize or withhold this aspect of himself. This embrace was wholly satisfying, containing everything and lacking nothing. This was absolute, unconditional, unhindered, total love and acceptance.

The only time I experienced something similar was when my Grandma Kraemer, one month after she died, visited me in a dream. We ran to each other and hugged. I remember telling my parents that the closeness that she and I shared was so much deeper and more meaningful than any human love I had ever experienced. This embrace from Jesus was about a thousand times still more intimate.

Brian Anthony Kraemer, Mon 2 Mar, 21:37

I think that it would be very disturbing if they were naked!! They project themselves in order that we will recognise them.

Tricia, Mon 2 Mar, 20:17

Interesting article Michael.  You either have a fantastic memory or you did a lot of digging through your library to collect all of these examples.  Good job!

I wonder what the body builders and nudists wear in the afterlife.  Maybe they just “wear” beautiful bodies and no clothes at all.  I think that the aborigines and other peoples of tribes living in warm climates would not be wearing many clothes.  Then again, maybe they would wear something from their past lives or one of the government-issued robes. 

I remember the case of the man who died and had an OBE ( maybe you can give the example) and found himself naked in the room in which he died along with the mourners, including women, surrounding his bed.  Upon recognizing that he was naked, he “put on” some clothes.  Apparently it was an easy thing for him to do.

At the end of meditating with a creative visualization I give myself the option of putting on a gladiator’s outfit or a white rode of Socrates depending upon how I feel and what I have to do during the day.  I like to think that the clothing sets the tone for my day. - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Mon 2 Mar, 17:21

Another great post Mike. Many thanks as always.

Wendy Zammit, Mon 2 Mar, 12:07

I met Raymond Lodge in 1983. He materialised at every experiment carried out by the medium Rita Goold in Leicester, England. A nine-year old boy, Russell Byrne, also materialised at the same experiments. His mother Gwen Byrne reported that Russell was wearing clothes that Gwen had made for him. I was also allowed to feel the feet of a young girl who materialised. She was a singer and dancer While on Earth, the medium’s grandmother - Laura. She was wearing ballet shoes.

Michael Roll, Mon 2 Mar, 11:29

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The Only Planet of Choice: Visitations – Many people use the word ‘Alien’ to describe a visitor from outer space. Extra terrestrial is another word, which is rather more user friendly. For the sake of the question and answer format, the word used by the questioner has been left, though even Tom questions our use of‘Alien’. Should we wish to foster openess between all beings of the Universe perhaps we should also look at our vocabulary? In a discussion between Andrew and Tom many years earlier, Andrew had asked Tom about UFOs and whether they were created manifestations. Tom had replied: “Many of the flying things that you call UFOs come from our place, but they come from other places also, and they do come in physical form. But many of them are not physical. They are like your movie screen”. Read here
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