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Strange Deathbed Mist & Light Explained by Michael Tymn

Posted on 04 October 2010, 23:09

In his recently-released book Glimpses of Eternity, Dr. Raymond Moody, (below) who is known primarily for his pioneering work in near-death experiences, explores the area of deathbed visions and shared-death experiences. In one chapter, Moody discusses a strange mist that is sometimes reported over a deathbed.  “They describe it in various ways,” he writes. “Some say that it looks like smoke, while others say it is as subtle as steam.  Sometimes it seems to have a human shape.  Whatever the case, it usually drifts upward and always disappears fairly quickly.”

raymond moody

Moody and co-author Paul Perry quote a Georgia doctor who twice saw a mist coming up from deceased patients.  The doctor explained that as the patients died they lit up with a bright glow, their eyes shining with a silvery light.  The mist formed over the chest and hovered there, as the doctor observed closely and saw that the mist had depth and complex structure. He further said that it seemed to have layers with energetic motion in it.  During the second occurrence, the doctor felt an unseen presence standing beside him and seemingly waiting for the patient to die.

A hospice psychologist is quoted by Moody as saying that the misty clouds which form above the head or chest seem to have an electrical component to them. A nurse reported seeing a mist rising from many patients as they die, including her father, with whom she saw the mist rise from his chest “as if off a still river,” and then hovering for a few seconds before dissipating.

The bright glow witnessed by the Georgia doctor has also been reported by many other deathbed observers. Moody quotes one man as saying that the room became “uncomfortably bright,” so bright that he couldn’t shut it out even when he closed his eyes.  A hospice nurse reported seeing a “luminous presence floating near the bed, shaped somewhat like a person.”  In the same case, the head nurse saw the light in the room and light coming from the dying person’s eyes but did not observe the presence.

Moody tells of his own experience as he and other family members gathered at the bed of his dying mother.  Among some other strange things, they all saw an unusual light in the room.  “It was like looking at light in a swimming pool at night,” Moody explains.
There are countless reports of dying people having visions of light and seeing loved ones gathering, but skeptics discount them as hallucinations.  However, as Moody points out, it is one thing to claim that the dying person is hallucinating, quite another to claim that healthy people in the room are sharing in the hallucination with the dying person.  He discusses a number of other shared experiences at deathbeds and opines that they tell us more about the afterlife than the NDE and that they are “the key to proving the existence of an afterlife.” (It should be kept in mind that calling something an “hallucination” does not mean it is not “real.”  It is just not objectively real.)

Caregivers Often Witness 

Such misty vapors and “lights” around the deathbed have been reported by other researchers, including Dr. Bernard Laubscher, (below) a South African psychiatrist.  “I was told by different ‘Tant Sannies’ (caregivers) how while watching at the bedside of the dying one with one or two candles burning they had seen the formation of a faint vaporous body, an elongated whitish purplish-like cloud; parallel with the dying person and about two feet above the body,” Laubscher wrote in a 1975 book, Beyond Life’s Curtain.  “Gradually this cloudlike appearance became denser and took on the form, first vaguely and then more definitely, of the person in the bed.  This process continued until the phantom suspended above the body was an absolute replica of the person, especially the face.”

bernard laubscher

Laubscher further reported that these caregivers, some of whom were apparently clairvoyant, reported seeing a ribbon-like cord stretching from the back of the phantom’s head to the body below and that the phantom would begin to glow as it was fully formed. “They noticed that some were more luminous than others and there was a light all around the outline of the [phantom], which I could only compare to a neon tube,” Laubscher added, going on to say that as the phantom righted itself the connecting cord thinned out as if it was fraying away.  Sometimes these clairvoyant caregivers would report joyous faces of other deceased gathering around to welcome the person to the spirit world before the “silver cord” was severed and the visions ceased.

As Laubscher came to understand it, the vaporous material has the same makeup as ectoplasm, the mysterious substance given off by physical mediums before materializations.  It acts as sort of a “glue” in bonding the physical body with the spirit body, and the more materialistic a person the denser the ectoplasm and the more difficulty the person has in “giving up the ghost.”

In their excellent 2008 book, The Art of Dying, Dr. Peter Fenwick, a renowned British neuropsychiatrist, and Elizabeth Fenwick also discuss the “smoke,” “grey mist,” or “white mist” which leaves the body at death.  “Sometimes it will hover above the body before rising to disappear through the ceiling, and it is often associated with love, light, compassion, purity, and occasionally with heavenly music,” they write, adding that not everyone who is in the room sees it.

The Fenwicks quote a woman named Penny Bilcliffe, who was present when her sister died:  “I saw a fast-moving ‘Will ‘o the Wisp’ appear to leave her body by the side of her mouth on the right.  The shock and the beauty of it made me gasp.  It appeared like a fluid or gaseous diamond, pristine, sparkly, and pure, akin to the view from above of an eddy in the clearest pool you can imagine…It moved rapidly upwards and was gone.”

In his 1970 book, Out of the Body Experiences, Dr. Robert Crookall quotes Dr. R. B. Hout, a physician, who was present at the death of his aunt.  “My attention was called…to something immediately above the physical body, suspended in the atmosphere about two feet above the bed.  At first I could distinguish nothing more than a vague outline of a hazy, fog-like substance.  There seemed to be only a mist held suspended, motionless.  But, as I looked, very gradually there grew into my sight a denser, more solid, condensation of this inexplicable vapor.  Then I was astonished to see definite outlines presenting themselves, and soon I saw this fog-like substance was a assuming a human form.”

Hout then saw that the form resembled the physical body of his aunt.  The form hung suspended horizontally a few feet above the body.  When the phantom form appeared complete, Hout saw his aunt’s features clearly.  “They were very similar to the physical face, except that a glow of peace and vigor was expressed instead of age and pain. The eyes were closed as though in tranquil sleep, and a luminosity seemed to radiate from the spirit body.”

Hout then observed a “silverlike substance” streaming from the head of the physical body to the head of the spirit body.  “The colour was a translucent luminous silver radiance.  The cord seemed alive with vibrant energy.  I could see the pulsations of light stream along the course of it, from the direction of the physical body to the spirit ‘double.’  With each pulsation the spirit body became more alive and denser, whereas the physical body became quieter and more nearly lifeless…”

When the pulsations of the cord stopped, Hout could see various strands of the cord snapping.  When the last connecting strand snapped, the spirit body rose to a vertical position, the eyes opened, and a smile broke from the face before it vanished from his sight.

Ectoplasm on the Battlefield

“I have seen ectoplasm on the battlefield,” a young soldier was quoted in the January 25, 1945 issue of Psychic Observer by reporter Ed Bodin. “I have watched it emanate from a badly wounded soldier and then disappear as that soldier breathed his last.  One hillbilly comrade from Kentucky called it ‘soul mist,’ revealing that many natives in his part of the country considered it quite a normal thing, although they seldom talked about it.”

Because his orthodox Christian family frowned on discussion of such occult matters, the young soldier asked not to be identified.  However, he went on to tell how, after being wounded by shrapnel, another soldier lay badly wounded about 10 feet from him.  “I looked at him with pity, forgetting my own pain.  Then in the deepening twilight I saw strange smoke begin to curl above him as though coming from his stomach as he lay on his back moaning.  The stump of his arm was in the thick mud congealing the blood to some extent and making death slower.

“Then I remembered what my friend had said about soul-mist, and I watched fascinated as the ectoplasm became denser and began to flow toward me.  For a moment I thought I saw in it the face of a kindly old lady.  Presently it reached me and for a second I was bewildered by the strange sensation that came over me.  I felt stronger.  With my left arm I raised myself and began to crawl to the dying soldier.  I reached for my canteen of water.  The mist was still around me, and with a sudden effort I was on my feet, and beside the soldier.”

The other soldier died and the young soldier telling the story rose and walked nearly a mile to the Red Cross representative.  He remained unconscious for three days and medical attendants later told him that they could not understand how he had lived, to say nothing of walking the near mile to safety.  “…to my dying day, I shall believe the ectoplasm from the body of that dying soldier had helped me in a mysterious way,” the young soldier added.  “It had given me sufficient strength to save my life.  That soul-mist of a sacrificed soldier was like the spiritual light of Jesus about whom it was said: ‘He could save others, but not Himself’.”

Michael Tymn is the author of The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die, Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife, and Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I.



Sorry for the delay in responding to your question of February 17. I somehow missed it at that time. However, I’m not qualified to answer your question beyond saying spirits may very well be the explanation.  Without specifics, I don’t think anyone can really answer your question. Even then, it would be just speculation.

