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When Famous Spirits Collaborate in a Group Soul

Posted on 30 September 2018, 16:42

Much of the early mediumship, from around 1850 until about 1930, involved communication from what has been called a “group soul” – a number of discarnates speaking as one, or different discarnates taking turns communicating through a particular medium.  One of the earliest reports of such a phenomenon involved the famous trance medium, Daniel D. Home.  At a sitting on June 28, 1871 at the home of renowned British chemist William Crookes, Home (below) went into a trance state and a voice began speaking through him. One of Crookes’s guests asked who was speaking.  “It is not one spirit in particular,” came the reply through Home.  “It is a general influence.  It requires two or three spirits to get complete control over Dan.  The conditions are not very good tonight.” 


The communicating spirits were then asked to explain what the conditions should be. “That is a matter in which we cannot help you much,” the spirits responded.  “There are comparatively few spirits who are able to communicate at all with you.  They are constantly working and experimenting to try and render the communication easier.  They practice on some of you when you are asleep and in that way your dreams are influenced.  Sometimes they think they have found out some of the conditions which will lead to success, and the next time something occurs which shows them that they know scarcely anything about it.”  Crookes noted that voices were sometimes heard in which one invisible being seemed to be instructing another invisible being on how to effect a levitation with Home.

The communicating spirits went on to tell Crookes that it was like trying to get a wayward child to do what one wishes, but they continue to experiment.  They added that some spirits cannot do anything because even though they have the desire they don’t have the knowledge.  “There are two standing here now who would like to communicate, but it would be quite impossible for them to make the slightest manifestation to you.  They will be obliged to get others to tell what they wish to say.  You, William, should not have had that [arc lamp].  It hurt Dan’s head, and we were obliged to entrance him to calm him…It was too dazzling for Dan.”
Crookes was further informed that two spirits, both well-known when in the body, were there helping with the manifestations.  They were Augustus De Morgan, a renowned British mathematician, who had died on March 18, 1871, and Robert Chambers, a Scottish journalist and naturalist, who also had died that year.  Crookes was also informed that Dr. John Elliotson, who had died in 1868, had been there, but had to leave for some unexplained reason.  All three men had been interested in psychical research when alive. 

Allan Kardec, a pioneering French researcher, purportedly received messages from John the Evangelist, St. Augustine, St. Vincent De Paul, St. Louis, “The Spirit of Truth,” Socrates, Plato, Fénélon, Franklin, and Swedenborg.  They answered questions on every conceivable subject, including God, pantheism, universal space, biblical accounts of creation, reincarnation, relationships beyond the grave, possession, the fate of children beyond the grave, spirit influence, war, capital punishment, slavery, dreams, free will, suicide, and fear of death, to name just some.

Victor Hugo, the famous French author, claimed to have communicated with many famous names of the past through a medium on the Isle of Jersey, including Socrates, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, and Galileo.  One communicating spirit identified itself as “Death,” another as “Angel of Light,” and still another as the “Shadow of the Sepulcher.”    Hugo wondered if these were devious spirits posing as wise men, which reportedly was a common occurrence in séances, but he apparently had also heard that the essence of advanced souls can come down through lower spirits and that “group souls” can take on a fictitious identity for want of a specific identity. Whatever the explanation, Hugo was impressed by much of what they had to say and wanted to keep the sittings going. 

Teenager Cora Scott Richmond (below) befuddled scientists, scholars, ministers, lawyers and journalists during the second half of the nineteenth century when she gave, (while in a trance state) extemporaneous hour-long lectures on many different subjects. In 1854, Professor James J. Mapes, a chemist and inventor, traveled to Buffalo, New York to observe and study the then 14-year-old girl.  Mapes asked her to speak on “primary rocks,” to which she replied with a discourse on geology that left Mapes awestruck.  “I am a college educated man, and have been all my long life an investigator of scientific subjects and associated with scientific men,” he reacted, “but I stand here this afternoon dumb before this young girl.”


