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Strange Deathbed Mist & Light Explained

Posted on 04 October 2010, 23:09

In his recently-released book Glimpses of Eternity, Dr. Raymond Moody, (below) who is known primarily for his pioneering work in near-death experiences, explores the area of deathbed visions and shared-death experiences. In one chapter, Moody discusses a strange mist that is sometimes reported over a deathbed.  “They describe it in various ways,” he writes. “Some say that it looks like smoke, while others say it is as subtle as steam.  Sometimes it seems to have a human shape.  Whatever the case, it usually drifts upward and always disappears fairly quickly.”

raymond moody

Moody and co-author Paul Perry quote a Georgia doctor who twice saw a mist coming up from deceased patients.  The doctor explained that as the patients died they lit up with a bright glow, their eyes shining with a silvery light.  The mist formed over the chest and hovered there, as the doctor observed closely and saw that the mist had depth and complex structure. He further said that it seemed to have layers with energetic motion in it.  During the second occurrence, the doctor felt an unseen presence standing beside him and seemingly waiting for the patient to die.

A hospice psychologist is quoted by Moody as saying that the misty clouds which form above the head or chest seem to have an electrical component to them. A nurse reported seeing a mist rising from many patients as they die, including her father, with whom she saw the mist rise from his chest “as if off a still river,” and then hovering for a few seconds before dissipating.

The bright glow witnessed by the Georgia doctor has also been reported by many other deathbed observers. Moody quotes one man as saying that the room became “uncomfortably bright,” so bright that he couldn’t shut it out even when he closed his eyes.  A hospice nurse reported seeing a “luminous presence floating near the bed, shaped somewhat like a person.”  In the same case, the head nurse saw the light in the room and light coming from the dying person’s eyes but did not observe the presence.

Moody tells of his own experience as he and other family members gathered at the bed of his dying mother.  Among some other strange things, they all saw an unusual light in the room.  “It was like looking at light in a swimming pool at night,” Moody explains.
There are countless reports of dying people having visions of light and seeing loved ones gathering, but skeptics discount them as hallucinations.  However, as Moody points out, it is one thing to claim that the dying person is hallucinating, quite another to claim that healthy people in the room are sharing in the hallucination with the dying person.  He discusses a number of other shared experiences at deathbeds and opines that they tell us more about the afterlife than the NDE and that they are “the key to proving the existence of an afterlife.” (It should be kept in mind that calling something an “hallucination” does not mean it is not “real.”  It is just not objectively real.)

Caregivers Often Witness 

Such misty vapors and “lights” around the deathbed have been reported by other researchers, including Dr. Bernard Laubscher, (below) a South African psychiatrist.  “I was told by different ‘Tant Sannies’ (caregivers) how while watching at the bedside of the dying one with one or two candles burning they had seen the formation of a faint vaporous body, an elongated whitish purplish-like cloud; parallel with the dying person and about two feet above the body,” Laubscher wrote in a 1975 book, Beyond Life’s Curtain.  “Gradually this cloudlike appearance became denser and took on the form, first vaguely and then more definitely, of the person in the bed.  This process continued until the phantom suspended above the body was an absolute replica of the person, especially the face.”

bernard laubscher

Laubscher further reported that these caregivers, some of whom were apparently clairvoyant, reported seeing a ribbon-like cord stretching from the back of the phantom’s head to the body below and that the phantom would begin to glow as it was fully formed. “They noticed that some were more luminous than others and there was a light all around the outline of the [phantom], which I could only compare to a neon tube,” Laubscher added, going on to say that as the phantom righted itself the connecting cord thinned out as if it was fraying away.  Sometimes these clairvoyant caregivers would report joyous faces of other deceased gathering around to welcome the person to the spirit world before the “silver cord” was severed and the visions ceased.

As Laubscher came to understand it, the vaporous material has the same makeup as ectoplasm, the mysterious substance given off by physical mediums before materializations.  It acts as sort of a “glue” in bonding the physical body with the spirit body, and the more materialistic a person the denser the ectoplasm and the more difficulty the person has in “giving up the ghost.”