Michael Tymn, Tue 11 Jun, 03:23

What about people that seen mists throughout their life . Is this spirits visiting ? Like white mists and black mists ?

Laura, Sat 17 Feb, 22:52


Many thanks to you and all others who have shared those very intriguing soul mist experiences over the past 13 years.

Michael Tymn, Fri 13 Oct, 19:30

My father died on January 12, 2011. I was in the hospice room as he took his last breath. My mother, sister, brother, aunt and uncle were also in the room.  As soon as he breathed his last breath, I saw a cylindrical, thick white mist shoot out of his mouth with a great force, making a swishing sound. It rose to the ceiling, stayed a while, then dissipated. I never told anyone about this.  Then, one day several months later, I was with my sister and told her, “I have to tell you what I saw when dad died.”  She explained to me exactly what I saw before I was even able to utter a word.  Later, we found out that the only ones to see this were my sister and myself.  My aunt, uncle, brother and mother did not see or hear anything, and my mother was actually upset that she was not privy to this experience. Well, in short, I never doubted the existence of God and Jesus again and have become much more spiritual since this experience.

Janek, Fri 13 Oct, 01:58

Bruce, my condolences on the transition of your wife last month. Many thanks for sharing your very intriguing and encouraging experiences since then.

Michael Tymn, Tue 25 Apr, 09:17

My wife visits me whenever I call.  Through closed eye meditation I have made a permanent connection.  She had left us on March 2 2023.  She appears through a golden frame outline then walks through or floats through at times.  She lies by my side, both sides, whether sitting or lying.  Multiples of her begin to appear who are more active.  They walk around the room, looking at things, greet me with a kiss.  At times they show me their realm, like trees lakes, etc.  Much of the time these multiples lie around, kind of like sleeping.  The one thing that seems to be a priority is the kissing of each other.  Recently, I have noticed the exchange of what appears to be an unusual mist that they breathe in and share with the other multiples.  Also visiting are dogs and cats which can be a little creepy but are somehow closely linked to the spirits.  The experience plays out in full motion and not in still images.  It is also silent.  What once took weeks to achieve now occurs in less than a minute.  I have a house cat that has been with us for 14 years now, she likes to sleep on the bed with me. I have noticed her unusual reactions to animals that I mentioned visiting.  She crouches in the pounce position and will pounce as if she sees something move.  I do know what she is seeing.  It all kind of confirms my visions as real.  I try not to analyze everything and realize that our human logic doesn’t really apply here.  These visitations are real and I can have them whenever I want.  I do not see spirits with eyes open only through eyes closed.  Thank you for reading in advance, Bruce

Bruce Barton, Mon 24 Apr, 20:06


Very interesting.  Thanks for sharing.  Yes, I would like to see the images if you are able to post them here.


Michael Tymn, Wed 12 Apr, 20:14

My mother just passed away on April 10. She was 98 and on home hospice. I have a ring camera in the living room where we had her hospital bed. I went in my room and pulled up the camera on my phone. I saw a white rope looking thing coming from the head of her bed rising to the ceiling and across the ceiling
to the corner of the room. I thought it was a spider web. I took a broom to the site but could see nothing with the naked eye. I brushed the area where I thought the web was but when I looked on my phone it was still there. She passed away 3 hours later. After she was picked up I started looking at the videos. The white stuff was gone after she left. I screen shot the images and it was unbelievable. Would like you to take a look and see what you think.

Sandy, Wed 12 Apr, 08:19

This is my brother cancer but was this purple mist coming or going to picture of the map

Linda Greenwood, Sat 29 Oct, 16:51


I’m sorry to hear of your condition, known as Morgellons Syndrome. I just Googled it and noted that it is not well understood. I saw no reference to a “mist” in what I did read, even though the references indicate something is exuded. I don’t know why you are assuming that “soul mist” is the same thing you are observing.  My uneducated guess is that we are talking about two different things, but it obviously goes beyond my “guessing.”  Best wishes for a recovery.

Michael Tymn, Sat 27 Nov, 07:41

So this “mist” rises out of my skin at any of the (now dozens of) lesions/open sores/open ulcers located on the surface of my body, peppered all over from my scalp all of the way to the toes.

It doesn’t do this spontaneously or randomly, however.

Usually, it requires a kind of ‘trigger’ or impetus to exit the skin and rise.
By applying a magnet of any strength to the lesion, hovering above the lesion by about a centimeter or less, waiting for the force to repel the magnetic field, then by suddenly twisting the magnet horizontally at least 30-45 degrees, the mist will suddenly rise out of the sore upward in the form of a small burst or cloudburst, then the magnet will once again exhibit a “repulsion force” similar to the one just prior to the twisting, and there will no longer appear any further “mist release”.

I usually do this with either one of my arms, but it will occur with any lesion anywhere on the body.

As soon as the “mist” is expelled and rises (always rapidly), my arm begins to “deflate”.  This is the only term I can think of that comes close to the actual experience.

If left there long enough, the magnet will “pull”  enough of this mist out for release that my arm will become literally skin and bone.

This is Morgellons Syndrome and I don’t expect you to believe anything I have said.  All of the personnel on my medical team certainly don’t believe me.

I’m not making this up as some kind of joke, and I’m not consuming any drugs of any sort.

Thank you for reading this.

Matt G, Sat 27 Nov, 01:22


Generally, the soul mist is seen leaving the body at the time the person’s heart stop beating or he/she otherwise “gives up the ghost.”  It has been said that more materialistic souls don’t necessarily give up this life force right away and so there might be a delay. I don’t know if that could account for some of what you mention. I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to the subject. I try try to report on it and also note what others have to say. I don’t think there is anybody who really knows the answer to your question. Thanks for sharing it.

Michael Tymn, Thu 2 Sep, 20:00

A white misty smoke was seen by several people 3 times in one day and caught on camera twice. 1st time , my brothers daughters were driving to the funeral , white mist came though only one air conditioning vent. 2nd time , happened during the funeral , Extremely large amount of mist started up towards the 12 foot ceiling and worked it way down toward the casket. Lasted for about 5 to 8 seconds. A lot of people saw it and a lot of people didn’t see it. (Because of Covid the funeral was videotaped live and then put on YouTube. You can see the mist in the video but everyone that saw it said it was more intense in person including myself ! ) Right after the funeral my brother’s daughters were on the way to the gravesite. The mist was coming out of the same air conditioning again which they caught on video. I talk to my mechanic and he told me it was impossible .My nieces talked to the funeral director and she said this has happened one other time inside the funeral home .My nieces have a 4:30 appointment tomorrow with the preacher , They want to discuss what they saw and what does that mean.

Kelly, Thu 2 Sep, 01:53

I was with my beloved wife when she passed away from cancer and I was with her when she literally breathed out her last breath and I saw something like a ribbon of purple smoke and it disappeared as quickly as it appeared after word it was immediately clear that she was no longer there in that physical body. This is really amazing how there are so many similar experiences. And all of these loved ones have made the farther journey and they are waiting for us and then I think we’ve all had experiences where we realize how thin the veil is between this world and the next and even though I’m not Catholic I do find myself asking for guidance and wisdom and help from those who have passed on. The idea of the communion of saints all of those who have passed on in those who remain on this earth that we are all one we are not separated that life and death are not separate they are part of the same continuum-This resonates deeply with me. Blessings to everyone.

Harry Schultz, Thu 29 Jul, 01:09

My son passed away at the age of 34yrs.Straight after his funeral a beautiful day in July I saw a mist by our front door. Inside this oval shape I could clearly see a figure waving an arm. I believe to this day my son had come to say goodbye. The mist rose upwards then dispersed. I remember begging him to stay but the mist vanished. I could tell in the middle of this mist it was my son, his shape, his build and hight. He had been cremated so to this day it still baffles me but in one way it brings me comfort.

Susan Richardson, Thu 25 Mar, 03:11

yes my sister and I witnessed the same thing when our uncle passed we were sitting beside his bed while he was transitioning to eternal life we saw this mist just leaving his body and we couldn’t do nothing but look we couldn’t call no on else to the room and a hour later hi stop breathing we knowrite the he was souk was leaving his body I will never forget it

Carolyn Williams, Fri 1 Jan, 03:34

My son died of a embolism very suddenly for guite awhile silver strips materialized on my wall of my flat
And then a silver mist went round my flat I said you cannot look after me anymore go towards the light and see all the family it didn’t happen again

Denise, Tue 15 Dec, 22:58

I was watching YouTube, and saw this, then after I Googled “Mist rising from newly deceased” and came to this page.. Is this what is seen?

sam, Tue 18 Aug, 22:52

My wife passed on july 1st of 2020. Both my Sons and I we’re by her side we whitnessed a vapour like cloud above her body. Shortly before 2 Cardinals a male and a female were in atree for 5 minutes just looking at us! My wife was in a hospice for 6 days when she passed. She had reported talking to people in her room every night but she could not see anyone! Also the last day I spent with her by her side, she told me she was so at ease and had such a Anjelic look on her face that someone was tapping her shoulder! She was at peace when she told me I was only 2 feet from her! What a experiance. Praise God! Amen!

