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An Interview with EVP researcher, Dr. Anabela Cardoso

Posted on 04 December 2017, 9:38

“The electronic voices received through ITC tell us that they originate ‘in another dimension beyond time, a world where the dead also live’,” Dr. Anabela Cardoso (below) states in the Introduction of her latest book, Electronic Contact with the Dead:  What do the Voices tell us? “My own contacts have been with voices that, overall, assert that they belong to the deceased ... [they] have repeated time and again that they ‘are the dead speaking from another world’.”


Until I read Cardoso’s 2010 book, Electronic Voices: Contact with Another Dimension? I wasn’t overly impressed with the evidence for ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication), EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or DRV (Direct Radio Voices).  In previously exploring the subject, all I had heard were some muffled or garbled “words” that required some imagination, sort of like looking for faces or figures in the clouds.  However, Cardoso’s book offered much more than a few words here and there.  There was actual dialogue taking place in her experiments, some involving philosophical discussions.  Her latest book adds to the evidence

Dr. Cardoso, who speaks five languages, is a highly-respected diplomat, having served as Consul-General for Portugal in a number of countries, including the United States, Spain and France, and as Portuguese Chargé d’Affaires in Japan and India.  She is the founder and editor of the ITC Journal, which is published in English.  I recently put some questions to her by e-mail.

Dr. Cardoso, what prompted your interest in this whole area of electronic voices and survival?

Two things – firstly, an enormous curiosity about life and death; secondly, grief – mine and the deep grief and despair of the friend who started experimenting with me. She had tried to commit suicide twice. 

Would you mind briefly defining ITC, EVP, and DRV and explain how they differ?  There seems to be much overlap and confusion as to how they are used.
ITC is a broad term that encompasses the whole range of electronic communications – computer texts, video images (also called transimages), fax communications, telephone calls, anomalous electronic voices and other electronically mediated contacts. In the scope of the voices it is normally used in relation to the DRV. The DRV emanate directly from the loudspeaker of a radio and allow for dialogues when we are able to understand what the voices say immediately. EVP are the voices that we cannot hear directly but become audible when we rewind the recording. They are normally much shorter and clearer but, naturally, do not allow for a dialogue because we cannot hear them directly.

The term Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) was coined by Dr. Ernst Senkowski, professor of physics at the Technical University of Mainz, Germany in the 1980s when other types of electronic messages, namely images, computer and fax messages, started coming through. Until then and on account of Dr. Konstantin Raudive’s book, Breakthrough, the anomalous electronic voices were called Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) or “Raudive voices.”  Raudive’s book caused furore in Great Britain when it was published by Colin Smythe in 1971, and thousands of people started experimenting with the new method he described, apparently obtaining results; therefore, the term “Raudive voices.” But it was Friedrich Jürgenson, the Swedish painter and singer, who in reality pioneered the existence of these mysterious voices. Dr. Raudive got the information and methods to experiment from Jürgenson himself. Later, in their book, Phone Calls from the Dead, parapsychologists Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless published the results of their investigations of still another type of ITC messages, the anomalous telephone calls. From then on, reports of anomalous messages transmitted via electronic means upsurged all over the world. Some results are truly exceptional, as is the case of Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach in Luxembourg, of Adolf Homes in Germany and Marcello Bacci in Italy, while other reports publicized mostly through the Internet, are imprecise and even doubtful. 

What do you say to skeptics who say that electronic voices are no more than wishful thinking turning a bunch of static into voices?
I say, of course, that they have never witnessed, nor heard, and even less studied, any real anomalous electronic voices. Furthermore, I say that they know nothing about the literature. There are over one-hundred volumes published on this subject. They should study them first and look at the evidence. 

In your 2010 book, you mention a DRV communication of over 2 1/2 hours, but you state that most of it could not be understood.  How much could be understood and what exactly is the problem in that regard?