It was estimated that by age 18 Cora had given over 600 lectures on social, political, scientific, religious and reform matters, including the emancipation of the slaves, many to standing-room only crowds.  During the winter of 1856, when she was just 16, she spoke to audiences of more than 5,000 in Philadelphia.  It is said that President Abraham Lincoln, at the urging of Mary Lincoln, attended, with several congressman, one of her lectures on the abolition of slavery, in Washington, D.C., and that they were very much impressed by what they heard.

One theory offered to explain Richmond’s ability was called “psychological absorption,” which held that by merely putting her hand on a book or passing through a well-stocked library, Cora could absorb all knowledge stored in the book or in the library. At the same time, she would have had to discern it, organize it in her mind, and deliver it in a coherent and persuasive manner.  Another theory was that she was mind reading, drawing from the minds of all those present.  Still another far-fetched theory held that she was en rapport with the minds of eminent living men.

The skeptics were prepared to buy into anything but spirits of the dead, the explanation given by Cora, herself, or more accurately, through her lips while she was entranced.  It was explained through her vocal cords that there were 12 spirits having different gifts or phases of knowledge controlling her.  Some of these spirit guides were said to be from an ancient period and went unnamed, but several of them were from more modern times and were named.  They included Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, Thomas Paine, Daniel Webster, and Thomas Jefferson.  According to witnesses who had known Clay, Calhoun, and Webster, the utterances coming through the young girl in trance were much like those of the men when they were alive in the flesh. (My more complete discussion of Cora Scott Richmond appears in the just-released issue of Atlantis Rising magazine.)

During the 1870s, William Stainton Moses, an Anglican priest who developed into a medium, was said to be controlled by a band of 49 spirits under the direction of a spirit called Imperator. Some of Imperator’s subordinates had names like Rector, Mentor, and Doctor. Apparently, Imperator was too far advanced and had to relay messages through some of the 49, who were closer in vibration to the earth vibration.  When Imperator was asked about his name and the other strange names in his band of 49 spirits, he explained,  “These names are but convenient symbols for influences brought to bear upon you.  In some cases the influence is not centralized; it is impersonal, as you would say.  In many cases the messages given you are not the product of any one mind, but are the collective influence of a number.  Many who have been concerned with you are but the vehicles to you of a yet higher influence which is obliged to reach you in that way.  We deliberate, we consult, and in many instances you receive the impression of our united thought.”

After his death in 1901, Frederic W. H. Myers, one of the pioneers of psychical research, communicated through several credible mediums, including Geraldine Cummins of Ireland, a trance automatist. Among other subjects, Myers discussed the group soul and reincarnation.  “While I was on earth, I belonged to a group soul, but its branches and the spirit – which might be compared to the roots – were in the invisible,” Myers communicated through Cummins.  “Now, if you would understand psychic evolution, this group-soul must be studied and understood.  For instance, it explains many of the difficulties that people will assure you can be removed only by the doctrine of reincarnation. You may think my statement frivolous, but the fact that we do appear on earth to be paying for the sins of another life is, in a certain sense, true.  It is our life and yet not our life.”

Myers went on to explain that a soul belonging to the group of which he was part lived a previous life and built for him a framework for his own earthly life.  The spirit – the bond of the group soul – manifests, he said, many times on earth.  “We are all of us distinct,” he continued, “though we are influenced by others of our community on the various planes of being.”  He further communicated that a group soul might contain twenty souls, a hundred souls, or a thousand souls and that the Buddhist’s idea of reincarnation is but a half-truth.  “And often a half-truth is more inaccurate than an entire misstatement.  I shall not live again on earth, but a new soul, one who will join our group, will shortly enter into the pattern of karma I have woven for him on earth.”

As Kardec came to understand, the distinctive character of a spirit’s personality is in some sort obliterated in the uniformity of perfection, and yet it preserves its individuality.  “This is the case with the superior and pure spirits,” Kardec related.  “In this condition, the name they had on earth, in one of their thousand ephemeral corporeal existences, is quite an insignificant thing.  Let us remark again that spirits are attracted to each other by the similarity of their qualities, and that they thus form sympathetic groups or families … but as names are necessary to us to fix our ideas, they can take that of any known personage whose nature is best identified with their own. … It thus follows that if a person’s guardian angel gives his name as St. Peter, for instance, there is no actual proof that it is the apostle of that name; it may be he, or it may be an entirely unknown spirit belonging to the family of spirits of which St. Peter makes a part; it also follows that under whatever name the guardian angel is invoked, he comes to the call that is made, because he is attracted by the thought, and the name is indifferent to him.”

