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My Exploration of the Deepest Part of Hell

Posted on 01 April 2019, 7:59

I had an unbelievable experience recently, one in which a spirit guide gave me a tour of hell.  We passed through a number of realms of hell and I witnessed souls who had committed varying degrees of vice and corruption. At the very lowest realm, I had expected to find mass murderers, serial killers and the like, but I was in for a big surprise. The primary occupants in that realm had committed no statutory crimes, but there they were. 

The guide, who goes by the name Hans, said that he belonged to a group soul representing the essence of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the physician turned mystery writer best known for his creation of Sherlock Holmes. Hans explained that he had been instructed to give me a tour of the lowest realms, so that I would have a better understanding of it all and be better able to report on it.  He said most people do not properly understand what hell is.  It’s not nearly as horrific as orthodox religions have made it out to be, nor is it eternal.  Nevertheless, it is extremely dark, depressing and challenging. 

Hans warned me that it would be a fast tour as the vibrational rate in those lower realms makes it feel like one is holding his breath under water.  “You can stand it for only so long,” he said, adding that he would later take me on a tour of higher realms, but, for the same reason, I could go only so high.  I’m not advanced enough to withstand the higher vibrations.  He likened that experience to a person climbing Mt. Everest and experiencing oxygen depletion.  One has to gradually adapt to the higher vibrations in his or her spiritual evolution and thus, after death, settle in at the vibration he or she has developed during the physical life. 

“Take a deep breath and follow me,” Hans said, as he dove into what looked like a swamp of muck and mire.  I hesitated but followed.  I found myself in a dark environment where everyone seemed to be in a stupor of some kind.  Hans explained that they still had not awakened to the fact that they had left the physical world.  It was as if they had fallen asleep and not yet awakened to their new reality. I had expected to be among murderers, rapists, and others of that kind, but the first person or soul I noticed was in a wheelchair on a treadmill, going nowhere at a fairly fast pace, seemingly gasping for air.  I asked Hans what happened to him.  He asked the soul’s guide standing nearby with arms folded and was told that the soul was not convicted of any crimes during his earth life, but he didn’t play fair.  After his disabled father died, he continued to use his father’s handicap placard in his car for preferred and free parking, thereby cheating the system and others.  “Wow!” I reacted.  “He was a reasonably good person when alive in the flesh,” Hans explained after further communicating with the soul’s spirit guide, “so he won’t be here long.  He’ll awaken and move up to the second sphere soon.” 

Then I noticed another person, or soul.  He wasn’t on a treadmill, but he was holding a medium-sized suitcase and continually pumping it over his head. He appeared exhausted.  I asked Hans what was going on with him.  “He was one of those baggage buttheads you often run into when traveling,” he replied.  “He always brought an oversized bag with him as a carry-on, along with a large mountaineering pack that he called his handbag, then when he got on the plane, he threw them both in the first overhead bin before continuing to his seat in the back of the plane.  The airlines let him get away with it, but he cheated the system and was inconsiderate of those who properly checked their bags. He’s now dealing with his self-centeredness.”

I shook my head in dismay at such seemingly trivial transgressions resulting in a place in hell.  “It’s not really hell,” Hans explained. “That’s just a word people in the material life have been given by the churches.  It’s a learning experience and more like a bad dream, although you could call it a nightmare in the very lowest realms, which we will get to.  You might call it a ‘fire of the mind.’  It’s a state of mind that they brought on themselves and for which they now have to deal with and learn from.”  Hans further mentioned that there was no judgment by God or any celestial tribunal.  Souls just “make their own beds” in this regard. 

As he was communicating, I noticed a woman standing over an upside-down shopping cart while spinning its wheels with her hands. “What’s that all about?” I asked Hans.  “She is one of those people who push grocery carts off the store premises and just leave them on the street, never returning it to the store property,” he remarked.  “In effect, she was a thief and is now coming to understand that.”

A man sat in front of a television set watching an old Bette Davis movie.  Hans asked the man’s guide what was going on with him.  The guide explained that he was a copyright infringer during his lifetime, illegally copying many movies and enjoying them at no cost to himself.  Now, he is watching the same movie over and over again.  “He’s watched it 417 times and must watch it 522 times before he is allowed to move to a higher vibration,” the guide explained, adding that 522 is the number of videos he had pirated during his earth life.  I recalled seeing that Bette Davis movie once and couldn’t imagine what it would take to watch it even a second time.

Hans could see that I wouldn’t be able to hold my breath much longer, so he told me that we would quickly dive to a lower realm.  “Would that be murderers and the like?” I asked him.  “No,” he responded, “that’s somewhat lower, but the stench at the next one is a bit much, so hold your nose.”  When we got down there, I observed souls sitting zombie-like at computers while picking and pecking away.  I looked at some of the computer screens and saw nothing but nonsensical gibberish.  I asked Hans what they did wrong.  “They were computer hackers,” he said with a nod and a shake of his head.