The contact remained open for all that time but not the voice speaking with me. Although very long, it did not speak all that time. I have never heard of an electronic voice speaking for such a long period of time! The voices do not speak uninterruptedly. They speak, stop for a while, speak again, in the best-cases come back repeatedly, but they never speak for such a long time.
Little could be understood of my September 1998 DRV. The voice was so loud that I had to lower the microphone entry to a level much under the normal microphone entry otherwise it would be damaging to the ear. But it sounded as if spoken from the inside of a metal box with the corresponding deformation, and it was also truncated. It was as if speech bits were missing. It was also very fast (a common characteristic) and seemed glued all together. I understood “[Rio do] Tempo” spoken in a lower tone and by another voice, “Anabela”...”This is what you asked for yesterday”...“It’s very difficult, difficult”... “It’s for Cristina Arruda”...“It’s the father, satisfaction” and other things that I cannot recall. At the time I had a Brazilian researcher staying with me; she had come purposely to watch my experiments. Indeed, the day before I had asked Carlos de Almeida (my main communicator at the time) if they could speak for her the next day.

Interestingly, in most cases, the louder the DRV the less understandable they are. I remember that I cried and cried because of not being able to understand the replies that extraordinary masculine voice gave to my many questions on some transcendental issues that interest me deeply. I took the tapes to a specialized audio shop and the sound technicians there could not understand it, either. They said pieces of speech were missing. I recall an anomalous computer text conveyed via Adolf Homes, which stated that the voices were transmitted from the next dimension in packets of energy and that only around 40 percent of the information sent by them reached our world (I cannot be sure of the exact percentage but it was in this order). Maybe this is what happened. I just don’t know.

Are any of the messages so clear and distinct that there is absolutely no question about them?

Some of the voices in the CD I published with my first book are fully intelligible. Naturally, as should be expected, the only condition is to be fluent in the idiom.

What has been most evidential to you?

Perhaps the fact that the voices identified themselves as the dead, in some cases with their own names and called me by my own name and my family pet name, “Bela,”” and replied directly to my questions. Also that Rio do Tempo identification was clearly provided on many occasions. “We speak from Rio do Tempo Station…”. “Zeitstrom” (Timestream) was the name of the group (station) that spoke both with the Harsch-Fischbach in Luxembourg and Adolf Homes in Germany. Years ago, before me, Carlos de Almeida had spoken clearly in Portuguese with the Luxembourg operators identifying the name of his group in “Zeitstrom Station” as “Rio do Tempo” and telling his own name. His message was addressed to a conference in Brazil where Harsch-Fischbach were going to present their findings.

You refer to group souls in your books.  What exactly are they as you understand them?

My communicators have spoken many times about “our group” and have also explicitly said “I go down to my group, I go to the soul” as you might have heard in my CD. Apart from the mention of their group, they have told me “You belong to Rio do Tempo [the group],” and other remarks I heard them say to each other which implied the collaboration of less-expected beings such as, fish and other animals, besides my own dogs that, obviously, we would expect to be part of the group. They mentioned the most varied beings in the context of playing a part in their projects to accomplish the communications with us. Consequently, my own interpretation of the group-soul is very close to the description Frederic Myers purportedly made of that unit in The Road to Immortality through the automatic writing of Geraldine Cummins. A huge group that comprises minerals, plants, animals, humans, united by affinities, interests, goals and, of course, love. I suppose this group extends beyond our present existence and could relate to many other unknown circumstances.   

Why isn’t it possible to get a number of distinguished scientists to observe an ITC session with you and for them to all agree that it is genuine?

I believe you mean orthodox scientists and that is practically an impossibility because they are not interested. Unorthodox scientists have been present in some of my experiments. Professor Uwe Hartmann and Professor Ernst Senkowski from Germany, Professor David Fontana from the UK, and Dr. Adrian Klein from Israel, were in my house on innumerable occasions and took part in many dozen experiments. They all agreed to the genuineness of the voices I receive and published about them. David Fontana spoke extensively of my ITC experiments in his books, and Professor Uwe Hartmann also published about them, took measurements, etc. However, they were not orthodox scientists and understood that the voices do not happen on command; therefore, they stayed at my house for rather lengthy periods of time. I don’t know if or when the voices will occur, thus I cannot say in advance if a session will yield positive results. We have to wait and see. I very much doubt that an orthodox scientist, particularly a high level one, would stay at my house for a full month, for instance, to see if the voices manifest!  And even if he did, they might not happen in that period. Then what? But if you know of anyone who is in that disposition, please recommend them to come.  However, let me clarify that to fully validate the anomalous electronic voices, we need a specialized scientist, not any scientist. We need an electromagnetic physicist or engineer. Interestingly, I met one of those in 1998 at the beginning of my experiments. I will tell you briefly what happened.