In their excellent 2008 book, The Art of Dying, Dr. Peter Fenwick, a renowned British neuropsychiatrist, and Elizabeth Fenwick also discuss the “smoke,” “grey mist,” or “white mist” which leaves the body at death.  “Sometimes it will hover above the body before rising to disappear through the ceiling, and it is often associated with love, light, compassion, purity, and occasionally with heavenly music,” they write, adding that not everyone who is in the room sees it.

The Fenwicks quote a woman named Penny Bilcliffe, who was present when her sister died:  “I saw a fast-moving ‘Will ‘o the Wisp’ appear to leave her body by the side of her mouth on the right.  The shock and the beauty of it made me gasp.  It appeared like a fluid or gaseous diamond, pristine, sparkly, and pure, akin to the view from above of an eddy in the clearest pool you can imagine…It moved rapidly upwards and was gone.”

In his 1970 book, Out of the Body Experiences, Dr. Robert Crookall quotes Dr. R. B. Hout, a physician, who was present at the death of his aunt.  “My attention was called…to something immediately above the physical body, suspended in the atmosphere about two feet above the bed.  At first I could distinguish nothing more than a vague outline of a hazy, fog-like substance.  There seemed to be only a mist held suspended, motionless.  But, as I looked, very gradually there grew into my sight a denser, more solid, condensation of this inexplicable vapor.  Then I was astonished to see definite outlines presenting themselves, and soon I saw this fog-like substance was a assuming a human form.”

Hout then saw that the form resembled the physical body of his aunt.  The form hung suspended horizontally a few feet above the body.  When the phantom form appeared complete, Hout saw his aunt’s features clearly.  “They were very similar to the physical face, except that a glow of peace and vigor was expressed instead of age and pain. The eyes were closed as though in tranquil sleep, and a luminosity seemed to radiate from the spirit body.”

Hout then observed a “silverlike substance” streaming from the head of the physical body to the head of the spirit body.  “The colour was a translucent luminous silver radiance.  The cord seemed alive with vibrant energy.  I could see the pulsations of light stream along the course of it, from the direction of the physical body to the spirit ‘double.’  With each pulsation the spirit body became more alive and denser, whereas the physical body became quieter and more nearly lifeless…”

When the pulsations of the cord stopped, Hout could see various strands of the cord snapping.  When the last connecting strand snapped, the spirit body rose to a vertical position, the eyes opened, and a smile broke from the face before it vanished from his sight.

Ectoplasm on the Battlefield

“I have seen ectoplasm on the battlefield,” a young soldier was quoted in the January 25, 1945 issue of Psychic Observer by reporter Ed Bodin. “I have watched it emanate from a badly wounded soldier and then disappear as that soldier breathed his last.  One hillbilly comrade from Kentucky called it ‘soul mist,’ revealing that many natives in his part of the country considered it quite a normal thing, although they seldom talked about it.”

Because his orthodox Christian family frowned on discussion of such occult matters, the young soldier asked not to be identified.  However, he went on to tell how, after being wounded by shrapnel, another soldier lay badly wounded about 10 feet from him.  “I looked at him with pity, forgetting my own pain.  Then in the deepening twilight I saw strange smoke begin to curl above him as though coming from his stomach as he lay on his back moaning.  The stump of his arm was in the thick mud congealing the blood to some extent and making death slower.

“Then I remembered what my friend had said about soul-mist, and I watched fascinated as the ectoplasm became denser and began to flow toward me.  For a moment I thought I saw in it the face of a kindly old lady.  Presently it reached me and for a second I was bewildered by the strange sensation that came over me.  I felt stronger.  With my left arm I raised myself and began to crawl to the dying soldier.  I reached for my canteen of water.  The mist was still around me, and with a sudden effort I was on my feet, and beside the soldier.”

The other soldier died and the young soldier telling the story rose and walked nearly a mile to the Red Cross representative.  He remained unconscious for three days and medical attendants later told him that they could not understand how he had lived, to say nothing of walking the near mile to safety.  “…to my dying day, I shall believe the ectoplasm from the body of that dying soldier had helped me in a mysterious way,” the young soldier added.  “It had given me sufficient strength to save my life.  That soul-mist of a sacrificed soldier was like the spiritual light of Jesus about whom it was said: ‘He could save others, but not Himself’.”

mt shasta

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Wow I was afraid to tell anyone that I saw what I described as a puff of smoke leaving my dads body.  I thought I was seeing things.  I also experienced a floating feeling while standing next to him.  I felt as if I was going to float upward myself and grasped hard onto the chair.
Being with him every step of the way helped us with his transition.  Hospice nurses are awesome, they helped us as well.