David Peck, Sun 16 Aug, 15:32


A few others have reported seeing mist in a non-deathbed situation and others have reported seeing such mist when others in the room didn’t see it. I know of nothing conclusive in this regard.  It may indicate spirit presence, but that’s just speculation on my part. As the vast majority of reports suggest, it seems to be related to the person’s spirit leaving the body.  Sorry I can’t provide a better answer.

Michael Tymn, Sun 2 Aug, 02:39

I only looked this white mist up because I was visiting with my daughter today and I saw a white mist coming from the ceiling of her place. It was only there for a few seconds then it was gone. Thought I was seeing things, my daughter is very much alive and although she does have health issues she is not dead. Does anyone know if this mist appears with other situations other than death? I was the only person who saw it although there were 3 other people in the room.

Wendy, Fri 31 Jul, 21:17


Thank you for sharing your deathbed experience.  It is very interesting and somewhat more dynamic than the average experience.  However, I’ve heard or read about a number of deathbed phenomena in which one person saw something and others didn’t.  It has been said that everyone is clairvoyant to some degree.  It may be that you are more clairvoyant than others who were present. It doesn’t seem like something that you should be “haunted” by.

Michael Tymn, Thu 14 May, 10:15

Some of the family gathered around Dads bed as he was dying in the hospital and one of my sisters was stroking his head and speaking gently to him.
  I was outside the room looking in as this was happening,and as the dying process continued and Dad was in what we call the “death rattle” which is the noise the air makes as it is expelled from the body i felt what i thought was an earthquake, as the floor and what felt like the whole building vibrating with this very very powerful energy.

                    At the same time this grey spiral of what looked like thick dense compact smoke was swirling above his body,just above his stomach.
                I swear to god i have never felt such powerful energy\ life force\ soul in my life,in fact i was awe struck by this force \energy slowly rising from his body with each breath that he expended.    As each breath left his body the swirl vibrated and the vibration and sheer force of the energy increased with it.

            The sound was like standing in the middle of a super mega typhoon during an earthquake while 10000 jet planes screamed over the top of me,it felt like pure raw energy emanating from god knows where,but i felt it was a good and calming energy and i was not afraid,in fact i felt peaceful and at one with ...  well with the Universe i suppose.. i dont know….. it all just felt good and calming amongst the vibrating floor\building and all that super mega energy life force that was leaving Dads body.

    The thing that haunts me is not what i had experienced… but out of the 10 members of the family who were present, i was the only one who had seen the grey swirl and felt the energy and vibration as the life force departed Dads body.
          I asked them all and not one of them had seen or heard anything except me.

                I can still feel that pure life force soul energy to this day and will never forget the experience.

John OCallaghan, Thu 14 May, 06:12

My sister died 24 JUNE 2017 from a brain tumour….... I was sitting on the bed holding her hand when my brother who was sitting on a chair beside me jumped up and said there was smoke coming from the bottom of the bed….. he thought the cover was on fire from a candle, I looked around and saw nothing,  he said it here was a white fog coming from the bottom of the bed and flowing down my left shoulder and flowing up towards my sister…... for some reason I said to other family members , her breathing has changed…..  I don’t know why I said that because I didn’t see her breathing change….  I just knew we had to call her children into the room quickly…...  she took her last breath within 5 mins of them all running in….. I know now her soul was leaving her body.

Moira Mc Cormac, Thu 23 Apr, 13:14

Many thanks to Jennie, Diana, Trisha and all others who have shared their experiences here recently.

My article about Soul Mist appeared in an issue of the Forever Family Foundation magazine last year.  It can be seen at

I’m thinking about a book on the subject if I can find a few more cases and references.

Michael Tymn, Tue 21 Apr, 20:17

Eight years ago, after a life-long disabling and having multiple seizures everyday, my daughter suffered her last seizure which out her in a coma.
The night before this happened, I woke up at 3:00am uncontrollably sobbing waking my husband to tell him KNEW something horrible was going to happen today. He told me to go back to sleep and I actually did. I woke up and let the dream go. Then, I received a call from my ex-husband. My daughter was with him and he told me she had had a seizure bad enough to go to the ER. I dropped to my knees. I knew immediately it was going to be her last.

The next day, it was a beautifully sunny day and the sun shined into her ICU room. I was sitting by the window and she was lying on her bed further in the room.
I watched as I saw a white mist form over her body. It was 18 to 24 inches above her body. It was the same height as her starting at the top of her head and ending at her feet. I knew it was her soul, so I began to cry. I knew she couldn’t let go because her soul was being held to her body by the life-support machine keeping her alive, but I wasn’t ready to let her go so I fought to keep my daughter alive.
Two weeks later, after trying absolutely everything and no brain activity for five days we took her life support.
I feel so blessed to have witnessed her soul begin to transition. It was a gift, but grief has no boundaries and it took me years to deal with the pain.
A year after her death I felt her in my car, then, as I drove on a cold, clear dark night with no cars around me I saw a beautiful, bright purplish-White orb floating in front of my moving car. I actually swerved to miss it, but it vanished before I got close.
That night, I went to bed and had my first visitation from her as I slept. It was not a dream. I was gifted a visit with my daughter. She looked radiant. Beautiful white light shined, but it shined from everywhere. Her hair which turned curly from all the medication she took during her life was her beautiful blonde hair, but it was straight and in a perfect ponytail. She didn’t have Rett’s Syndrome. She looked absolutely beautiful and HEALTHY! Telepathically she said, “I love you mom and thank you.” (I am crying as I type this last part). She was surrounded by other spirits, but I didn’t recognize them, just her. I knew she was in the highest realm, just a feeling, but I just KNEW.
I still get little visitations from her. Sometimes I see what look like a fairy light in my room on special occasions. Twice, while talking to my dad she began hitting keys on the phone. The beeps of the phone were incredibly fast. Then I would say, “Dad, it’s Caitlin! Hi Caitlin!” As soon as I recognized that it was her the phone became silent then I saw a light in my room, a tiny little light. It’s always about 6” from the ceiling and it only stays for a couple seconds, but I know it’s her soul crossing over.
Our loved ones are here. They’re just in a different frequency, a higher frequency. If you work on raising your human vibrations by prayer, meditation, positivity you too may get a hello from the other side.
I hope this helps anyone dealing with grief,

Trisha, Mon 20 Apr, 18:35

Several years ago I was in the hospice room where my young adult nephew lay dying. There were four of us in the room as we knew his time was near. In a few brief moments the lighting
In the room changed- especially in the right corner near the ceiling. As I watched intently- I saw a gray vapor rise from my nephew - it was in motion and seemed to move with purpose.
It moved upwards and the swiftly turned and went through the wall above the French doors of his room. I was the only person in the room to see it. It was a very somber moment as I realized I must have seen his soul departing. I always believed in God- I always believed in an afterlife- but I had never seen anything even close to what I witnessed that night.
I whispered to him to go find his mom and Grandmother- that they were waiting for him. ( They are both deceased.)
It was a surreal moment- I dreaded seeing someone so young leave us but I am confident that he simply left his physical body - and made his way to eternity.

Jennie, Mon 20 Apr, 04:46

Diana, my account isn’t working for some reason. Can you send the pictures to my Gmail account instead?

My Gmail is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Mark Wynn, Sun 12 Apr, 09:48

Diana, would you be willing to share the pictures with me? I want to take a look at them. I won’t share them with anyone without your permission.

My email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Mark Wynn, Sat 11 Apr, 15:43

I accidentally clicked on stop email.
My story on my father was not a video in infact a photo. FYI

Diana R, Mon 6 Apr, 00:24


My condolences on the transition of your father.  Thank you for sharing that extraordinary experience.  I gather that it is a video, not single shots, but it sounds like something that can only be fully appreciated by seeing it/them. However, there will likely be skeptics who say that the video was in some way doctored or some natural light accounts for it.