I told Hans I didn’t think I could hold on much longer, so he said we’d best skip the next realm, where some of the mass murderers and serial killers were, and go to the very bottom, what he referred to as the “pit.”  “You mean there are souls at lower levels than the murderers,” I reacted.  He nodded in the affirmative. “Who were these souls?” I wondered.  I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when we reached the pit.  The inhabitants had their heads spinning around and around while spewing vomit that engulfed them up to their necks.

“My God, Hans, what did they do?”  Hans explained that many of them were people who wrote and edited the Wikipedia and Rationalwiki entries dealing with spiritual and paranormal matters on the Internet.  “They ignorantly and maliciously disparaged good people, intentionally distorting the truth and robbing many people of the hope they looked for in overcoming times of despair,” Hans explained. “These demented souls acted out of self-righteous viciousness and vituperation. They’re not here for eternity, but it may seem like that to them now.”   

The stench on that realm was beyond human senses and comprehension.  I couldn’t take it any longer and signaled to Hans that I had to ascend.  We pushed off and shot upward.  It was then that I awakened and realized it was only a day dream, my subconscious having run amok with wishful thinking. 

Michael Tymn is the author of The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die, Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife, and Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I.

Happy April Fools’ Day!!

Next blog post:  April 14



That’s really funny.  You got me.  I was two-thirds through the article and feeling disturbed, thinking, “I’m going to end up there myself.  I do self-centered things. I’ve cheated systems.”  I was thinking it sounded a lot like purgatory and Dante’s inferno, where sinners are condemned to punishments suiting their crimes.  I was also thinking, “Man, if that’s where minor transgressors go, what about serial killers, etc.?  ...  Then I skipped to the end and saw “April fools.”  I’m reading this in August, so I guess I’m an August fool.  lol Good one.

Edward Anderson, Sat 10 Aug, 15:26


Good question, one which I am not qualified to answer.  However, if humans can compile tons of data in a computer, have the computer sift through and analyze the data, then have the computer bundle it all up into a few neat conclusions or answers on a microchip, I don’t see why that “great computer in the sky,” whatever He, She or It happens to be, can’t do the same thing with the soul.  Robert Hare, professor of chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, called it a “moral specific gravity” (MSG)—one which results from all our positive and negative actions being recorded in the human electrical field, the aura. Based on the MSG, we take our initial place in the greater reality, one in which there are many shades of gray.  We progress or sometimes regress from there in the greater reality.   

I suspect that the positive and negative differ with individuals and that one’s karma, based on past lives, plays into it.  That is not to suggest that I believe in reincarnation as simple as living one life after another.  I subscribe to the “group soul” idea and believe it is for the most part beyond human comprehension.  It is enough that we understand that consciousness survives physical death and that how we treat others will determine our initial “place” in that greater reality.

Michael Tymn, Tue 25 Jun, 09:24


I suspect you may have answered this question more than once. So I ask you to forgive me on that score. So many things would seem to effect the expression of a soul in this world. Whether we are looking genetic drivers for IQ or personality. Or looking at psychological illness such as Cluster B personality disorders where early childhood trauma retards an individuals ability to experience empathy. Or even at gender differences in perception and reason as identified by Kholberg. All this being the case, how then is a soul weighed? And when freed of these earthly constraints, when might a soul realize the greatness forever prohibited them whilst they were chained to a malfunctioning meat sack?

Vaughan, Tue 25 Jun, 02:46

Good description of dharma

Dian Buehler, Wed 10 Apr, 18:43


Thanks for sharing that very interesting and intriguing OBE.  Many have wondered about the fate of suicide bombers who have been brainwashed to think they are doing God’s will. People ask: “If they truly believe that, it is difficult to understand why a benevolent God would punish
them.” At the same time, they wonder if they were doing it for personal gain, i.e., they were just too miserable in this life and were looking for the reward of a better life no matter who suffered because of their actions. Your experience appears to address the conflict.

Michael Tymn, Mon 8 Apr, 09:24

It seems I might agree with you.
“. . . the most gruesome occurrences on Earth, in the universe and other levels of non-physical reality are little more than a projection of drama, an illusion, a movie played out against the multidimensional screen of Consciousness; they are part of a much greater play which we can only see from the higher viewpoints.”