MissyD, Thu 12 Mar, 15:23

I’ve never, so far(3mar2015), seen a mst come from a dying, nor at e death of a person, I have seen a very faint mist/fog filing the room of a person near deth, or as some say” transitioning towards physical death. The intensity of the fog will vary, and rarely ever disappeared. I am a hospice LVN(in some states known as LPN) who does crisis(continuous)/palliative care.

Ron B., Mon 9 Mar, 03:59

Within 20-30 minutes of my Father’s death I observed a shadow almost like the wings of a large bird fling from one window to another exit the room.  I wonder what it might have been…

teresa wright carrier, Wed 4 Mar, 04:33

My devoted and loving husband died Jan.07,2014 in a Veterans ICU hospital bed after a six month stay battling several health issues.He had juvenile diabetes, which led to vascular disease and kidney failure.He had both legs amputated fourteen years ago and a live kidney transplant surgery from his only brother in 2005. He had a beautiful memorial service and an honorable Marine dedication with burial.Our daughter and grandsons stayed with me over next few days.Four days after the funeral our sixteen year old grandson was preparing to go to his high school prom and I was taking pictures of him in front of all the beautiful flowers from grandpa’s funeral.A little later he was still standing in front of the flowers and I was at the opposite side of the room walking toward him to help him with his neck tie. I looked up as I walked through the entrance and saw what I thought was a circle of smoke about the size of a large pizza pan hovering above me.I immediately looked at my stove thinking something was burning. But the stove wasn’t on nor were any candles burning. I looked over to my grandson and could see he was looking at the object too.I then tipped up to reach the circle of what now looked like swirling steam,I could definitely smell a sweetness almost like sugar.I then hurried over to my grandson and asked him if he could see it and he said yes grandma what is it? I could only answer I don’t know. And at that moment it totaly disappeared.I feel so blessed to have all my beautiful memory’s with my beloved husband. I miss him so much but also feel comfort in knowing we will someday be reunited.

CHRISTY, Thu 1 Jan, 02:07

my husband had died on a monday i was with him as well as all the children.  even though he had been sick for several months his death seem peaceful thanks to hospital staff.  on thursday i was having my morning coffee when there was a light that was brighter than the sun, and was about 5 feet long and on the ceiling and wall. it was so bright it blinded me.  my first thought was that i was having a stoke or something and made my way to the couch. it seem to last few minutes and then i started to get my sight back and was ok.  I think this was him passing over.  he was cremated the next day.  i have been able to find any other experience comments like this.

diana, Sun 31 Aug, 22:48

My 4 sisters and I spent the last 2 weeks of our mother’s life spending every day and night with her. We did it in shifts of 2 so that she was never alone. She had been in a care home for many years with Dementia and for the last couple of years of her life she was unable to talk or recognise her family. She had a severe stomach haemorrhage one day and fell into a coma unable to eat or drink. We were told that she would not last more than a few days. She actually lasted another 13 days and during that time my sisters and I witnessed things that we are unable to explain. On the first night 2 sisters saw what they described as steam hovering above her head, it lasted only a few seconds, 2 nights later my sister and I heard wind chimes in the distance which over the following 10 mins grew louder and increased in number until it sounded like many wind chimes playing a tune which we could only describe as celestial. This happened on several nights always in the same manner and for the same duration. 5 days before she died, I was there with my 20 year old nephew, it was early afternoon and she suddenly said “listen” we leaned closer to her and she spoke for 20 mins, sometimes it was if she was answering questions, she said my oldest sister’s name, Pat hadn’t been to see her as she herself was ill, she said “there’s 6 of them” she has 6 daughters and only 5 were holding vigil. She said sorry and asked for mercy and said ” can you see my father” we wrote down everything she said and looking back at her words we can see that she was telling us things. 3 days before she died my sister and I were sitting facing each other across her bed talking to her during a long night, even although she was in a coma, we talked and sang to her. A fine mist appeared along the length of her body which grew whiter and denser. It was right on top of her blanket and it swirled around. We could put our hands through it. We felt her arms and hands to see if the mist was heat coming from her but she was at a normal temperature. She died at 6.50 on a Friday morning and during her last night there were 4 of her daughters around her bed including me. Her en-suite bathroom light which operated on a motion sensor went on by itself and when we opened the door it went off. My deceased dad’s army picture fell off the wall for no reason and the chimes came back for the last time. She woke up 10 minutes before she died and looked at all 4 of us closely, she had a frightened look on her face until my sister took her hand, told her we would all be fine and told her not to worry about us all and to go to heaven, she smiled and took her last breath. We all feel that we shared a very unique experience and it strengthened us all and healed all our past differences.