If it is a video, you might consider sending it to your local TV station.  It could go nationwide from there.  Or you might put it on YouTube.  I’ll look forward to seeing it one way or the other.

Michael Tymn, Sat 4 Apr, 23:11

My father was on Hospice for a year and a half. He had congestive heart failure and orthostatic hypotension.  Hospice told me 4 times to call my sibling because your father is transitioning and will pass very soon. Each time they said that it wasn’t so. So on February 19 the nurse came to visit and told me she couldn’t get his vitals, they were to faint. His breathing was different. The nurse told me your father will pass today. I called my sibling, but he was in disbelief due to all the other times the nurse had said the same thing. My father took his last breath at 9 pm. I called my brother and my best friend.  My friend arrived first. When she came into the room I was still crying over my fathers body. We then hugged each other crying in each others arms. My husband was standing at the foot of my fathers bed. He started to take pictures with his iPhone 11 which has 3 cameras. He just purchased the phone 3 months ago. It takes the most clear and beautiful pictures ever. While my husband was taking photos of my friend and i crying and looking over my father,my husband captured the most amazing beautiful light beams all over the room. The light beams are so amazing, beautiful and clear. The light beams came from the corner ceiling of the room coming down onto the entire bed in a angle. I have tried to find a image like ours on the internet but have not been able to. Does anyone know whos hands i can put this photo on so they can perhaps share with the world.  I think it would change a non believer of God into a believer.

Diana R, Fri 3 Apr, 19:06

My dad passed away 2 years ago in a hospice, myself and my daughter where at his bedside. He opened his eyes minutes before he died, they where glazed over, and I kissed his forehead and told him it was ok to let go then I saw first one mist which looked like someone had taken a breath and exhaled on a cold day, but the room was warm,  then another which seemed to come from his body, they followed each other towards the ceiling and just disappeared, they lasted only seconds,  and then my dad passed away. I’m not religious in any way and I have no explanation for what I witnessed but I do know it gave me comfort. It’s not something I willingly tell people because I don’t expect to believed. It was a completely surreal experience but for the first time I do now believe that when we die a part of us leaves our body   I have tried researching what I saw but nothing explains it

Sharon, Sat 7 Mar, 19:56


Thanks for sharing your mystifying experience. To answer your first question, there has been no attempt on my part to determine whether the people reporting “soul mist” were Christians or not and I am not aware of any such attempt from references on soul mist.  However, from what you report, I would not put it in the category of soul mist.  Perhaps it was some kind of spirit entity, whether an advanced spirit trying to make itself known to you but lacking sufficient power, but possibly an “earthbound” spirit floundering about and not even knowing he/she is “dead.”  Earthbound spirits are not necessarily “demonic,” as you feared, although there are apparently some who can be a negative influence, if you give into them.  At least, that is my understanding.
As nothing more came of your experience, I would not hold on to it. I’m just a reporter, not an authority on such matters.

Michael Tymn, Fri 17 Jan, 03:48

Can you please tell me are these Christians that have died and seen this mist or unbelievers?  I had a recent incident. I had gotten out of bed about 2 a.m. to get some water. I hadn’t gone to sleep yet because I was laying in bed watching TV. After getting a water bottle I thought I would look out the front door window to see if there were any deer outside. The lights in the house were off and as I left the kitchen and headed for the living room, I looked ahead to the door and noticed a gray form hovering in the air. I noticed it but it didn’t register much to think about it, but as I crossed through the living room and was about 6-8 feet from the door (the outside street light was shining through the door window so I could see well) I looked up again and it was right in front of my face. The bottom of it was my chin height and it went up higher about 2 feet. I immediately, when I almost walked into it, threw my head back to keep from walking into it or through it, and backed up and it disappeared. I am not dying. So not sure why I saw this. I am positive I saw it. No doubt. I have never seen any thing before this, except for orbs which I have many pictures of. I am a devout Christian. My first thought was it must be an angel. But I got to thinking, it could just as easily been a demon? It must not have known I could see it, because as soon as I noticed it and reacted, it was gone. Can anyone please give me their thoughts or experiences that could relate to this?  Please help, I’m scared.
Thanks, Liz

Liz W, Wed 15 Jan, 18:11

My mother died at the age of 99 in January 2019. I am her oldest daughter and had been her care giver and advocate for many years. Ma was heavily medicated for pain control in her last days and thus unresponsive. I knew she was very close to death due to her irregular breathing. I was sitting close to her bed holding her forearm telling her that it was OK to “let go” and that I would always love her. I also told her that there was huge snowstorm about to hit and that she may want to ride it to heaven. I was surprised when she slowly opened her eyes an I saw a burning white light (the color of lightning) in them. She then slowly closed her eyes and I felt her muscles twitching as happens when one dies. A nurse confirmed that she had died. I have long known about the mist that sometimes appears above a dying person. I was not prepared for this burning light in her eyes, however. I pondered this for a while and figured either I had seen a glimpse of the white light that people who have had near death experiences have reported (which represents the god force to some) or that the light was her brain’s electrical energy coming to an end. Until reading this blog, I hadn’t found any reports similar to what I had seen on that day. Although the scientist in me leans towards the ending of her brain’s electrical energy, my gut and intuition tell me that she opened her eyes to let me know that she was going to “the light” and that it was important for me to know this…a final gift from my Mom.

Linda, Fri 3 Jan, 02:52

I had a heart attack and emergency open heart triple bypass surgery. This occurred 1 week before I was supposed to go 500 miles north to lay my father to rest who had passed away 5 MONTHS EARLIER! The winter was already too bad in Michigans Upper Peninsula so we could not bury him. He was a devote/traditional Roman Catholic and putting him in a urn was out of the question. I was and still am his spitting image!!!!!! While in CCU 3 days after the surgery, I was fine/not doped up. I had discomfort obviously, but I was watching the Tigers game in my recliner.*It was then I noticed/perceived the fine mist that was swirling all about me. Having a medical background myself and quite familiar with a hospital setting i asked the CCU nurse “does the hospital use anything in the ventilation system etc” She replied NO! I decided to give this “Swirling Mist” the litmus test! Like smoke, if I were to sweep my hand across and through it then IT WOULD DISPLACE. Just like smoke from a fire. Well it didn’t! I was amazed yet calm and simply said “Hello, hope ya like baseball” lol

Chris, Fri 22 Nov, 01:53

İ live alone and i occasionally take my laptop to my bedroom and listen to youtube vids documentaries etc. One night i was laying in bed and woke to see a golden cırcle revolving rapıdly at my window..i would estimate it to be about 4 feet in diameter..the room had a gold glow to it..i could hear muffled voices and see black silhouettes of people…i looked at it for about 20 sewcond wondering what it was…i wasnt afraid ..i thought id left my computer open and that was a reflection on the curtains…i thought to myself i cant sleep with that going i got out of bed walked past it and looked where my computer was closed..i turned around and the circle ..sound and light were gone…any ideas out there?

john, Fri 20 Sep, 14:48

It’s comforting to find this article and all these comments from people who’ve had a similar experience to what I had 21 years ago when my first husband died. I was sitting next to the bed in his hospital room, and he was breathing erratically. Then I saw what appeared to be a wisp of steam, or smoke, or mist, come out of his mouth with his last breath. My eyes narrowed and my mouth dropped open, and even though I was completely heartbroken, I thought, “what the hell is that?“. I’d never heard of a mist leaving the body of a dying person before that moment. And then, that was it — he didn’t inhale again. I continued talking to him, as I had been doing, telling him how much I loved him, and thanking him for loving me. It was an excruciatingly painful, but also profoundly beautiful, experience.

Tamra, Thu 18 Jul, 17:41

My Father had died on Friday 22 March 2019. Three days before his death I knew his time is coming to die. I said goodbay to him and when I turn to him his eyes was white. On the Friday of his death me and my sister was standing next to him. I smelled a sweet smell and then I just turn to her and said to her: “Dad is going to die”. The next moment when I looked up there was this bright light streaming through his eyes. I was a little afraid but then this calm came over me.This was my first experience with someone dying before me.

Marinda, Wed 27 Mar, 11:19

My husband was sick with some type of stomach ailment.  As he slept in the bed I had gotten down on my knees to say my bedtime prayers.  As I arose, I looked up and saw three points of light over his chest going up to the ceiling.  I screamed to wake him up and he awoke saying he believed they were angels.  I believe he was going to die that night and I somehow prevented it.  He later ended up going into the hospital with some type of severe stomach poisoning in which he survived.  God is real!

