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Past Lives and Reincarnation by George Moss



There is so much more to existence than just the one Earth life; of this there should be no doubt whatsoever. We have all of us been here before, but for vast majority, all direct memory of previous lives will have been erased. This is the regular system, but just occasionally one slips through with some degree of retained memory—sufficient for proof that this is indeed so. As a child, James Leininger for example, in 2001 at the age of three, knew all about the WWII Corsair aircraft—they get flat tyres from heavy flight deck landings, he knew the difference between a bomb and a drop tank and named the carrier Natoma Bay that he had flown from on the day he was shot down in 1945, near Iwo Jima—and he has experienced the childhood nightmares about all that 2. It was also during World War II that Anne Frank died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp—that likewise in 1945. Nine years later, Barbro Karlen was born to Swedish parents and she too had nightmares. Before her third birthday Barbro told her parents that her real name was Anne Frank and her real parents would be coming for her. They thought it mere childhood fantasy—the Anne Frank Diaries had not at that time been published in Sweden, so that the name was unknown to them. That was to change. When age ten, her parents showed her several European cities, including Amsterdam, where the wartime Frank family had lived. It was the ten-year-old who guided them to the house, now the Anne Frank Museum. She had declared: ‘It is just around the next corner’, and there it was! That had come as a tremendous shock to her parents! And understandably, Barbro has a fear of men in uniforms and of showers—as were used in the Belsen execution chambers. Anne Frank had been a child literary prodigy. Barbro continues with that gift with several books being published through her teenage years. Her story And the Wolves Howled 3 was published in 1997. These are just two examples of retained past life memories that happen to have been written about.

There are also, of course, books written by enlightened ones—Lamas, Yogis, St Paul’s Nag Hamâdi manuscript. But a favourite passage that relates is the reported dialogue between Paramahansa Yogananda and his departed and much loved Master Sri Yukteswar who appeared before him:

~ ‘“When a soul finally gets out of the three jars of bodily delusions,” Master continued, “it becomes one with the Infinite without any loss of individuality. Christ had won this final freedom even before he was born as Jesus—the undeveloped man must undergo countless Earthly and astral and causal incarnations in order to emerge from his three bodies. A master who achieves this final freedom, may elect to return to Earth as a prophet to bring other human beings back to God, or like myself he may choose to reside in the astral cosmos—”’
Paramahansa Yogananda. Autobiography of a Yogi.
Self-Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles, 1998, (First published 1946).

Reincarnation is the prevailing pattern. Salumet has said much on the subject. It is such a basic factor pertaining to all human as well as animal existence, and it really is quite ludicrous that there should be any doubt or controversy concerning this fact of life. Sadly, there are those who become so obsessed with the nuts and bolts of scientific material consideration that all else is ignored—some unfortunately are authoritative academics, who actually pooh-pooh the spiritual basis of existence. Such unreal attitude and its influence will decline as awareness of the details of our spiritual origin that underpins (and indeed has generated at the very outset) all space-time—becomes more widely appreciated. And shortcomings in the knowledge have of course been compounded by lack of any clear presentation from religious orders that have evolved from happenings in bygone millennia. It is therefore appropriate that details delivered direct from higher realms should be listed before we proceed any further. The concise overall picture of the spiritual origin of humankind through the process of reincarnation, as gleaned from Salumet’s teaching, is as follows: There are immortal parent souls that ever continue in spirit. Each soul is made up of many individual aspects. The Earthly life of one single soul aspect begins from that moment of its physical conception. That soul aspect will have returned to Earth for known purpose—usually to learn or have specific experience, sometimes to help another or to teach. It will have a life plan. Its life plan will have been decided upon beforehand, probably with help or counselling from others in spirit. The soul aspect will have chosen location and parents prior to its birth into a new Earth life. A generalisation is that very young children are closer to spirit than adults and are likely conscious of communications not observed by their parents. That is how a life begins. During that life, the physical body houses the spirit/soul aspect, and hence deserves to be well cared for. During sleep-state the soul aspect returns to spirit to revivify. Only very few have awareness of this. And we must always remember that both mind and soul aspect belong to spirit and are exterior to physical brain. During Earth life there will be suggestive guidance and synchronicities arranged from those in spirit, but always decisions will be made by the individual in compliance with the individual’s free will—free-will rules. During life, the wise will instinctively know the course to follow in order to fulfil life’s plan. Eventually, there has to be the physical death. Physical death comes to us all, of course, and the soul aspect then journeys back to spirit. It will be met by relatives and friends who may well no longer appear aged. Their spiritual (etheric) bodies regress to somewhere near prime condition, so that they no longer show signs of the old physical afflictions. The sadness of Earthly departure is matched by joyous celebration in spirit at glad return. There will be evaluation of the physical life that was and its achievements, for future guidance of the returned soul aspect. Time is not a factor in spirit, so there is no rush whatsoever. But eventually a decision will be made to either reincarnate to a further Earth life or to progress onwards in the planes of spirit—whichever course best suits. There are many levels in spirit—‘my father’s house has many mansions’. The lower levels are for terrorists and mass-murderers and for those who kill, knowing that it is a crime against creation to do so; albeit ‘intention’ counts for much in these matters. The mid-way levels are for those who know ‘love’—love their neighbours, love animals, love nature, love their planet and love all creation. The many pathways of progress are open to all sentient beings, at whatever level and help is always to hand. Even those at the darkest, lowest levels, as they become more aware can move upwards into light, none are ever held captive but progress has to be earned. Animals have also been mentioned—their system is a little different, and at death they return to an ‘energy pool’. But there are exceptions, and if they have formed a love-bond with a sentient being on Earth, then they may well share an ongoing life in spirit. Love bonds are never broken.