Elaine Gunn, Sat 17 May, 06:38

When I was in a convenience store during my mothers hospitalization,she had passed away. I didn’t know. The whole store filled with a smokey mist. Felt like I was going to pass out and thought it was something like low blood sugar. Was driven home started drinking oj with sugar and then learned she had died. My dad died several years later. I woke up before he drew his last breath, ran in the room and saw the mist, again rise and disappear. All these years later, I wonder about these things. Where does the mist go? Does it dissipate and become one with the universe? Does it stay intact? Sometimes in this hard life I have doubts about their souls surviving. But I do know for sure that I did see the energy leave their bodies.

michelle h, Thu 13 Mar, 03:16

Feb 2014. My mother passed away last October. My brother and I had spent the last 5 days and nights at my our mother’s bedside. On the morning of the 6th day, I was seeing purple sparks of light around the hospital room. My brother couldn’t see them. When I think back, the room looked totally different to what it actually was like, strange. Slowly over approx. 30 minutes, the sparks of light turned white / silver. Suddenly I thought there was something behind me, I turned and saw a smoky fugue moving around the bed. It resembled the top half of a human form, with it’s arms half stretched out in front. It was moving theforwards. I had the feeling that the lights and this entity came through the open window behind me. I told my brother what I was seeing, he couldn’t see it. The entity drew level at the end of the bed and just disappeared. It was almost like the light from the window was reflecting on the smoky image. All I know is what I saw was very real. It was very comforting. I believe that “someone came to collect my mother’s soul. Just after this her breathing relaxed and she actually passed away 6 hours later. For those last hours, our mood changed. We were happier and much more relaxed. There is no doubt in my mind that she actually left her body 6 hours before her last breath. I feel very privileged to have witnessed this event, especially as I was so close to my mother. Now I have no fear of dying.

Jo, Fri 28 Feb, 23:03

My brother recently died,the day before Thanks giving.I didn’t believe in ghosts before but I do now.I was sleeping a night or so after his death and woke up with the most horrible feeling.Of course i thought of it as grief or mourning.I did have my eyes closed and was in the dark but I kept visualizing this thick black oily substance swirling around like smoke.It gave me the most horrible feeling that you could imagine.I just thought that that must be how my brother must be feeling .The next day he just appeared to me,I couldn’t see him but I felt his presence.It was a form of energy.I even imagined how he would be standing.It wasn’t an orb or smoke it was an energy that I sensed so strongly that if it were quiet enough you could just about hear an electric charge like you would hear from a live wire.Afew days later my sister in law and I went to the funeral home where we had him cremated at.She went inside another room to see him one last time after everyone warned her not to since he had already been autopsied and had been dead for about 10 days.Well as soon as she went into this room I sat down behind the front door.Then the door just opened up by itself as though someone was walking in.I looked and no one was there.I shut the door and ran to the other door and yelled for my sister in law to come back.I just got the feeling that that was him and that he didn’t want her to see him like that.I told the owner of the place about it and asked if that had ever happened there before and he told me that it was my imagination.Iv’e never had any kind of experience with ghosts but I’m just wondering if this is my imagination or am I really having some sort of ghostly experiences.