But why so much of it during the nineteenth century and so little of it in recent years?  Imperator told Stainton Moses that they (the superior spirits) overestimated their ability to communicate.  “It is true that Benjamin Franklin did discover means of communication by raps, and that he was greatly aided by Swedenborg in awakening interest among spirits in the subject,” Imperator communicated.  “At the time of the discovery it was believed that all denizens of both worlds would be brought into ready communion. But, both on account of the obstinate ignorance of man, and of the extent to which the privilege was abused by spirits who assumed well-known names and personated them and so deceived men, that privilege has been greatly narrowed.”

In effect, the superior or elevated spirits seem to have withdrawn because they had given as much as humans could absorb over a period of some 80 years and they weren’t getting through.  At the same time, inferior spirits were interfering or distorting the messages.  Who today would believe any medium claiming that Socrates, Jesus, Goethe, and Jefferson were all communicating through her or him?  “And Cleopatra, too?” would be the likely response, even mine. 

But that doesn’t mean they gave up completely.  From time to time over the last century, there have been a number of spirit communicators offering enlightenment for those open to it, such as with the Course in Miracles, Seth, and Stephen the Martyr.  I suspect that they involve group souls communicating rather than individual souls. And, as the pioneers of psychical research were told, it was the message that counted, not the messenger.  Of course, all that is simply way too much for the scientific mind.

Michael Tymn is the author of The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die, Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife, and Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I.

Next blog post:  October 15


Mike and friends,

A few days after you published this post, I encountered some of the beings of the Big Circle group of communicators, at Vicki Talbott and Terri Segal’s EVP workshop at the ASCS conference. 

The Big Circle is a shining example of spirits working together to educate us denizens of the earth plane.

There is at least one Famous Dead Person involved, one who has also been involved with other such communication projects.  There may be more who have not identified themselves.

I experienced the contacts myself, directly, as well as being part of the electronic recording of messages.

Elene, Sun 10 Feb, 19:55

Good one, Michael.
But on August 24, 1933 she also said in response to “define reincarnation”:

“The revolving of the soul,
The up-shooting through experience;
The labor of perfection,
The supping of days that the soul be rich.
The re-reflection of God
Taking on the new imprints of his countenance;
Aye, and the re-offering of the spirit
As a vessel that it receive Him.”

Early on when she wrote a rather rambling discourse on September 3, 1923 in response to a question about reincarnation in which I think she perhaps confused reincarnation with resurrection she said:

“How may it be that flesh created may become as flesh again in like exact? Nay, I say me, flesh is recreated of the same material, builded of the same atoms, but the honey of god [the spirit] is ne’er the same. . . but this hath naught for to do with flesh.”

Patience Worth’s definition of reincarnation is not necessarily a belief in it or saying it is so or not so.  Patience Worth tended to speak of the spirit world rather than the physical world. Those who believe in reincarnation don’t believe that the flesh of a physical form is recreated again “in like exact”.  Reincarnation requires a new form, a new body, made of new atoms and sometimes very different from the previous form.

Those who believe in resurrection might believe that the same body is restored.  I think that Patience Worth was trying to say that the same physical body is not re-created in reincarnation as might be believed in resurrection so maybe she is indicating that she did not support the idea of resurrection of the body. But, I think she just skirted about the question of reincarnation (that is, if she understood the question as one of reincarnation and not resurrection) not really giving a good straight forward answer as she did for many things because perhaps she really didn’t know the answer or perhaps Pearl Curran didn’t have a good answer. - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Tue 9 Oct, 14:03

Thanks, Amos,

And to quote Patience Worth:

Who would become a child
If heaven were a rebirth to infancy?
What then the game?  To become
A Child again with no heritage
Of Memory?  Then life is vain.