Anna Wilkerson, Sat 2 Feb, 05:20

I had my first daughter not less than 4 hrs I was over at the hospital where my grandma was dieing.  I walked in room with my baby an placed her in my grandmas arms.  As I watched one tear slowly slide down her face she died that quick.  She waited for me to tell her me and the baby were here and ok.  As I looked at her a saw a blue smoke cloud rise from her body.  No one else saw this.  I thought I was seeing this.  For the longest time I wondered what it was not till 3 yrs ago I read an article on it and found out what it was. So now I feel better knowing I didn’t see things that it was real. It’s been 42 yrs and I’ve never told anyone about this cause they wouldn’t believe me anyway.

Debi, Tue 4 Dec, 01:55

My mother was dying from a rare brain illness ! At the end she couldn’t speak or use your hands. It was very frustrating for everyone as she couldn’t communicate with us. She developed pneumonia & was given morphine. My brother and sister were at my moms house with me as we knew she didn’t have much time left.  The time came when she was no longer responsive. It was very late and we were all exhausted and went to lay down for a while. I don’t know why One of us didn’t stay with her. I’ll always have the guilt of this as she died alone!  I had kissed her forehead told her how much I love her and that if she wanted to go that it was OK. Then I went to bed. About 3 o’clock in the morning I was woken up with this huge energy coming up threw my right side and passing threw my body! I sat up as it happened terrified!  I knew my mom that just passed.  And I was so terrified over what had just happened to me I couldn’t go in her room to check.  When I could finally bring myself to go in she was gone. I went in and woke my brother and he told me the exact same thing had happened to him. My sister who was sleeping in the front room felt nothing.  Other people speak of comfort and just sadness when a loved one dies.  I feel guilty my mom passed alone!  I wonder if this energy I felt was her fear when she died. She was always afraid of death and at the end you could tell she was so scared but couldn’t speak ,you could see in her eyes.  I’ve been looking to see if others have gone through this. They only speak of a light or A mist!  Not a terrifying energy that rushes threw your body.

Connie, Thu 15 Nov, 12:22

I was with my Aunt who was my best friend and more of a Mom to me. After her passing I felt something “lift”, I had been crying and let out a breath. A long stream of blue smoke came out of me. It went across the room and out the door. Has anyone experienced this? I know what I felt and saw. It was not my imagination.

Lisa, Wed 12 Sep, 08:05

First, sorry for my bad english, in my county we speak portuguese. I am very happy to have found reports of experiences with this white smoke, because I imagined that I was the only one who had experienced similar experience. My father died 18 years ago of a heart attack during the night while we were asleep. inexplicably I awakened in the middle of the night in an abrupt way with a strange thirst, but which was not physiological thirst, was a different thirst, which I can not describe. I got up and went to the kitchen to get some water, and when I got there I found my father dead on the floor and we could not do anything to save him.
The next night, during his funeral, I walked alone through the cemetery where he would be buried, and some 10 meters away, I saw a condensed white smoke, like a cloud, with the size and shape of a person. this form was lowered looking down, and suddenly it rose in a very fast movement, stood for about 5 seconds and disappeared very fast, shrinking to fade.
I went back to the funeral room and told to my family and friens, but obviously no one believed me.
I’m sure of what I saw, because the scene lasted for about 10 seconds, and I was totally lucid.
It was not smoke or mist, because these, besides not moving, slowly dissipate. What I saw had the solid form and proper movement.
I am very critical of these matters, but I am very grateful to have been through this experience, otherwise it would probably be very difficult for me to believe in these matters.

Marcos Ferrari, Sun 17 Jun, 17:31

Interesting, but I can only guess that you are clairvoyant and are seeing od, or odic force (the life force or life principle) emanating from yourself and others. I believe it is the same thing as the “soul mist” discussed in this blog post, but why you would be seeing it in non-deathbed situations I have no idea.  Thanks for sharing. If you figure it out, please let us know.

Michael Tymn, Fri 15 Jun, 09:34

I see white smoke coming off my hands mostly and also other parts of me, sometimes I can see it off other people too. But iam not dead , has anyone any answers as to what this might be?? I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

Rachel, Fri 15 Jun, 00:40

My sister had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I was her caregiver.
Charlotte my older sister and I knew that something was gonna happened to her that night so we stayed up with her all night. Sitting by her side talking to her holding her hand. When I heard her gurgle or something when I looked, there was a buff of smoke, like when your outside in the cold and you can see your breath, came out of her mouth.  I was so shocked I asked my sister did you see that? She didn’t see it but I know what I saw and it was real. At first I thought I was going crazy, then I looked it up and others have had the same experience.
Thank you DeDe for allowing me to experience that

Rene’, Sat 14 Apr, 04:23

My only aunt passed away when I was a child. At her wake, I remember seeing a black/dark grey funnel of smoke spinning above her chest. It was short in height but it was very wide. It took up most of her torso area. It also spun very slowly. I remember trying to touch it but my dad pulled my hand away and said not to touch her. I asked if he saw it too but he didn’t. My mom was surprised to hear that I saw it because she saw it also. I wonder what it was?

Hazy, Mon 26 Feb, 03:40

Thanks to Nando and all others who have shared their experiences.  The cumulative testimony certainly points to the reality of soul mist.

Michael Tymn, Sat 3 Feb, 04:53

This is something I share with many people. It is meant to give comfort in knowing there is more out there waiting for us all. On November 26 2016 my brother in law Joe who was a best friend to me passed in a hospital room after being in a coma for almost 2 weeks. We all were gathered around him when he was pronounced dead by the Doctor. Soon everyone started to leave the room to go home and console his wife, (my wife’s sister) and each other. As my wife and I were leaving I noticed Joe was going to be alone. I told my wife I am going to stay with him until the orderlies come to take him away.  Then it was just Joe and I in the room, I sat talked to him and prayed. A nurse came in we spoke, I told her what a great person Joe was. I was lucky to know him. I made her cry a little. Then she told me she has never seen anyone stay with the body before like this. Families tend to scatter once someone is pronounced dead.  A couple of minutes later, another sister in law and her husband came in. They said their good byes to Joe. The nurse then walks in and tells us “Can you step out of the room, we are going to clean him up now and take all the tubes out. We are going to put him in a body bag”. My sister in law and brother in law said they could not bare to see him like that. I told them don’t worry I will stay with Joe to the end, then they left. I went back into the room, it was just Joe and I again.  As I sat there, I saw the bag. White and pristine. I spoke to Joe, I prayed, I cried, I had my head in my hand. I said Joe, I’ll stay with you here until the end, but I hope you are not waiting around for me. If you have to go somewhere go. At that moment I was looking straight at the body bag. I saw a very thin mist or smoke rise from the body bag about 4 feet in the air. When it got to about 4 feet in the air it disappeared so fast. The only way I can describe is if you have ever seen a jet break the sound barrier. One second it is there, then it is gone. The look on my face was like, “no one will believe me,” but I don’t care I know what I saw. There was a camera in that hospital room. I always wonder what it could of picked up. I know it must have gotten the look on my face. The orderlies came about 20 minutes later and I asked them this, “take care of my brother.” The next day I looked on the internet and saw articles that this is actually a thing that happens.  It makes me think, why do we need these bodies if we have some kind of spirit already that floats around? I came to the realization we use our bodies, these shells as a tool, to make bonds through life with love ones, friends. It’s how we connect. Once you have your connections no one or nothing can take that away from you. Not even death. So now I try to make as many good connections as I can, that will stay with me into the next life. Not money, not power, but pure love. That is the true secret to life, happiness, understanding and strength. Thank you for your website Michael Tymn.

Nando Caldarone, Fri 2 Feb, 08:22

January 20, 2018 my good friend passed away at the age of 54 due to liver cirrhosis I was not present at her death, But I got the call half an hour after she died and I mediately began talking to her I picked up my phone and began videoing around the house asking if she’s here if she could hear me and I captured her spirit it was like a tiny spark of light the dirt around and hovered over me closer to the ceiling and then darted away and wonder if I’m going to see her again I really hope so

Terri, Sun 21 Jan, 21:12

Three days after I watched my brother-in-law take his last breath and die in hospice, I was laying on my couch in the middle of the afternoon and I felt and saw a misty Cloud Mass looming behind me. I am mediately got up and looked around and it flew away and disappeared quickly right in front of me. I’ve never experienced anything like that before.