sharmane, Fri 10 Jan, 03:12

I’m currently caring for my terminally-ill Dad, he’s been seeing black/dark shapes and shadows for the past couple of weeks now. I have a very strong belief in the afterlife, well, more of a knowledge that it definitely does exist rather than a belief, but there’s also huge faith there with me so call it what you will. I’ve read a lot about these experiences with shapes and forms from the perspectives of ordinary people who seemingly are not at deaths door and I believe these accounts are accurate. I’ve also read a lot about the experiences the person close to death has, but these always seem to be dubbed as hallucinations, well, they’re not. The shadow shapes my Dad is seeing, I’m also seeing, in the same forms as he sees them, in the same places and at the same times. My Dad has always said he is an atheist, but the look on his face when he sees them and the sound of his voice when he talks about them illustrate his worry. An atheist would normally look for the rational explanation, but as soon as i showed him that i saw them too, i know he realised that they were not a figment of his imagination. I’m just glad i’m able to see them too and share that with him. Nobody else has said they’ve noticed anything. I know he now knows that there is something waiting for him afterwards, and i remind him that our eyes see in negative, so sometimes the things that appear dark, are in fact lighter than one might think. Not to say that white mists are dark, or that one is negative and the other is positive, as i’m sure the things from the other side can appear exactly as they like to, or as they need to for the subject of the vision to progress spiritually. I hope in caring for him and sharing these experiences with him I have in some way rekindled his knowledge of the eternal realms that can follow this one, and have helped allay his fear of nothingness. Not that he ever expressed a fear of that, but if it was ever there, I hope it isn’t now. I also hope that in writing this i can help someone at some time in the future.
I’m at a bit of an advantage when it comes to speaking about forces contrary to the common acceptance of reality. I have peered into the sulphur-yellow eyes of the one known as Azazel, or as many see him, the devil, and i will go to tend him and loosen his shackles if its the last thing i do and i end up destroying myself in the process. One cannot progress without compassion, and there is no greater compassion than tending the second most feared thing to you, even if it could be to your detriment. Through it one may come to tend, and to fear, That Which Should Be Feared, Your God; Your Father (Your Dad).
Ps. If you don’t like the way I use the word ‘fear’ just replace it with ‘respect’... Although the first time you see, in a dream within a dream, you’ll see why the word ‘fear’ is appropriate, later to be followed by ‘respect’.
I hope this can help people in some way.

David, Thu 5 Dec, 03:40

I have had full blown apparition encounters since the age of 7. I was visited by a blond boy and girl who were identical twins, younger than me, at probably 5 years old. To this day I can remember every detail of their hair, blue eyes, tan skin, the plaid shirt on him and the crisp white collar on her dress with the little bow tied along her back as I watched them walk from one side of my bed to the other and gently came right up to me. They were dressed in current fashion according to the times. I’ll jump over other events in between with how I’d been followed by a blue ball of light for some time and finally 2 of my friends who held top level executive positions in Silicon Valley, who I had never shared this with, saw it clearly come down my stair case while having a candle lit dinner at my home during a rain storm. I thought they would tear my home a part looking for it. I did not know how to tell that this had been happening to me. I just knew that I had finally been validated by 2 extremely intelligent men and at the time it was all I needed. Skipping over so-so many incidents that now through the years have been witnessed by my husband. So as of lately, living on land where no car lights can reach my home, I woke up one night, with all the curtains drawn, looking up at my ceiling I saw a lit up smoke hovering my ceiling. The strangest part was I could see through it making out I actaully had no ceiling because I could see the stars through the mist So I sat up in bed, in complete disbelief at first, looking from the far right to the far left, blinked my eyes a few times, and could see everything perfectly in our room. The smoke reminded me so much of Hot Ice. Sitting on the bed under it seemed like if you were in a pool, under water at night and were looking up. There was definately, a devide between the world I was sitting up in and the world beyond the moving white mist. It lasted long enough for me to pinch myself, to know without a doubt it was very real, and to extend my arm strsaight up towards it where I could see my hand. I actually sat there long enough to try and analize it as it was happening. Since living here I have had some very extreme encounters. I have had breathy sharp clear whisper of my name right up against my ear now 3 times which shocks me out of a deep sleep with chills running rampid through my body and my ear feels totally tickled annoyed where I rub it drastically to make it stop. I believe we live in the AM/FM and the after life goes into a dimension such as XY/ZY if you will. Like an Octagon cube that can be turned and twisted into new shapes, but never loosing it’s true existance….........