Michael Tymn, Mon 8 Oct, 23:01

With great chagrin Michael, I must admit that after reading the ‘Franklin’ lecture of the “afterlife”  that I find myself backing-off of my past life theory as a source of Pearl Curran/Patience Worth writings.  Maybe you are right; it was an effort of a “group soul”. - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Sat 6 Oct, 20:16

Although the “Benjamin Franklin” lecture wasn’t given while Mrs. Richman was a teenager—-she was about 38 years old—-I still find it rather amazing.  Contrary to some other transmissions from the spirit world Franklin’s treatise is quite understandable written in straight-forward English, easy to follow.  Much of what is written seems to me to be quite modern in its portrayal of the afterlife, incorporating many concepts which I thought were the result of what has been learned through mediums over the past 150 years and recent near death experiencers.  There are many good quotes which I could provide but it would take up too much space so the following is just an example related to soul groups: (This is ‘Benjamin Franklin’ speaking)

“I then became aware that other spirits had in the same manner gathered around these groups of spirits that occupy the plane nearest the earth; that they were intent upon solving the problem of communication between the outward sphere, which is the earth-life, and the spiritual spheres; not only in the manner of impression and guardianship, which I discovered to be a distinct spiritual power, but in the manner of affecting the currents of the atmosphere and occult forces lying around the earth.  I joined this school.  I speedily found that my attendant was one of the number, and that in the second sphere, which was my home, in a higher grade beyond me, was their habitation and group, or council, and that I really was to be admitted to this council as one of the message-bearers to the earth !  One of the message-bearers!  The thought itself electrified me.  Could it be possible then to open a direct line of communication?”

I think that there is a lot to contemplate in the ‘Franklin’ lecture.  It is not short however and will take some time to read it and let it soak in but it may be worth while for those of you who seriously study the possibility of life after death. - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Sat 6 Oct, 19:32


Thanks for providing the link on Cora Scott Richmond.  I have six or seven books by or about her, but I don’t recall having read that particular lecture before.

Isn’t it interesting that a teenage girl can draw thousands to hear her lecture on various subjects, including subjects given to her by the audience, to which she responded with extemporaneous hour-long lectures, and yet, outside of a few spiritualist websites, mainstream history has completely forgotten her?

Michael Tymn, Sat 6 Oct, 06:26

I must say that I am impressed with Cora L.V. Scott Richmond’s lecture of thoughts of Benjamin Franklin from the spiritual side.

I have resisted Mrs. Scott-Richman’s lectures for some reason but maybe I have advanced to the state that I am able to appreciate them.  Surprisingly, I find the descriptions from the spiritual reality of “Benjamin Franklin” congruent with my own thoughts. 

Very interesting! - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Fri 5 Oct, 17:52

sorry Jon and Theo, the book is entitled:


Here is the link again. Death - Letters from Julia.pdf

p79 of 81

Maryam, Thu 4 Oct, 19:39

Theo & Maryam,

I can’t find it in “Letters from Julia” but I did find it referenced in a book and I’ve typed it here. Excuse any typos.

“If you could imagine a wheel with many spokes, and each spoke capable of being detached and heated to a white heat, and hammered on an anvil until it was fit to take it’s place in the perfect wheel, you can form some idea of reincarnation.

“There is not any total plunge into matter again or ever. The ego always has its vital principle on this side. The hub of the wheel is here but the spoke is incarnate. … A spoke maybe reincarnated again and again.

“Sometimes it is never again passed through the gateway of birth. … Sometimes the spokes are rejoined to the hub for a season, sometimes there is more than one spoke incarnate at the same time. As for your spoke, now incarnated, it has been incarnate before many times and there are other spokes”.

Jon, Thu 4 Oct, 19:27

Note that this book is re-published by Whitecrow in print.  However, I have found this version which is easier to read than the Death - Letters from Julia.pdf.
The Fourteenth Julia Narrative, where she talks about reincarnation is on page 79 of 81.
I wonder whether Stead has any thoughts on the subject in the last channelled book “Life Eternal”.  I have not gotten hold of this book yet.

Maryam, Thu 4 Oct, 18:57

To Maryam,

You wrote about “hub and spokes” as an analogy to reincarnation.  I have searched in vain through the book you mentioned ‘Letters from Julia by W T Stead’, in this book site:     Alas, nothing found.
Could you please tell me at what page number you found this information?  Many thanks.