Cathy, Fri 24 Nov, 00:37

The hospice chaplain said she had only a few hours. I asked my mother, “if you can, let me know that you’re okay after you leave?” She wiggled her eyebrows in agreement. An hour and forty-seven minutes later, sleeping on a cot next to her I was awakened by every sound imaginable. Bells, horns, voices. Then a hard push upward. The room was quiet. I said Mom. Staring at her face, she took a last deep breath and then her face froze. It looked liked she turned off. Then a white-blue mist appeared above her chest area. It acknowledged my presence and then anxiously went through me and out the window. I believe that my mother died and was born on July 28, 2017. I know that she is alright.

Joanne, Wed 22 Nov, 20:21

God tells us in the KJB, and I quote:

You all received a blessing from God, when you witnessed exactly what He tells us in the BIBLE.  Torchy Massie

Torchy Massie, Sun 12 Nov, 03:12

My mother in law was the sweetest most joy-filled Christian I’ve ever known.  There were four of us sitting in her hospice room.  The nurse had just left the room for a moment.  I was sitting at the foot of her bed.  The others were a few feet away talking together in low voices.  My MIL was breathing raggedly but steadily.  I saw a beautiful pearly mist come up from her face and hover over her chest.  I stood and stared for a few moments.  I removed my glasses and cleaned them thinking they had fogged.  I put them on and the mist remained swirling like smoke.  I turned to the others and told them something was happening.  When I turned back the mist was gone.  The others moved to her side and then her breathing stopped.  At the funeral her sisters heard what I saw and they told me that my MIL wanted me to see her leave because she knew my faith needed reassurance.  I don’t know if that’s true or if I was in the right place at the right moment to see.  I would like to believe she chose to leave when I could see her.

Jen, Tue 7 Nov, 01:46

my dog died a month ago. I was holding him and saw a mist rise above his body and disappear two seconds later - he then took his last breath. I love him very much and believe it was his soul. It was a beautiful feeling; a gift.

Love Chester so much!

Angela, Mon 18 Sep, 05:44

When my mom passed away in Aug of 2014, I was holding her hand in the emergency room.  They had just taken her off the life support and the staff had left the room.  After what seemed like a couple of minutes I though someone had turned on a light and it was shining on Mom’s face. I started to turn to look where it was and just at that moment I saw a mist rise above Mom’s head.  I knew right then that Mom was gone to heaven.

Frank, Thu 7 Sep, 00:15

Two nights before my mother died she was a bit upset i was trying to comfort her i was standing in front of her i saw something dark fly out of her mouth i thought it landed on my top but i could not find anything has anyone ever seen anything like that happen ? my husband and a friend was there but did not seam to have seen it i was afraid to say what id seen encase they though i was mad .

paula doyle, Tue 22 Aug, 00:03

My mother died from repository failure in a nursing home after several bouts with eneumonia. A bout ten minutes before she passed away, I saw a silvery ribbon of smoke leave through her left eye. It vanished quickly. The doctor came in a little while later and told us she was gone.

Kathleen, Sat 5 Aug, 03:39

Immediately after my fatherr passed,, I definitely saw a mini speeding comet come and go so fast In the hospital room. I don’t know the direction if went in.  When my mother passed, shortly before she was pronounced dead in the hospital, I saw a beautiful yellow light from both her usually very clear beautiful loving green eyes. I know she was telling me she could see god/heaven and that she’ll be ok.

Ann, Wed 12 Jul, 19:03

My mother died in 2009 in her 90’s. I was sitting beside the bed holding her hand when she clucked (tongue sucking on roof of mouth). I jumped up and put my face within inches of hers. I saw the clearest most perfectly formed like glass tube come down to her mouth and a fog or mist entered and went upward in the tube. It lasted for a second or more or less but was there. I saw it!!! And it suddenly withdrew up and her life had ended. I remember it now as clear as I saw it then.

George Duke, Sun 7 May, 04:12

My mother fell and broke her hip while in a nursing home.  She was also in the last stage of alzheimers.  Doctors were operating on hip and she stopped breathing.  The doctor told me she revived herself.  She quit breathing again and the doctors resuscitated her.  Late that night my brother and I were called to the hospital as mama’s vital organs began to fail.  We stood by her bed no more than an hour and she was making a moaning sound.  When life began to leave her body the moaning sound also rose to the ceiling in the northeast corner of the room.  My brother told me later when I mentioned this to him that he didn’t hear it.  I saw no light or vapor, just the maoning sound.

Barbara, Sun 7 May, 04:05

When my husband died, I was I was sleeping at the foot of his bedi in the hospital. Through closed eyes I saw a light come down as if to kiss my cheek. That second ,my sister-in-law shook me to tell me he had stopped breathing.  A few nights before I woke up to use bathroom and he was at the bottom of the stairs looking up at me. The house was dark, he wasn’t lit up but I could see him clear as day.

Cynthia Zimmerman, Tue 25 Apr, 17:41

My mother passed away a few weeks ago.  I was alone with her in the hospital room when she passed.

I had not slept much for several days and dosed off for about 30 minutes. I suddenly woke up, almost startled,  like something had woke me up.  I looked over at my mom and noticed her breathing had slowed down tremendously.  Then, I observed cloud like substance over the lower part of her body.  It seemed to be in several layers and had movement and sort of twinkling inside the layers. There was a little bit of a glow in and above the cloud.  This cloud gradually started working its way up her entire body until the cloud hovered over her whole body.  Above the cloud substance to the ceiling it appeared to be very blurry, as if I was looking through heat waves, etc.  This lasted about 20-30 seconds.  Then, dissipated.  After it dissipated, I felt the most tremendous peace I have ever felt.  Then, I looked over at my mom and she was no longer breathing. 

I feel like God gave me this special gift.  Whenever I feel sad, I feel that peace come over me again and feel so much comfort from it.

Karen, Tue 11 Apr, 23:58

As my brother was dying he described what he was witnessing. He said he heard horns playing and said the light was getting brighter and brighter. The night he died my mom saw nothing but his face surrounded by bright white lightning, at the foot of her bed. Days later I went to leave out my room. In front of the door was something covered that moved away like is was controlled with a remote. Like a car or robot but we didn’t have any of those toys in the house. We were too poor.

Tasha, Mon 10 Apr, 01:57

I never heard of this until I saw it last week when my girlfriends mother passed away. The family was all around her, including myself, when she took her last breath. I was in the corner of the room while everyone else was surrounding her. Her husband asked someone to get a bucket because of vomiting. At that point, I looked up to see a white mist hovering on the bed. There really was no shape. It seemed as if it was moving like what fog looks like but stayed in the same place. A second later I heard cries that she had stopped breathing. At that instance the mist/fog started rising and disappeared. Took me a day or so to put it all together and researched what other people have seen. The same day she passed away she also thought that there were 4 other people in the room. Her husband and her both heard a few other strange noises during the day that were unexplained. I was not there for that. I did witness the mist. I still don’t understand it and it is always on my mind but I believe I was supposed to see it maybe. God bless you all.

Jamie, Fri 31 Mar, 03:39

My mom just died and before she died she said she saw a beautiful mist,she was not talking like that but she whispered it very softly to the caregiver do people that are dying see this also ???

sue, Mon 27 Mar, 22:39

My partners brother passeed away on 9th March. He was only 37 and passed at our local hospital due to a short illness. My partner spent the night with her brother and approximately 4 hours before he past she looked up and saw a dark misty shadow like entity that was in the top corner of the room. My partner clearly saw this then the entity quickly shot across the room and out of sight. She also said it spun like a tornado. She also noticed from this point that her brothers condition changed and he seemed to become non responsive and lost any awareness he had. We wonder if it was her brother, a waiting relative or something else. I would love to hear your views on this

Ryan, Tue 14 Mar, 18:48


Thank you for sharing that account of your mother’s transition. Similar observations have been reported by many, including by my cousin who was at the deathbed of our uncle. There is no scientific proof one way or the other on this phenomenon that I know of, but I think the spirit body leaving the physical body is the best and most logical explanation.

Michael Tymn, Wed 1 Feb, 00:54

My Mom passed 9/17/2015 my sisters and I left the hospice around 10pm she did not want us there when the end was nearing, a few days before she had a wonderful greeting from her Mom and Dad, our Dad, her sisters and friends, all which had passed, she said she was late for her “party” the last thing she said was Hi dad looking up and past us with a big smile then she was silent. Two days later before the phone call about 4:30 am I was sleeping on my sisters couch and was awoken by the feeling of someone pinching me then I saw a dark mass go across the living room in front of me and out the window…swear it was my Mom’s spirit, we got the call about 15 mins later that my Mom had passed at 4:30am…could this have been her spirit?