ymeyme, Tue 3 Dec, 04:45

A few days before my uncle passé away I was visit ing him six months after my grandmother passed he got really sick and passed but a few days before he passed I was visiting him and I seen a shadow like someone walk in the room and I look and no one was there then a few seconds later a light form at the end of his bed it was about a foot long and two inches wide and it was there for a second then it was gone what could this mean. Then my 5 year old son said he seen my grandmother and my uncle an they told him to take care of his dad

Allen, Mon 25 Nov, 00:07

My mother died recently from a tragic sudden car accident in Sept 2013. A few days after her death a white cloud appeared in my bedroom while I was watching tv. It was clear as day. My rational side told me it’s probably a cigarette smoke that came in from the window. But it looked like it was around 3 feet tall kinda like an oval almost if it was shaped like a persons silhouette. But I still didn’t register it as anything unusual as I had never seen anything like this before. It stood there for a few good minutes perfectly still and then I saw a quick woosh movement and it looked like a bucket of rain water was sprayed into my room. I actually had to walk up and touch my armoire to see if it was wet. It made no sense now and a cigarette smoke cloud would never move that quickly or look like a woosh or turn to water! I looked at my 2nd floor balcony and there’s no way a cigarette cloud could jump up 2 stories over my 3 ft balcony ledge and I never smoked smoke. I couldn’t comprehend it now rationally.
The night after my moms funeral I spoke about this to my minister and his eyes opened widely and said I believe you because your mom came to see me too! He said she came in a vision her face and body, looking the same wearing a Korean white hanbok (traditional costume) she kept coming at him while he was trying to fall asleep. He was scared as he never experienced this kind of thing before. She kept coming at him 5-6 times til he got so scared that he went to the other room where his wife was. That’s when I really believed. My sister was there as my minister told his story very skeptical saying if she’s still here then she didn’t go to heaven and that’s not good. I told her u must believe she went to heaven but her death was tragic and sudden and sometimes I heard the linger. She also had some unfinished business to take care of. The very next day, my skeptical sister had a supernatural experience as well. We were supposed to remove the crazy sister from my moms house but my skeptical sister tried to put it off til the weekend. I woke up so distraught that next morning worried my crazy sister is staying at my moms house. You see crazy sister Sandra aka Kashera is a thief, pathological liar, criminal and a murderer. She is a drug addict, alcoholic, cult worshipping schizophrenic (long story). Anyways, that morning I was so overwhelmed with what had happened with my mom and all the things I had to do. I was always the caretaker and responsible to take care of everything. I was crying and distraught at all the things that happened. (Long story) At around 130 pm my skeptical sister called me and said when are we going to get remove crazy sister? I said you told me last night you wanted to put it off til Sat? She said no get ready we’re going. I was elated, I needed her help to get rid of the crazy sister and I yelled at my husband to get ready. She called me 30 min later and said don’t freak out. I already started to get happy mom was back. She said earlier that morning she was walking around the house and she felt her cat brush up/nudge her ankle, totally normal, she looked down and nothing was there, no cat. This kept happening 5-6 times she finally called her housekeeper and asked where the cat was? The housekeeper was Mexican and superstitious, she looked at her surprisingly and said the cat hasn’t been in the house today at all. That was weird. Then she went to her bedroom and she heard a vibrating noise. She couldn’t tell where it was coming from then she sat on the bed and noticed the right side of her tempurpedic electric bed was vibrating. It was the right side only, the side my mom used to sleep on when she’d come and visit. She opened her nightstand to get the remote and the light on the remote which should be on wasn’t on. She turned off the bed through the remote put it back in the drawer and went to the bathroom. When she returned the bed was on again vibrating on the right side. She opened the drawer took out the battery, turned it off and then took a shower. When she returned the bed was on again. She finally unplugged it and then called me to go kick my crazy sister out. When I heard the story I was so happy it was my mom again I think nudging my sister to help me. I was so elated on the drive over to the police station to deal w this I started crying and was happy. My mom was watching over me and helping me. We went to the cops and then went to remove my crazy sister and it only took 5 min. Which was a miracle in itself.
I started reading up on ADC and NDE and couldn’t believe all the similar stories of white mists, electrical things moving, visions etc. There’s plenty of books and videos that will make u believe. I also watched a video that really confirmed my faith as God is love and all that is important is to love each other and the kindness you give onto others. All the near death experience testimonies confirm it. When u die you will see a panoramic view of your life from birth til end. You will see it all at once, you will feel everything every emotion and how you affected and touched others. You won’t see the fame or riches or superficial things but how you affected others (like pay it forward) and how you changed their lives. This was amazing research I hope you can do as well. It has changed my life, I no longer value the material things, and I know this time here is precious and what we do to others is meaningful. There is an afterlife and I do believe how it confirmed all the values I believe and was taught at church. It’s all about love. Good luck on your search and believe, I do!!

