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Entity claiming to be Mary, Queen of Scots communicates with rescue circle in UK.

Mary Queen of Scots (1542-1587): The evening of 20th November 1995 remains so sharp in memory—heart warming—emotionally charged—historic. The visit had been attempted several months earlier, but conditions had been less than favourable and after a few minutes was terminated. No name was given then, but one present had sensed an identity, wrote it down, sealed it in an envelope and handed it to Leslie (the circle leader) for safe keeping. But now, this time the link was strong:

~ “I am here now.”

The voice was elegant with clear pronunciation. Leslie welcomed, explaining that Salumet had indicated that our visitor would be with us.

~ “I come to you, to show you all that the Spirit of one long gone can indeed return. I speak to you on the last memory of my time and perhaps I will become a little more accustomed to speaking with you.”

Leslie: “Thank you, we look forward to hearing what you have to say.”

~ “I would like to tell you that some points raised about my death are not so accurate as they may seem.”

Leslie: “That doesn’t surprise me.”

~ “Now — as I return to these vibrations, the memory returns. I must tell you that I have attempted to return before to you, some while ago, when I mentioned about your seating and I would need more room, do you recall?”

Leslie: “Yes and you did ask for a hard seat, didn’t you?”

~ “Since that time, I have discovered that it is unnecessary. So let me say how I feel to come back to speak to you.”

Leslie: “That would be wonderful if you can—I remember you also asking me to stand back from you, because you were not used to people being so close.”

~ “I indeed did say this to you.”

Leslie: “We’ve been waiting for your return.”

~ “I am most grateful for those words. But of course you know it is always for a very good reason.”

Leslie: “Yes—and your instrument was very aware of the clothing you used to wear too.”

~ “She will be this time too, but I have tried to modify it for her, to make it a little more comfortable.”

Leslie: “Good. And you yourself are quite comfortable now with us?”

~ “I am indeed.”

Leslie: “Thank you very much. We shan’t interrupt you again. We’ll now wait for you to talk as you wish.”

~ “I want to say to you, that my last day upon this Earth, is still very vivid in my memory, as I return to you. It was a beautiful bright February day. The sun shone and to all intent and purpose, you could feel that spring was around the corner. I awoke that morning, after a very sleepless night, because you see, there was much noise throughout the previous night. I was ready to meet—how I would have termed then, ‘my maker’. I truly believed myself, that I was completely composed. I promised not to shed a tear—I had to be strong for those who had cared for me, in those long, dark days. Dear Jane and Elizabeth, to them I owed so much, in those last dark days. I will have to ask you to be patient, because memory torments me even now.”
Leslie, quietly: “Of course, we do understand.”

~ “I truly believed that I left this plane of existence, with goodness in my heart, even for Paulet!”

Sir Amyas Paulet was appointed by Queen Elizabeth as Mary’s jailor. These words were spoken with emotion and a deep sensitivity:

~ “How wrong I was—how wrong I was; that when I met my maker, as I would have said in those days, did I discover how much I had loathed that gentleman. He was a jailer of hatred! I am sorry to display these emotions. I did not feel I would, but you have to realise that on returning, how painful these memories become.”

Leslie: “I can quite understand, they must be a great burden to you.”

~ “What I want to say is this: much has been written about the words I uttered on my last breath. It is said that dear Jane and Elizabeth thought I uttered the words, ‘Sweet Jesus’. I tell you now, that I had been praying as my head lowered to the cushion, I prayed earnestly to be taken quickly.”

She continued tearfully and with deep emotion:

~ “As it struck my neck, I was saying the words ‘Je suis!’ ‘Je suis!’—‘I am!’ ‘I am!’ And so I left behind the Earthly torment, which had me jailed for so long. No one knew, no one knew, that my sweet dear little dog was gathered amongst my underskirts. How could they know, how could they know? And this is something else I want you to know, that only those close to me, would have known that my dear animal was known to me as ‘Piers’—dear sweet animal. And I know it has been written, that when I was disrobed, by those sweet dear, Jane and Elizabeth, that those who watched — and can you, can you imagine, the humiliation to be disrobed in front of so many others?”