When I started receiving the DRV, voices happened at my house practically on a daily basis. I and my colleagues were amazed and wanted all possible confirmation of the anomalous quality of the voices. The University of Vigo, where I live, is well known for its engineering and telecommunications faculty. I sent a pair of tapes (I used an analogue recorder then as I still do today) to the acoustic experts of the faculty to be analysed. They did not know me and I did not know them. Not a clue about the provenance of the voices on the tapes was given. The whole thing was channelled through my office at the Consulate General of Portugal. A few weeks later, the experts came back to the officer who had made the contact, and told him they were extremely surprised because the tapes contained voices which were not modulated in a usual way. They insisted in finding out how the voices had been obtained but the Consulate officer did not know; thus, he conveyed their message to me and, a few days later, I decided to invite these two academics for lunch at my house.  Their research area was (is) Theory of the Signal and Communications and this is exactly the area credentialed to evaluate the characteristics of any recording. One of these academics is currently a full professor at the same faculty of Vigo University. When they came for lunch they still did not know what the voices were. With great difficulty, I told them about the likely provenance of the recorded voices and immediately their faces showed such stupefaction that I could not hold laughing! As a matter of fact the situation was out of the ordinary, to say the least – a high ranking diplomat telling two orthodox scientists in a highly conservative country that does not accept any discussion of these issues, that she had recorded the voices of the dead! Moreover, they had never heard of EVP. What an embarrassing situation!

To make a long story short - I informed them that my communicators had told me they would endeavour to speak at 8 p.m. of that same day, so they should wait and see for themselves. But some half an hour before the time, they suddenly got up, apologized and said they had to leave immediately. I insisted to no avail. Rio do Tempo did speak that evening at 8.00pm. What a missed opportunity! It was a real shame because to reliably assess the electronic voices we need scientists of the pertinent field, i.e., physicists working in Theory of the Signal. This was my first encounter with orthodox scientists in the scope of the electronic voices. Later, I contacted a few others but the moment I revealed my opinion about the origin of the voices, they ended all contact with me.

Another good example is the report on the highly controlled experiments carried out for a period of two years I published in NeuroQuantology – “A Two-Year Investigation of the Allegedly Anomalous Electronic Voices or EVP” (Cardoso, 2012, 2017). It announced that samples of the voices would be sent to interested scientists and technicians. Nobody applied for this free demonstration.

What do you see as the future for ITC?

ITC, the new method to attempt contact with the next dimension of life announced by mediums in different points of the globe at the beginning of the last century (Cardoso, 2010), will play a still more significant role in the future. If we ponder the manifestations seemingly produced by those we call the dead throughout human history, we easily verify that their recurrent feature is to be in conformity with the [human] epoch of their emergence. This attribute is even more visible in ITC with its technological connections, apart from the fact that the determinant element is electricity, which is supposed to be a very manageable energy for our communicators. Thus, in my opinion ITC will develop hand-in-hand with the new technologies that humans will devise in the future. We just have to wait and see!

Electronic Contact with the Dead:  What do the Voices tell us? is available from Amazon and other bookstores.

Michael Tymn is the author of The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die, Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife, and Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I.


Hello Victor.

It would be so helpful if you could ensure Anabela receives the weekly email.. I dont think she gets it despite my referral to you.

David Alan Jarratt, Tue 21 Dec, 20:56

Re the lack of ‘low level’ entities in her work -Yes, I hear you but ‘they’ are so common, the absence of such messages I find odd.

On the second question, I don’t really understand what you are asking.

I’m not asking, just commenting - she apparently has to ‘arrange’ a time with ‘them’ to come through. Again, it is unlike my experiences. I smell a rat.

AB, Mon 18 Mar, 09:17


Thanks for the comments and questions.  As for the first question, I gather that Dr. Cardoso has not encountered any “demons.”  While there are certainly indications in other research involving spirit communication that low-level spirits interfere or attempt to interfere in the communication, that does not mean they are always successful.

On the second question, I don’t really understand what you are asking.  Sorry.

Michael Tymn, Mon 18 Mar, 04:42

PS - forgot to say, the other big anomaly I find with her recordings is this designating a time business. For me, it doesn’t matter, any time is fine, they are are always there…seemingly waiting, and I don’t mean just friends and family, who again make up a smaller % than her findings in my stuff. I’m not saying this for any other reason that, it sounds like we’re poss talking about 2 diff places? I dunno, but it irks me about the designated time and the lack of warnings. Just saying.