NY, Fri 8 Nov, 16:44

I didn’t expect to find anything relating to my experience of seeing a fine mist leaving the body of my dad when he passed away a few years ago. But now I know I didn’t imagine what I saw thanks to all of you who experienced the same phenomena.
I saw the vapor-like mist at the very moment he died and witnessed the change in his face with the cheeks getting drawn and discolored. At first I thought the vapors came from the oxygen feeder mounted just above his bed to help his breathing but for some reason it caught my attention just as it reached halfway up to the ceiling. Seems it came out of the left side of his chest area. As I think back…it was very similar to a mist you get when opening a can of soda.

Stan, Sun 20 Oct, 23:15

J Davidson,

Thanks for reporting the interesting observation, but I’m sorry that I don’t have an answer for you. Nearly all of the soul mist sightings seem to be in the presence of the dying person and very near the time of death, so yours is very unusual in that respect.  Perhaps your mum was out of body at the time and visiting you, and the mist was connected with her etheric body.  There is so much we don’t know about the phenomenon.

Michael Tymn, Tue 15 Oct, 20:58

5 days before my mum died I was lying in bed with my laptop when I saw this grey and white mist when I blinked and i saw it again and I had a funny feeling in my stomach and I said to myself I hope my kids are ok and I hope my mum is ok. the next day I couldn’t stop thinking about it then the day after I went to visit mum in the care home and the nurse told me she was not well a chest infection and the doctor called me on my mobile while I was there to tell me mum had a chest infection I new when I looked at her she wasn’t getting through this and three days later she died I find It strange that I got this grey /white mist and bad feeling days before her death could that have been her soul leaving her body or does the soul leave just after death would appreciate your feedback on this please

j davidson, Mon 14 Oct, 23:22

This experience is with my dog passing away.  I was with my dog when she passed away at the vets office.  I was holding her when she took her last breath.  I saw a cloud or mist leave her body. I am a non believer in an after life.  So I turned to asked the vet what was the mist leaving my dogs body. However I was crying so hard I could not make a sound.  When I looked back at my dog the mist was gone.  Even though I am a non believer I can not explain the misty from her body & I am open minded to many possibilities.

na, Thu 10 Oct, 03:11

came to this page after having an experience with my mom laying in the ER dying she was late 80’s (ten yrs ago) and while the rest of the family stepped out, I was alone in the room, a light mist arose from her foot area, hovered for a few secs and then drifted straight up .......I had the shape of a barrel about the size of a coffee can and had a dark spot in the middle of it…......... I was about 4 ft away from this event room was semi lit with all the life support equip hooked up, I related this to family and family priest and they said I had an Unique EXPERIENCE

jerry, Tue 1 Oct, 18:34

A few days ago I was sick with a fever while going to the bathroom I noticed a white cloud of smoke rise near me a sec later it was gone,never said anything to my wife,when i did she said she too had the same thing happen too her near the bathroom sink what could this be?

timothy dedee, Sat 17 Aug, 13:56

My Grandmother (mum to me) passed away at just before x’mas and as the same as many of you I found this page due to wondering if I was the only one who had seen anything like this….
I stayed by my grandmothers side for her final few days and at the same day she passed away a nun came and said a prayer for her. When the nun was saying her prayer I saw a white mist between her and the nun who was above her.
I was not imagining this and she didn’t pass away until that night, but I saw it!!
And I swear the nun did also.
To everyone on here questioning if they did see something believe that you did and don’t doubt yourself!!
I had never heard of this happening and I am so very glad I found this site to confirm my events that day have been experienced by others..
I love you nan and miss you every day more and more xx

Renee, Mon 8 Jul, 00:36

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