Theo De Weert, Thu 4 Oct, 17:25

Amos, I appreciate your approach with explaining time through quantum physics, however, QP is one area in science where the concept of time becomes muddled ... entanglement and non-locality both suggest timelessness, as information transfers instantaneously.  What’s more it seems like they can make entanglement between particles happen across time through a chain reaction ... very complicated, but certainly a foray into considering the timeless nature of reality perhaps outside of our normal waking physical consensus reality.

Also, you say: “It could be that we are all participating in the creation of the now and one might be able to experience the past but one would not be able to experience the future because it remains a potential ...”  There are precognition tests going on in multiple labs with very significant positive results.  There are people like Stephen Schwartz carrying out remote viewing projects into the future and according to him, many experiments have been positive, and then there are those that have precognitive dreams such as Chris Robinson who did some interesting experiments with Gary Schwartz (Jon can tell you more) ... also Dr Julia Mossbridge of IONS book entitled “The Premonition Code: The Science of Precognition ...” is just out!  Ok, I rest my case grin

Maryam, Thu 4 Oct, 13:09


Thanks for the comments and the link.  Having read Dr. Michael Newton’s books on past lives, I have tried to wrap my brain around living many lives at one time, but I have not been successful.  That is not to suggest that I reject the idea, only that it is beyond my comprehension. That is why I seldom write about reincarnation at this blog. 

I like the way the group soul calling itself Silver Birch put it.  He/She/It said that trying to explain reincarnation to humans is like trying to explain the color of the sky to someone who has been blind from birth.  “You have no standard of comparison,” Silver Birch said.  However, he/she/it stressed that the individuality of the “facets” within the Group Soul is maintained.

Michael Tymn, Thu 4 Oct, 08:00

It is a huge jump to assume that a “grand designer” is observing reality. All we know is that all conscious lifeforms will be collapsing their own consensual realities.

The physicist Andrei Lindei has said that reality must come as a package, that is the observer and the universe are one.

Chad W Luter, Wed 3 Oct, 22:21

There must be a dual nature of existence.

In quantum theory, energy has the potential to become a particle or a wave depending on whether or not it is observed, so maybe, since everything seen in the physical world is therefore made up of particles and, according to quantum theory, exists due to observation there must be some one or more consciousnesses doing the observations.

Once the energy wave collapses, it becomes the ‘past’. The act of observation is the ‘now’ while the future exists only as a potential of a multitude of alternate realities. It could be that we are all participating in the creation of the now and one might be able to experience the past but one would not be able to experience the future because it remains a potential, not yet observed by God or anyone else. Upon death of the physical body the spirit consciousness becomes a wave or vibration of energy waiting until the appropriate moment for a consciousness to collapse the wave function as another form, a re-incarnation so to speak.

Reality is therefore an ongoing process of creation by a grand designer and friends, a blossoming flower or a symphony yet to be finished. - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Wed 3 Oct, 20:24

Maryam et al

You have hit a sore spot for me when you mention the inability of the reincarnation (spirit world) investigators to seriously consider the ET input into this subject field. They refuse to take a fresh view of channeling.

Many of these same investigators will sit in a demonstration of materialization physical mediumship and laud the messages, evidential or not, from the spirits.


Times are changing. People are waking up. IMO, it’s the correct time(ing) for the integration of new ideas, new terminologies and new approaches to who we are, why we are here and to devoid ourselves of the old paradigms and all that comes with it and holds us back.

Thomas R Morrison, Wed 3 Oct, 16:03

Jon et al

The ‘complexity’ of understanding reincarnation (as non-existent) lies in the fact that we see no replacement for what we perceive as the past. I went to the store yesterday. I know I did. In physical reality, we mark this as time now past.

What is actually happening is that we create physical reality - completely - and in coordination with other’s versions of their physical reality.

Once you understand that you are responsible for this co-creation, then you can see that the ‘past’ and the ‘future’ are created from the present. Constantly, continually. Co-created.

Somewhere there exists the frozen frames of parallel realities that we pull experiences from, weave them together, like a movie film, and flow them though our consciousness = physical reality.