Quoted from your linked article.  - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Sun 7 Apr, 20:06

Here is an actual experience of “Hell” I recorded in my Book “Vistas of Infinity” as experienced during an Out-of-Body event (which I believe you, Michael, wrote a review about here some time ago. Anyway, here is a reprint of my article:

Jurgen Ziewe, Sun 7 Apr, 18:21

Yes, “there is a lot more to it that that.”  I understand that there are many translations of the Greek classics so what Moody repeats is from the particular translation he has.  I did look at a couple of other translations on the web and neither of them, that I could find,  had a translation that “Whatever life you choose it won’t effect the quality of your soul.” To the contrary, as I recall in the story of ‘Er’ there were people who were suffering the consequences of a life they had just lived. The example given is of “Ardiaeus the Great” who apparently had been a tyrant and murderer and “was said to have committed many other abominable crimes.  For his crimes he was not going to be allowed to progress upward.

Er continues to say that,” . . . Ardiaeus appeared and several others, most of whom were tyrants; and there were also besides the tyrants private individuals who had been great criminals: they were just, as they fancied, about to return into the upper world, but the mouth, [entrance to the upper world] instead of admitting them, gave a roar, whenever any of these incurable sinners or some one who had not been sufficiently punished tried to ascend; and then wild men of fiery aspect, who were standing by and heard the sound, seized and carried them off; and Ardiaeus and others they bound head and foot and hand, and threw them down and flayed them with scourges, and dragged them along the road at the side, carding them on thorns like wool, and declaring to the passers-by what were their crimes, and that they were being taken away to be cast into hell.’ “

That doesn’t sound to me that what one does in life doesn’t affect the quality of one’s soul but maybe I have a misunderstanding of what the meaning of ‘quality of soul’ is.  It may be that there is some other meaning to the phrase “quality of your soul”, that is, the soul may be immutable in quality and regardless of the vicissitudes it is put through on earth or in hell for learning purposes, the essence of the soul remains unscathed, as pure as it was when it was first breathed into existence by God, thereby partaking in His perfection.

I agree with you though that it becomes “...beyond our human comprehension, although we are given some symbolisms, abstract ideas, hints, and clues that permit us to know that there is a greater reality, one in which consciousness has varying degrees of awareness based on our actions in this material life.” - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Fri 5 Apr, 17:15

Great story.

Iva E Morris, Thu 4 Apr, 23:28

I did find my copy of Plato’s “Republic” and I must say that I couldn’t find the reference that Moody related that “Whatever life you choose it won’t affect the quality of your soul.”  There is a lot to interpret in the “Republic” and the last chapter concerning Er in the afterlife is interesting but there is a lot more to it than Moody suggests.  - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Thu 4 Apr, 21:48


Thanks for that, but I have to believe that there there is more to it than that, e.g., it may not affect the quality of the soul but it still affects the quantity of the soul, its disposition, or whatever. 

I received the May/June issue of “Atlantis Rising” magazine yesterday.  There is a very interesting article by John Chambers dealing with the research done by Victor Hugo with mediums. Concerning the difficulty Hugo had in understanding the spirits, one spirit told him, “If it were necessary for the table to speak not human language but celestial language,you would not understand it; in celestial language, man is not called man, beast is not called beast, God is not called God; there are no words where there is no physical body; words arise from that matter which has been constructed from the ideal; infinity is anonymous, eternity has no birth certificate; space and time are terrified strangers careening through immensity—space, time: two masks, two appearances, two visions, two dreams, two impossibilities. The dictionary of infinity is filled with the punctuation of stars; and what would you say, puny man, if to speak to you of the language you want, this little table, instead of syllables, words, and sentences, suddenly spewed forth millions of stars into your ear, launched Jupiter, Aldebaran, and Saturn in your face, and spread out on your paper the immense ink-blot of the starry night with the aid of maddened comets. You think you are asking for a bigger chunk of reality, but you’re really asking for a bigger pile of lies; you want every variety of cloud but not the day along with them.”

Bottom line:  It is for the most part beyond our human comprehension, although we are given some symbolisms, abstract ideas, hints, and clues that permit us to know that there is a greater reality, one in which consciousness has varying degrees of awareness based on our actions in this material life. 

Thanks to all others for their comments here and to those who sent email comments to me.

Michael Tymn, Thu 4 Apr, 19:33


Law of cause and effect ...thought, word and deed…no matter how small or large…we reap what we sow!