11th December 2000: Salumet was asked about the many reincarnations of the Dalai Lama that are referred to in the literature:

~ “Yes, I have told you there are many Masters who walk this planet and let us firstly say this to you: that those who have attained such knowledge have the ability to realize and understand spiritual ways. The gentleman you speak of has indeed reincarnated many, many times in order that the teaching may continue. It is, in fact, many different aspects of his soul. It is not the same aspect each time, of course, but it is felt that, when one has reached such attunement between the physical world and our world, that that attunement must continue for the benefit of all who come into contact with him and of course for his own soul’s growth. Do not doubt that by whichever name he reincarnates with, it is still many aspects of the one soul.”

Q: “Yes, so all the reincarnations would have a similar energy?”

~ “Yes, that soul has chosen that pathway and there is always a reason—perfect law is always followed. Does that help you? Before that spirit reincarnates, it already knows the task and the length of time which will be spent in your world. The one you speak of is truly spiritual.”

There are times when soul aspects of similar energy pattern reincarnate as a group, or they hope to be able to come together again as a group whilst on the Earth. Mention has already been made of that time when some of us were part of the Amerindian Gor-Rukka tribe. We were delighted to receive word (10th January 2005) via Sarah, about this from our old chief: Chief Grand Mancha—a visit later confirmed by Salumet. It seems that at that time, Lilian was a teen-age male, Sara was a young girl, and Sarah was next in line for chief but was unfortunately killed while hunting. Our 6’ 4” Graham was a youthful grandmother and was my squaw! The Nahashiwah details, already given, were actually spoken on this same occasion by Nahashiwah herself—soul aspect of Eileen, speaking via Eileen. The voice was beautifully ethereal. And nine years earlier (26th February 1996), Eileen had clairvoyantly witnessed her own image as Nahashiwah with hair in pigtails and wearing blue beads. That also was a memorable evening, when Nahashiwah gave the message:

~ “Be good to your Earth and you will be blessed many times.”

On returning to self, Eileen was tearful and felt that she had lost someone.

Chief Grand Mancha was again with us two months later lustily shouting the tribal greeting:

~ “Ah tor ta tah!—God tor ta tah!”

He had many with him on this occasion—it was a between-worlds party to renew old friendship! Paul sat with us this time, and the chief declared that he had been a revered spirit communicator when with the tribe.