AB, Sun 17 Mar, 17:29

I know this is old, sorry, only just seen it. There’s one thing I don’t get ; she never mentions the repeated warnings that make up a large % of my extensive research into EVP recordings,  such as (& these are not made up)  ‘get out of here’ . ‘you getting in too deep’, ‘danger, demons!’ , ‘please stop doing this’ , it’s not safe’, etc etc etc. Granted a lot of other messages contradict that, but…just I find it oddshe never talks about this. Or maybe she doesn’t pick up stuff like that, and if not, are they different places, etc.??

Thanks, great article!

AB, Sun 17 Mar, 17:12

With regard to Amos’ comment that it would be better to develop more direct-voice mediums than to concentrate on ITC:  My understanding is that even with direct-voice, the mind of the medium affects the message.  Electronic devices do not have thoughts or agendas of their own, so that is less of an issue with them. 

If we could have plenty of both of those types of communication, that might be the best situation.

Elene, Mon 1 Jan, 23:11


Thanks for your comments.  You might want to check out Dr. Cardoso’s ITC Journal for ongoing developments in the ITC field.  See

I agree with you relative to the Direct Voice type mediumship.  Sir Oliver Lodge said he thought it was the most evidential of all types of mediumship.  I gather some mediums are still experimenting with it today, but for reasons discussed in my May 22, 2017 blog I don’t think any of them approach the ability of Etta Wriedt, Leslie Flint, George Valiantine, or Sophia Williams.  I understand that a few of the the current direct voice mediums are developing and I’ll let you know if I hear of any significant progress.

One of the problems, as I understand it, is that there are little or no funds for research involving mediums these days.  Parapsychologists have tried to stay clear of mediumship, as their reputations are at risk.  Moreover, it’s only “scientific” if it all originates in the subconscious of the medium, so best not even mention spirits or explore the field at all.

Michael Tymn, Tue 12 Dec, 08:02

Thanks for the interesting interview with Dr. Cardoso, Michael.

I did not see anything about current experiments or other efforts that she is conducting to perfect ‘Instrumental Communication’.  Has she retired or is she still actively investigating?  It seems that many if not all of the reports of electronic communication with the dead she references are from several or many years ago.  If she is having trouble getting main-stream academics to consider her work, maybe the SPR would have some resources to take a closer look at what she has done (does).

I like the idea of being able to dial-up a deceased person to have a conversation but so far what I have heard seems open to interpretation.  I understand that there are some clear voices recorded but in most of it one has to struggle to make anything meaningful out of what was ‘said’.  As an aside I think it is interesting that voices received in multiple languages opens the door to unlimited interpretations some even going on to say that the communication could not be understood because it is in an unknown language or a now defunct dialect.  Usually the story goes on to say that a qualified expert in languages was brought in who understands ancient Egyptian or whatever, who provided a translation.  All of this seems very dubious to me.

‘Direct Voice’ mediums however produced some pretty striking voices and long conversations.  Leslie Flint is known to have transmitted through a so-called ectoplasmic voice box and with the help of sitters present during a séance, many long conversations with deceased people, tape- recorded by George Woods and Betty Greene that are very impressive—-if they are not faked.  Etta Wreidt apparently also produced some direct voices, several speaking at the same time during her séances.  I think this may have been very evidential since reportedly it was not Etta who was producing the multiple voices as they occurred at the same time that Wreidt was speaking.  Maybe greater efforts should be directed to finding other mediums who have a talent for direct voice and working with them to perfect a reliable method of communication that could be used by other mediums. Perhaps some effort should be made to try to duplicate the success of Leslie Flint with tape-recorded ( now digital) direct voices.
I always liked the scene in the movie “Ghost” where the ghost, Sam, is typing on the computer threatening his murderer, Carl.  Now that would be more in keeping with the way people communicate through email, twitter, text messaging etc. today.

What a great day that would be! - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Sun 10 Dec, 16:02

I just can’t get enough of Dr Anabela. Her two books have a treasured place on my bookshelves and every word she writes rings with intelligence and sincerity.
    Hand in glove with this is her dedication to animals, somehow the two things go together.

alan granville, Fri 8 Dec, 19:20

I’m a great fan of Anabela Cardoso. I summarized her work in my book “When Did You Ever Become Less by Dying?” Thanks, Mike, for helping bring her work to the world’s attention.

Stafford Betty, Tue 5 Dec, 02:25

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