PATTY KEARNES, Tue 31 Jan, 17:18

My X-husband died, went to his viewing last night.  I took a long time friend that knew him before I did.  We went up to the casket and kneeled and prayed, to me it looked like his chest moved.  I did not say a word because I figured it was just me.  After leaving, my friend said “his chest was moving, that was a sign from him to let us know he knew we were there”.  I’m in awe and confused!!

Brenda, Thu 26 Jan, 03:45

When my dad died my sister seen colors spinkle and she also seen vipor smoke no one believe her but I did my mom didn’t believe her I wonder was that Jesus came and took him

phyllis littlejohn, Wed 4 Jan, 17:24

I see that most of these experiences were from a deathbed.

I saw this soul mist come out of my deceased brother’s photo. My mother each morning would pray to his photo. Twice this mist came out of the photo. She called me downstairs and when I walked towards the mist it slowly drew back into the photo.

My stepfather said he saw this mist too at another time.

I think its a soul in a realm between the physical world and the afterlife. My brother wanted to sooth and comfort before passing over.

Bill, Wed 16 Nov, 04:35

I just looked up from the book I was reading and saw silver tendrils of mist coming off of my grandpa’s chest and stomach. He has heart failure and is slowly succumbing to alzhimers. He just celebrated his 81st birthday yesterday and we had a small reunion of many of the students he taught as a band director at the local high school. I think he has said goodbye, even if part of him doesn’t realize it yet.

Lily, Mon 3 Oct, 22:25

Reezie, Jo, and Lisa,

Thank you for your comments.  I am not sure if the questions you have are for me or for others to answer.  I am just an observer/reporter and am not qualified to answer your questions, although I am not sure anyone is qualified.  I occasionally try to speculate as I have with a few others here, but that is all it is—speculation.  Whether it was Reezie’s dad or Jo’s mom, I don’t think anyone can say.  As for Lisa developing her gift, I can make some suggestions as to people to contact if she sends me an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and let’s me know in which country/state she lives.

Michael Tymn, Tue 27 Sep, 08:23

Laurie B., I also want to say when my mother passed, I also saw her light up. In that light she turned very beautiful. I also heard her voice above her body and toward the ceiling talking to me. She kept saying can you hear me, and my name. I kept saying back out loud to her I can hear you Mom. For a few months after my Mom passed I could hear her talking to me, I also spoke back to her. Like you I’m not crazy. I also feel I have a gift, and I want to learn more about it. I was the only one in the room when my mother passed. I had spoked to my mother hoping she understood because her last moments alive the Hospice had her on morphine she could not speak. I told my mother I was going to close my eyes for a few minutes because I was very tired. I also told her if she needed to go, her children my siblings and I will be okay. I prayed the Lords prayer put on a Christian program on TV, and closed my eyes for a few minutes. I immediately woke up because I no longer could hear her breathing from getting oxygen. When I awoke the whole room was filled with this loving energy, I looked over to my Mom and felt she was no longer in her body but completely filled in the room. I walked out told the Hospice and got my sister who was in the next room. When we walked back in the room it was still filled with this loving energy. Hospice came in pronounced her dead and left the room. My sister and I stood over her and that is when the light emulated from her she turned completely beautiful then I heard her call my name above her bed. Then I heard her voice saying my name and asking me can you hear me? My Mom and I made a agreement that if she could contact me she would after she passed. I’d continued having a conversation with her long after she passed. She also came to me in a dream, she was very young, She looked like a teenager, I have never seen my Mom this age, and I was very surprised. My father had passed years before my Mom and I was not present for his passing. The night before my father funeral, all our family members was at his and his second wife house. I had awaken around 2:30 am in the morning with this smoke like energy steering me right in my face. It looked at me as if to say you can see me. I did not know what I was seeing it seemed to have a figure like appearance but looking me right in my face. I shrugged and closed my eyes thinking I was dreaming and I heard my father say it is me and my name. Then he said tell your Mom I love her. I was surprised that I saw and heard what I heard, and told my Mother of my experience. He came to me again about a month later, and after that I did not have anymore visits from him.  I have had friends say they thought I was clairvoyant since I was young. I have also encountered other unusual spiritual things wide awake, I won’t mention here. I also think I have gift and would like to know how to use it. I am a Christian and is spiritual, and do believe there is life after death.

Lisa, Sat 24 Sep, 00:20

My beloved brother left this world peacefully just after midnight on Friday. I immediately went to his house (70 miles away) to comfort his wife and my parents. Whilst I comforted my mum in the night I saw what I can it describe as a gently swirling purple haze on the ceiling. I found it very comforting and let my mum know that he was with us. What does this mean?

Jo, Sun 14 Aug, 17:52

About 3 months after my father passed away at a nearby hospital, i was walking to his shop to feed the two cats we raised and when i opened the door to his shop this gray smoke came right at my face and was right in front of my eyes, then floated to the right and disappeared ,  i was in shock , i thought it was smoke then possibly small insect swarm but it was neither, it was the size of 2x2 inches about.  Was this my dad 3 or 4 months later trying to contact me ?

Reezie, Tue 9 Aug, 03:07

I am far away from my beloved 103 year old grandma - last night I woke up in what I thought was my bedroom full of smoke - I sat up alone and thought is the house on fire ? No this is more like a mist - it was 430am. I thought oh is Nanny dying ? I went back to sleep and forgot about it My grandmothers care taker called me at 830 am and told me that my grandma other was in the final stages and it came on suddenly at 430 that very morning
I feel without question she visited me first befor her amazing journey . I wish I had trusted it more and embraced the love she came to show me . She is surround by my father and mother and brothers tonight as she passes .
The smoke / mist is their connection .

Kimm, Thu 4 Aug, 05:34

Not only is it possible to see the Spirit leaving the dis-guarded body (Please see below, I share my aunt’s story), oddly enough I have experienced Spirit energy beginning to separate from the body weeks before the occurrence of an accidental death. At the time I was teaching myself to “see” human energy as it appears and emanates around the living body; In order to do so I would attend meetings (spiritual and civic) every chance I got sitting in the back so as not to be detected observing those in front of me.  One Sunday, as I scan the crowd seated in front of me, I observe a misty haze vaguely covering the back of a middle-aged woman seated a few rows up.  Thinking this is “all too strange” I make a note of it.  Two weeks later the woman suffers a bad fall resulting in a massive head injury; she passes on the way to the hospital—Leaving me wondering, do we “know” when death is imminent?  If so, does the Spirit begin to protrude or detach some time before actual death?

My aunt (An RN and Spirit sensitive) was Charge Nurse on the floor one evening when one of the patients passed. She and another nurse set about wrapping the body for transport to the hospital morgue; Mid-way through there happened to be a massive black out in that part of the city. All the lights went out save for the (very dim) emergency lighting system. My aunt had her hand on the man’s chest when Spirit passed through it moving out of the body; she saw the form rise and depart through the window into the night sky. She described it as being “moist,” saying “It was a complete head and shoulders… the rest of the body looked like a misty energy tail. Like a comet”

She said the other nurse turned to her, “You saw it didn’t you?—-The flash?” (Apparently that was the term medical staff used for departing Spirit) Having witnessed the exodus together, the two formed a special bond. Her friend, a Hindu, gifted my aunt with a special Rudraksha bead necklace to commemorate the happening. Love her account of it.

Kenda Elise, Tue 2 Aug, 23:10

My cat was killed by hunters. He was 10 years old. He survived two nights but died in 2nd morning. When I went to see his corpse at the vet, I decided to take pics. My digital camera would be focus, and there was a bright white light rising from his entire body. When I finally took 5 pics, they were all bright and sparkly,and nothing like the pics I took indoors in daylight- as it was at the vets office.
The pics appeared to have a rosy glow and surrounded only his body and also engulfed my hand. On the side of the pic, the examining table was a normal color. I knew that my cat was my guardian angel- he nursed my mom through cancer, took care of me, and died protecting me from hunting dogs. I was so happy to know that he had a spirit that rose and eventually went to heaven as he so richly deserved.

LynMari Fukuda, Fri 24 Jun, 07:24

Auras have a distinct look like a clear substantial cloud or light around a person (animal, plant, mountain, etc.). But the sparkly light around a being who has just died, seems sparkly and not solid. It is distinctly different. Maybe it is the light of the portal to the other side?

Jon, Fri 10 Jun, 05:20


I’m sorry to hear about the questionable prognosis relative to your heart.  I hope that the doctor told you that with proper exercise and diet, you can still have many good years left.