We were together again as brothers in a small monastery at Myddlewood, North Shropshire, UK, in Tudor times. The quite intricate details of those days, and how character traits have been carried over to the present team, are accounted in our 2005 Salumet book 4 and will not be repeated here. The monastery was destroyed, as were many, during the reign of King Henry VIII, with no firm evidential record. But a book has since come to light—

The History of Myddle 5—originally published in 1834, which states:‘—Broughton and Yorton which now make one parish, did formerly belong, as some say, to a small monastery which stood on a banke cast up by men’s hands near Broughton church, which stands in a meadow about the middle way betweene the two townes of Broughton and Yorton. What time this small monastery was dissolved or destroyed is not known.’

That then, would have been our old home that we have learned about in some detail from those in spirit. I moved to the South Coast with family in 1999, to a chalet bungalow named ‘RUYTON’—an unfamiliar name, yet it has a comfortable feel. We have since discovered that Ruyton, or Ruyton XI as it is sometimes called, is an ancient main village of a group of eleven villages, just three miles from Myddlewood. Small wonder our house name has a comfortable feel!

During séance meetings, the potential for communication with those who have experienced past lives on the planet is of course vast. As a group, we do not control who drops by for a chat, but many have got to know that there will be a warm welcome. We are aware that there are those in spirit who watch over the meetings—there are ‘gatekeepers’. These have spoken on rare occasions. And there is a kind of love aura that also protects. So to use a scientific term, there is a filtration process that keeps things nice. Where authoritative personalities from Earth’s past are concerned, Salumet has sometimes selected certain ones and has made arrangements for them to be with us—this to enhance our education. Evenings with Catherine the Great – Empress of all the Russias, and Mary Stuart – Queen of Scots, were memorable in the extreme; and furnished details that history books omit.

These evenings have been reported in full elsewhere 1, 6. In fact, in the dialogue with Mary, she refers to the arrangement made:

~ “Salumet has told me that he wanted you to realise what he has told you—that you are more than one. And whilst I retain the memories of those painful times within that lifetime; that part of me returned for the betterment of others. And so he hopes we all can share this time, to know that we are not just one.”

That statement by Mary Stuart, of course, well endorses the spiritual truth that ‘soul’ is comprised of many aspects—we are more than one. Whilst being part of the whole, the one can separate and speak of that particular past life. Mary spoke of the year 1587 and her execution. Her final words spoken were in French:

~ “Je suis! Je suis!’—‘I am! I am!” and not ‘Sweet Jesus!’ as some thought at the time and as history books record. And after all, Mary was born of a French mother—Marie de Guise, and was educated in France. So it is fitting that her final words should have been in French.

Other notaries who have visited include Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, one of the murdered Russian Romanov royal family, Emma Hardinge Britten (founder of Two Worlds magazine), one who contributed to the Bible Code 1, 7, 8 that is concealed within the pages of the Torah, Joseph Merrick (the ‘elephant man’) and philosopher and architect Rudolf Steiner. Those who have an eye for evidence may like to note the following: when the latter gentleman came through, reference was made to the spiritual teaching centre that he, as architect had designed, near the Swiss border. His reply began:

~ “The Goetheanum!—yes!”

On that evening, when placing the question, I had not known that he named that particular teaching centre after Wolfgang Goethe. That name was neither in my mind nor any other mind within the group. The original building had been destroyed in a fire and Steiner had designed a replacement. It was rebuilt following his Earthly death. I had enquired if he had enjoyed seeing from spirit, its rebuilding:

~ “It was a great joy—and a great learning occurred also. I had many opposing forces on the creation of the Goetheanum at the very start.”

He went on to speak of difficulties, how success came at high cost and how the Archangel Michael had been his strength and inspiration; how also the Nazis at that time had opposed his spiritual teachings. There have been three illuminating evenings with this intriguing esoteric Austrian philosopher who lectured widely whilst on the planet and who demonstrated to the world a system of ‘biodynamic agriculture’ that could restore infertile areas of the planet to productivity. He is well remembered.

A part of the past life/soul aspect teaching has shown how past lives can be brought forward for speech from absolutely any period of Earth’s history or pre-history—no exceptions. That point became crystal clear on 8th March 2010 when one addressed us via Sarah, saying:

~ “The world has changed much, both in visual aspect and also the spiritual energy—that is much weaker than when I was here.”

We enquired if that would have been in the days of the Egyptian civilization:

~ “That was one time that I was here, but I am now talking to you about another time—before the Egyptian time.”