Reincarnation, then, is actually, well, I’ll let this gentleman explain.

Thomas R Morrison, Wed 3 Oct, 15:50

Thank you Mike.  I have looked up Bond and have added his work to my long list.  I am learning much here.
I understand that his communications were predominantly about 100 years ago.  Since then our knowledge has progressed considerably - at least in some areas.  The work of Stevenson and the other scientists had not begun either back then.  Also, it appears that each communicator based on their personality has differing levels of knowledge and desire to communicate about life beyond physical.  To some it may be a case of “don’t ask you won’t understand” and yet others are trying to articulate to some degree. I prefer the latter. 
From what I can tell, the scientists investigating reincarnation have a very bottom up approach by nature of their route of investigation through people with verifiable past life memory.  I would personally like to see this expanding to include some of the top down ideas being obtained through channelled material.  It can only be conjecture at first but then hypotheses, theories and eventually facts can spring from there.  I hope man of a few decades from now will know a lot more about him/herself while incarnate.  It may be a good time to dip back into the physical if we haven’t obliterated ourselves as a species by then smile.

Bashar’s race, who Thomas talks about knows these facts.  If I am not mistaken Thomas, Bashar has introduced himself as a future incarnation of Bahsar albeit as an Essassani.  His website says ”  Bashar is a multidimensional being, a friend from the future who has spoken for the past 34 years through channel Darryl Anka” and although he does talk about time being an illusion, he also explains things in a sequential way for us 20/21st century humans to understand.  Also, Daryl Anka has made a film entitled “Dearly Departed” covering the topic of survival.
For us I believe it is difficult at this point to understand how volition can exist if there is no time and therefore no sequence in events.  I find it helps to keep an open mind and not to conclude too quickly.

Maryam, Wed 3 Oct, 10:36


there are a number of other contemporary so-called fifth/multi-dimensional beings such as Kryon, Ramtha, Abraham/Hicks, Salumet, Seth etc., and personally, I hadn’t heard of Daryl or Bashar so thanks for sharing that information.

I don’t think the article suggests that individual spirits, i.e. us, reincarnate.

I agree with Michael that reincarnation is a complex subject — maybe too complex for most (or all?) of us to understand while we are in the physical because of our preoccupation with time, which looks to be just be an illusion.  If there is no time how can there be past or future anything?

In the eighth century Adi Shankara said: “I am reality without beginning, ... I have no part in the illusion of ‘I’ and ‘you,’ ‘this’ and ‘that’”, yet our scientists are still debating it.

And if time doesn’t exist there can’t really be an eighth century, can there? Physical existence seems to be like a computer game — like the Simms, for instance, and we are just characters in the game. Do you think that’s the case?

As for your request to “Call me when they learn this undeniable fact”, be sure to leave a number. ☺

Jon, Wed 3 Oct, 09:36


On the reincarnation issue, I prefer the answer given to Frederick Bligh Bond by one of the more eloquent Glastonbury spirits he communicated with.

When Bond asked him/her/it about reincarnation,  the spirit replied:  “You understand not reincarnation, nor can we explain.  What in you reincarnates, do you think?  How can you find words?  Blind gropers after immutable facts, which are not of your sphere of experience.”

In effect, reincarnation seems to be beyond human comprehension.

To answer Evelyn’s question, yes, I neglected to consider the EVP/ITC communication. As I recall, there are a number of “groups” who have been involved on the other side.  Thanks for reminding me.

Michael Tymn, Tue 2 Oct, 22:21

Speaking of channeling as a collective, in the late 1980’s, the most outward expression of this paradigm was through a man named Darryl Anka; the individual representing the collective race of the Essassani was named Bashar. Why not consider their messages?

Frankly, I have found more useful and relevant information about the afterlife (aka spirit realms) from Bashar than all of the spirit works combined…including the ones who forgot they were living in a timeless environment.  smile

Thomas R Morrison, Tue 2 Oct, 21:59

I’m sorry but this idea that ‘spirits’ can reincarnate is absurd. A truly dead individual would know that time is an illusion, that all lives are lived simultaneously.