Leslie: “Of course.”

~ “I was dressed intentionally, I must say, in red undergarments, not, not to hide the blood, as it has been written, but being a devout Catholic, I wore the colours, of the blood of Christ. So I was preparing myself to meet our saviour. But on going there, I was shocked at my stifled deep dislike and hatred for some of those who treated me so badly. I have to tell you also, that whatever has been written about Elizabeth, she really did not mean to sign my life away.”

Leslie: “No, so I understand.”

~ “This has to be made clear to you; she also was unaware of the treachery of Paulet. He was indeed an evil man.”

Leslie: “Yes, have you met him since?”

~ “I have not. I would not wish to, but I have come to terms and forgive them all. But I did not meet him face-to-face, I think you would say—is that the words? I did not wish to. I have much in memories of those last hours and now they have been spoken, they must be forgotten.”

Leslie: “Now you can go at peace.”

~ “But now I have to tell you why I have come, because — thank you for your help, I am so appreciative of it, and I know you will be rewarded for it. I want to tell you now, why this has been important, not the words I have spoken to you, but to tell you that the person that I was then, has subsequently returned in another form, to your Earthly plane.”

Leslie: “Is that so?”

~ “Salumet has told me, that he wanted you to realise what he has taught you, that you are more than one. And whilst I retain the memories, of those painful times within that lifetime, that part of me returned for the betterment of others. And so he hopes we all can share this time, to know that we are not just ONE.”

Leslie: “Quite. We can only hope that this visit of yours, will now enable you to forget those memories completely, they can be removed from you.”

~ “Yes, for me this has been most welcome.”

Leslie: “You have been here during the day I believe today, haven’t you?”

~ “Yes and I want you to tell the one I use, that she too has been aware today, that I have been around, preparing for these words.”

Leslie: “Thank you.”

~ “Now, I want to say just a few words more before I go—I feel much stronger now.”

Leslie: “Good, we’re delighted to hear that and do hope that our combined love and presence has been of assistance to you.”

~ “It has indeed, and I want to let you know of the time difference from which I come. We are speaking, can I give the year? To let the others know how long ago I existed here?”

Leslie: “Yes please do.”

~ “I am speaking of the year 1587.”

Leslie: “1587? And would you care to tell my colleagues your name?”

~ “It’s unimportant but —I was known as Mary Stuart.”

Leslie, quietly: “Yes, Queen of Scots.”

~ “But I have to be honest and say that truly, my heart belonged in France.”

Leslie: “In France?”

~ “Yes. But it matters not now—these facts are well dispatched. I hope that all of you in this time find your world religions much more humble, that people no longer suffer for their religious beliefs, because truly that is why I was put to death.”

Later, the sealed envelope was opened. The name sensed previously had been correct—‘Mary Queen of Scots’. The first blow of the big axe was not straight—it was the second that severed. Immediately following execution, the Skye terrier Piers took up position between the head and blooded shoulders of his mistress and would not move, causing deserved embarrassment to those responsible. ‘Dear Jane and Elizabeth’ were Jane Kennedy and Elizabeth Curle. They had been close ladies-in-waiting, sharing Mary’s bedchamber. Elizabeth’s brother Gilbert had been secretary. Following the execution, the Curle’s left England to live in Antwerp. They commissioned a portrait, possibly together with Jane, of Mary—she holding a crucifix. In the background is the execution scene with Jane and Elizabeth in attendance. It is appropriate that Mary’s last words should have been ‘Je suis! Je suis!’ She was born of a French mother, Marie de Guise, on Scottish soil and then crowned Queen of Scots as a 9-month babe. Mary was educated in France (age 6-19) and those were happy years for her. So it is small wonder this monarch’s final words should have been in French.

“Mary Queen of Scots” is an extract from Earth’s Cosmic Ascendancy: Spirit and Extraterrestrials Guide us through Times of Change by Geroge E. Moss published by White Crow Books

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