He went on to describe a time of fewer humans, with:

~ “as many humans as there were animals of one species”.

Man was of different shape, smaller stature, longer arms, dark-skinned and less upright, but with intelligence. In response to many questions came many answers. Apart from the raising of young children, there was little difference between the tasks of male and female. People lived in groups of around one hundred, and there were families within each group. Life centred on an extended family system, such that if one family had too many infants, they were cared for by another. They saw life as a gift to be respected—all lived in harmony with themselves and with nature. Wild animals were killed for food only as befitted necessity, respectfully taking care to pacify the animal before despatching. There were no teachers, knowledge was handed down and there was an inner knowing. There was language, there was mind-link and they could share feelings one to another, also with the animals. There were no prayers to any deity, but all were aware of being part of something much greater—a power that helped, to which they gave thanks. Climate was hot through the day—they did not have fire or stone tools. Food was mainly fruit and meat, strips of the latter being heated or dried on dark rocks, arranged to receive sun heat. Water was dipped from a subterranean channel with coconut shells. Our informative friend continued:

~ “We were aware that seeds turned into plants but we were not farmers as such. We were what you would term ‘hunter-gatherers’. There were areas of quite dense forest, and within these forests we were able to find food.”

And when we asked how they regarded the stars in the night sky:

~ “The stars were thought of as: little holes to let through the spirits of light. It was extremely cold at night, and when we looked up and saw that bright sparkle, it was as if someone was telling us: ‘have strength, the warmth will come again’.”

The above descriptive data is consistent with our very early ancestor Australopithecus from around two million years ago—before the development of stone tools and before use of fire. He was from that very cradle of humankind in the African Rift Valley. That was on reflection a most amazing evening!

So we have accounted that past life from prehistory, and we also know of much more recent past lives. What of the intervening period—a few thousand or tens of thousands of years ago? One example from that time is a communication received 28th November 2005 via Sarah:

~ “—When I was farming this Earth, I was able to share with so many the values of what you would now call ‘organic farming’—we used only what nature provided, and now that I watch you, I am happy to see that many are BEGINNING to realise that this method of production is by far the best way for the body and the plant.”

This one—Ond Kulla (meaning Big Feet)—was an Egyptian head farmer in the days of the Pharaohs, and was one of the Pharaoh’s suppliers. Giving back to the soil—manure, vegetable waste and irrigation waters was seen as a ‘thanks’ to the soil that kept it in condition. They used subsurface channels for irrigation—also there was divining to locate inland sources. Transport was by canal and the drawn sleigh. Crops were fruit trees, maize and various corns. Crops, to suit season, could be grown the year round. Where farming method is concerned, Ond Kulla and his colleagues continue in their endeavours from spirit, putting out good thoughts of guidance for our present time. We asked if he had a message for modern farmers today:

~ “My message is: use your soil wisely. That would mean: do not over-use, and do not put into your soil that which contaminates it.”

The message is loud, clear and logical: it is vital that we recognise and respect nature—we are within her ever-evolving system, and if we buck the system, then we place ourselves in jeopardy. This period in antiquity that spans tens of thousands of years has also been a time of massive stone-works and pyramid building; involving advanced and friendly visitors from across the universe. And regarding space travel and the visitors from afar, Nahashiwah was with us again on 3rd September 2007. We had on that occasion been discussing space-travel, UFOs and crop circles, and the failure of newspapers to give adequate coverage of these important matters.

Nahashiwah had been listening, and commented:

~ “You are like children. You are in need of first education!—Ha! Ha! You do not recognise the signs in the sky!—but in my time it was just accepted and it was wonderful—space travel has always been!”
These matters concerning visitors from other planets, and their artefacts, are quite obviously of enormous significance, and should be neither ignored nor censored. It is therefore appropriate that these matters be dealt with separately in due process and in the detail that they deserve; that will be in later chapters. There is a wealth of information from Salumet and from several other sources that can now be cross-referenced to give a full and meaningful picture; all in due process.

“Past Lives and Reincarnation” is an extract from Earth’s Cosmic Ascendancy: Spirit and Extraterrestrials Guide us through Times of Change by Goerge E. Moss


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