Yvonne Limoges, Thu 4 Apr, 19:09

I couldn’t find my copy of Plato’s “Republic”, but I think it might have been ‘Er’ and not ‘Ur’ who had the NDE.  Whatever! - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Thu 4 Apr, 12:50

As serendipity would have it I happened to see a YouTube video of Raymond Moody speaking about reincarnation.  The video is about 50 minutes or so and toward the end of it Moody references Plato’s Republic and the story of ‘Ur’, a man who had a near death experience a few thousand years ago.  The synchronous part for me was in reference to my last comment about life being a play—-to which Moody apparently agrees—-and perhaps there was no such thing as evil.  According to ‘Ur’, speaking from the other side,  people were lined up to be reincarnated and their guide was showing them possible lives they might want to consider, some of them being lives of criminals and others lives of holy people.  The guide said to them that, “Whatever life you choose, it won’t effect the quality of your soul.”  Now isn’t that interesting! -AOD

If you want to view Moody’s entire presentation,  link to:

Amos Oliver Doyle, Wed 3 Apr, 21:10

John Joseph,

I agree with Amos and there is little I can add to what he has said.  If we do have a pre-life pact,  there are apparently different roads we can take and free will then kicks in during out lifetimes as to which road we choose. It is no doubt much more complex than that, but I have never understood it to be a pre-ordained fate.

Michael Tymn, Wed 3 Apr, 11:07

John Joseph,
You have brought up some interesting questions.  Basically, is what we see as evil on the earth plane without some redeeming qualities?  That is, is evil necessary in order for good to progress, for the old to pass away and the new to be born?  Is evil preordained?  Do we need to know evil in order to appreciate the good?  Where would Christianity be without Judas?  Where would Israel be without Hitler?

There are no real answers to those questions but they set imagination aflame.

From a larger perspective, one that is eternal and infinite in view, maybe there really is no such thing as evil.  That everything is just what it is, without a judgment label applied to it and everything works together for good;  that all things promote growth and knowledge and advancement toward infinite consciousness—-all that being labeled as “good”. 

I do sometimes like to imagine life on the earth plane as a gigantic convoluted play in which we all assume a part, perhaps many parts.  We put on a costume and play a role and when that act comes to an end we discard that costume and perhaps go forward to another play, maybe in another theater putting on another costume, this time playing the villain.

Patience Worth once said that there is no such thing as evil, just dreams gone awry and later wrote in a long poem that “E’en the crime-stained wretch, abasked in light shall cast his seed and spring afruit.” meaning that even those who are seen as criminals on earth, in heaven are given the chance for redemption.

How would things change if we all here could see from that higher perspective.  Perhaps the play would end and the curtain would come down.  - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Tue 2 Apr, 18:17

Excellent idea, Michael, a tour of Hell on April Fool’s day—I hope humor is part of the next world, if there is one.

Michael Grosso, Tue 2 Apr, 13:52

What is confusing about lower realms is that some claim that cruel acts are part of a pre-life pact that engages with a victim or victims for the sake of some kind of teaching outcome. If this be so, where does free will play a part and is one then even culpable if the endgame is an achieved wisdown or even greater compassion for all involved? I prefer the idea of free will and creating your own path and “afterlife” moral map, but the idea of a preordained fate has come up repeatedly.

John joseph, Tue 2 Apr, 00:30

A classic.

Michael Schmicker, Mon 1 Apr, 22:50

Hilarious!  Great work, Mike!

On a slightly more serious note, the “Lucifer” TV series had a wonderful take on Hell, in which people’s own delusions and mental addictions held them captive.  Lucifer pointed out that the souls are free to leave at any time—but no one ever does.

Roy, there’s a cartoon of heaven for the cell phone age, too.  St. Peter tells God that the new arrivals are all wandering around looking down and wiggling their thumbs, and they all seem so strangely sad….

Elene Gusch, Mon 1 Apr, 17:55

If you had had a little more breath, you would also have seen in the lowest levels of hell, those people who infect computers with Ransom Ware and those people who destroy websites because they don’t like the content. Both happened to me!
Very funny Michael!  I couldn’t help but laugh when I got to the part where the Wikipedia and Rational Wiki editors reside. That part I surely hope is true.  - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Mon 1 Apr, 12:57

Love it

tricia, Mon 1 Apr, 12:55


Christine Stewart, Mon 1 Apr, 12:42

Mike, I am permanently in awe of your ability to keep finding new ideas for these blogs and expressing yourself so well, month in, month out, year in, year out. Keep it up. I look forward to next April 1st, and hope it is as humorous as this one.

Keith P in England, Mon 1 Apr, 12:04

LOLOLL!! Good April’s fool!!
Very humorous, Mike!

Much Love, Light & Serenity.

Claudio from Italy, Mon 1 Apr, 10:21

Michael - if you’d stayed a little longer down below, I’m sure you would have encountered a huge group of people wandering around, peering at their cell phones, not looking where they are going, oblivious of their surroundings and wondering why they can’t get a signal!

Roy Stemman, Mon 1 Apr, 10:04

Michael, I always read your blogs with interest, but this one is very funny. I love the way you pour your frustration with a certain kind of ‘rational’ people into a story that only reveils the pun at the end. Great reading for april 1!

Loes Modderman, Mon 1 Apr, 09:33

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