Call me when they learn this undeniable fact that even I, a mere living mortal, dumb as a rock, understands.

Until then, pffffffffft to your ‘spirits’.

Thomas R Morrison
PsienceQuest’s Most Prolific Poster

Thomas R Morrison, Tue 2 Oct, 15:05

A fascinating blog, thank you.  I am intrigued by the concept of group soul and reincarnation that comes through the channelled work such as Myers through Cummings as you have mentioned.  I also recently read Rosemary Browns explanation given by Liszt which is similar.  Even Robert Monroe’s experience in his OBE travels in his final book Ultimate Journey seems to confirm that he is as one of the personalities of his group and that he can interact with his past and future selves in various locals, suggesting that the individual personalities persist.
I am trying to see if it possible to reconcile this group soul hypothesis with the sequential hy[othesis believed by Buddhists and also that which has been studied by Stevenson and the more modern scientists investigating reincarnation.
In the scientific reincarnation research – which by nature can only reach so far due to limitations of human memory in the awake state – it is consistently shown that the person believes that (s)he himself / herself was the other person and recounts events of the past life in first person.  Furthermore, in the scientific databases, there are a significant number of cases where the memories of in-between lives – Cases of the reincarnation Type with Memories from Intermission Between Lives, Sharma and Tucker – are recounted.  These cases are considered to be quite strong as the individual appears to give more detailed and clearer evidence of the past life.  In some cases, these so called intermission memories are earth based only, and some include visit to other realms.  In the earth based intermission memories, some of the events that were witnessed were later verified, giving them greater authenticity.
I have recently read the book After Death: Letters from Julia which was channelled to W.T. Stead.  Although brief, her explanation is the only one that has reconciled the two hypotheses in a simple way.  Unfortunately she does not delve deep into the subject, but nonetheless provides a bridging explanation.  In the Fourteenth Julia Narrative, Julia explains that though the matter is complicated she uses the hub and spoke analogy to describe the mechanism, with each spoke being a personality (such as Julia and Stead) connected to the hub which is always discarnate and a some of the spoke personalities.  She explains that there are no hard and fast rules about whether any spoke is re-incarnated, and that she does not believe her spoke to have been incarnate before, however, regarding Stead’s spoke she says that it “has been incarnate before, many times”.
Mike, I wonder if there are any other such examples that can reconcile the two explanations of reincarnation, the many branches or spokes vs. the sequential pattern.  I would be very grateful if you have any thoughts or pointers on this.  Many thanks in advance.

Maryam, Tue 2 Oct, 13:44

Dear Mike
What about all the work that was conducted through the late 80s by the ITC Researchers in Luxembourg and worldwide INTC, especially the work of Maggie, Jules and Mark Macy? They all worked with Earth side, Spirit side and the Seven Etherals/rainbow people (Archangels)?
Sime of this work is still going on with EVP, photography especially by Sonia Rinaldi


Evelyn Banna, Tue 2 Oct, 10:26

I would like a group here in NJ = where I do’t have to get on an airplane to meet them - a group who would be attracted to me “by the similairites of their qualities”  rather than having to wait until I get to the other side!!! 
Thanks again Mike for always educating us.  Have a great Monday!

Karen Herrick PhD, Mon 1 Oct, 14:46

My friend Paul Hauser just reminded me by email that I neglected to mention Sanaya, the “collective consciousness” being channeled by trance medium Suzanne Giesemann, who has been interviewed at this blog several times, the last on June 25, 2018 (see archives at left).

Michael Tymn, Mon 1 Oct, 03:57

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The Only Planet of Choice: Visitations – Many people use the word ‘Alien’ to describe a visitor from outer space. Extra terrestrial is another word, which is rather more user friendly. For the sake of the question and answer format, the word used by the questioner has been left, though even Tom questions our use of‘Alien’. Should we wish to foster openess between all beings of the Universe perhaps we should also look at our vocabulary? In a discussion between Andrew and Tom many years earlier, Andrew had asked Tom about UFOs and whether they were created manifestations. Tom had replied: “Many of the flying things that you call UFOs come from our place, but they come from other places also, and they do come in physical form. But many of them are not physical. They are like your movie screen”. Read here
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