As for the white smoke you saw, I have no idea what that might have been.  Such white smoke or mist as discussed in this blog is usually associated with the dying person, i.e., coming from the dying person as he or she leaves the body.  It has also been witnessed with materialization mediums, but to see it on the side of the road independent of any person is especially mysterious.

Michael Tymn, Tue 7 Jun, 00:41

I was returning from a dr. appointment midday today after being told I am in the early stages of heart failure w/an enlarged heart. It is   way too early to know what this will mean for my future but, whether this is my death-knell or not (I could still live on for many more years), it is still something that upset me a lot. I have two young boys and seeing them through to adult-hood, marriage, and even parenting are something I’ve looked forward to. To suddenly have that threatened is a bit unnerving.

Anyway, as I was driving back home on a state highway, on a beautiful, partly cloudy New England day, I suddenly spotted a light plume of “white smoke” spiraling up alongside a tree and into the air. The highway parallels woods on both sides so this is an extensive forested area. In cold months, I would have thought someone’s woodstove, even though the nearest home is much too far away to have caused this. My first reaction was something is burning there - a common issue rural areas like this (caused by people tossing a cigarette out their car window). I was so sure that it was fire, that I slowed down and watched hard in my rear-view mirror, prepared to call 911 to report it. However, all traces of anything smokey were gone. I’m still in awe over this - it looked more like a small and light white cloud really, more bright white than the lighter to dark gray that a brush fire would create. It was clearly there.  Was it a sign? I can’t help but think that it was. Of what I don’t know… but it was way too out of place and its occurrence just after getting my news seems more than a coincidence.

Schyler Jones, Mon 6 Jun, 19:27

My mama passed 2016, April 7, 7:30am. I had been with her the day before, 3pm to 11 at night. We had a wonderful visit as she lie there on morphine and oxygen (95 yrs old). She was in a skilled nursing facility. Hospice involved. Her living will stated she did not want to be revived artificially).Her memory still clear, she actually recalled things I had forgotten! She joked about things during our visit. The facility called me at home the next morning. Saying she was calling my name. I didn’t reach her in time, she had already passed when I ran to her room. For three days I could not get over the guilt of not being there in time…I wept . My husband and daughters are a great support but I kept beating up on myself. Even tho I was moms constant helper, caregiver, I was hard on myself. I was with her every day when she was hospitalized one month before her death. About 6 days after she died, I was lying in bed at night trying to sleep but still thinking of my mom. The ceiling lit up brightly so brightly that I had to open my eyes. I couldn’t tell where all the light was coming from!. I woke My husband and he can’t figure it out. Was my mom trying to comfort my troubled mind?

Jancee, Wed 1 Jun, 19:01


Thank you for sharing your experience.  It sounds like you have some degree of clairvoyant ability.  Such ability seems to be like other skills, gifts, etc.  Some have it more than others.

Michael Tymn, Tue 24 May, 20:45

I want to explain two people who were dying in front of me. I watched my grandmother dying. I observed a glow which was subtle yet bright. My mom did not see this light that I was seeing in my grandmother. I saw a renewal as her skin was glowing. I then looked at her green eyes and they changed to a bright emerald green. I never saw eyes of that color on her. I did not stay to watch her completely die but that light that glowed all over her body was still there as I left. I saw a light and believe it was her spirit leaving her body. I then went to see a friend as she was dying. I got to her hospital room and I again saw the exact same kind of subtle light and a glow that she began to look younger and bright. Her eyes were glowing as my grandmothers. I asked her husband and mine if they see the light surrounding her. I looked at her body and the light was still there. They finally said, “yes Laurie, we see a light” and began talking again. That was the second time I saw that. Two out of two times I saw this light in the dying. She passed away and the glow left. I didn’t see a bright light ascending but it was a glow I will not forget and if I see another person passing, I guarantee that I will see it again. I don’t think all people see this light but I have seen it. I would like to do this again because I know this is a gift from God. I just wish I could understand why I can see this and others cannot. There is a division of body and soul I have seen it with my own eyes. No science can see what I see in this experience. No, I am not hallucinating nor a whack job. Two people died in front of me and there were 4 people present and I was the only one who saw this beautiful sight. I would love to hear from someone else who has experienced this. It has been 20 years since I seen this. It is very hard to explain without a person shrugging it off because they don’t believe in anything they cannot see.

laurie burgess, Tue 24 May, 06:16


I’m sorry, but I don’t know what the blue light was.  My best guess is that your mother was out of body at the time and paying you a visit, but, as I said, that is just a guess.

Michael Tymn, Tue 10 May, 09:12

My mother passed away on April 30, 2016. on April 28 at around 2:30 am I was woken up by a blue spinning cloud about 4 feet high and about 3 feet around. It was a very bright light and stayed with me in my room for about 10 to 15 seconds. what could this have been

Robin Simmons, Mon 9 May, 23:37

Larry, Jennifer, and Becka,

Thank you for sharing your stories.

Larry, there are many anecdotal stories suggesting that animals—at least those of a higher order—do survive death.  It is a very confusing area and I have for the most part steered clear of the subject, as I believe it for the most part is beyond human comprehension. Where to draw the line between higher and lower order of animals?  Do pet squirrels survive and not rats, which are of the same family?  In his book, Lychgate, Lord Dowding seems to suggest that animals which have been loved by humans survive, at least for a time.  Other references indicate they eventually revert to a group soul, but, again, this is seemingly beyond human comprehension.  I’m sorry I can’t offer more on the subject.

Michael Tymn, Mon 9 May, 00:13


LARRY FARRIS, Sun 8 May, 13:02

My aunt told me today, that when my great grandma died the whole family was in the room with her and she was waving to everyone in the room as if to say goodbye. Then she died and a mist came out of her mouth.

And when my husbands grandpa died his father was with him and he saw the grandpa as young man running across a field screaming “I’m home!!! I’m home!!!” And then the vision was gone and the dad was back in the hospital room with the grandpas lifeless body. So, he had actually joined in the dying grandpas vision.

So something definitely takes place to us when we go. I find it comforting & hopeful to hear there’s more to this life & world than what we see.

Jennifer, Sun 8 May, 09:53

I watched my mother in law pass away on saturday, around 30 seconds before her last breath i saw what i can only describe a the steam you see from a cup of tea rising from her head area, not sure if it was a combination of lack of sleep and dim lighting, there was six of us in the room only i saw it?

Becka, Mon 2 May, 21:37


My best guess is that it was the very soul mist discussed in this blog that came from your uncle.

Michael Tymn, Mon 18 Apr, 22:46

Hi there,

Wonder if someone can help to explain this. My uncle collapsed and smoked poured from his mouth. He died within minutes after that but his facial expression was one of shock. His eyes remained open. He never smoked a day in his life.
Kind regards,

Charmagne, Sat 16 Apr, 09:03


I’m sorry, but I have no idea what the smoke might be in your case, since it does not appear to be related to someone dying.

I should note that this is a discussion blog, not an advice column.  I am certainly not an expert or authority when it comes to such smoke, mists, etc.

Michael Tymn, Wed 13 Apr, 17:48

I have been waking up in the middle of the night and seeing smoke.  At first, I thought the house was on fire, but quickly realized I did not smell smoke and the smoke detector was not going off.  The smoke quickly disappears as I watch it.  What does this mean?  I am no longer scared when this happens but very curious.

Lydia, Tue 12 Apr, 21:35

Sitting beside my partner as he passed away I saw something like a sparked must coming from his mouth as he took each breath and it gathered beside him between him and my daughter beside the bed head and I also saw small tiny things flying around the room black and white but so tiny !! Three people saw things that night in the room we all described the same thing
It all started the day before his death but they went away then I knew he was going to die because they had all came back the following night !! He also spoke about the lights and spike to three diseased people close to him !!what did I see ?

Annmaree, Tue 5 Apr, 18:45

When my mom was admitted in a home care facility cause I couldn’t take care of her any longer my cousin one of seven children which were my moms sisters kids that she took care of at a very young age they all were she noticed a mist come out of my mom breathe and in a way I’m kinder jealous that I her daughter didn’t get the opportunity to witness that and ask myself why her and not me.  My other cousin sister of the one that witnessed the mist also has a lot of dreams of my mom but not I and it makes me wonder why. I can say that I was a good daughter almost there for my mom as much as possible take her to all her doctors appt, go food shopping etc. and send most of my time with her mom was like an angel to me a very Good woman took on all (7) seven children that belonged to her sister when she passed on right after her husband died so my mom became their foster parent and with me it was a total of (8) children and she did a hell of a job raising them we all turned out to be very good kids

Leticia Ruiz, Sun 3 Apr, 21:03

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