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Michael & The Motorcycle: A Tale of Two Worlds

Posted on 08 April 2013, 15:26

Retired from full-time college and university teaching of cultural anthropology and sociology, Paul Biscop, Ph.D. (below) now has more time to focus on his duties as resident medium at the Two Worlds Spiritualist Centre in Nanaimo, British Columbia. He recently related a very interesting story to me involving communication from a family member who died last June.


On the day of the death, Biscop received a call from his cousin Mary, who lived on the east coast of Canada, informing him that Michael, (below) her daughter-in-law’s 16-year-old younger brother, had been killed in a motorcycle accident . Biscop had never met Michael and barely knew Taryn, his sister.  “I knew only that young Michael had grown up the youngest child in a troubled household; that he was a nice kid, but a bit wild,” Biscop said.  “His parents had finally separated, and he had spent several years moving around to different family houses.”


As soon as Mary gave him the news, Biscop immediately sent out thoughts to young Michael’s spirit workers and friends for his safe transition to the Other Side. “My many years of mediumship had made it abundantly clear to me how good it was to do such a thing, no matter what the circumstances of the passing,” Biscop continued the story.  “Violent and unexpected passings were, I knew, particularly troubling for the newly deceased.

Thoughts and prayers for the deceased make it easier for others to help the person, when the person does not know to ask for help.”
Sometime before the funeral, Michael’s family asked to talk to Biscop about death and dying.  “While they knew that I was a medium, they had not met me and their only knowledge or experience was within the cultural framework of orthodox Christianity,” he recalled.  “So I agreed to speak to them all on the speaker phone on the Sunday after the Friday funeral.”

Biscop shared his beliefs based on his experience as a medium, informing them that the person who dies violently feels no pain, that she or he leaves the body before the moment of death, and then enters into a kind of recuperative sleep-like state on the other side… usually. As he later learned, however, that was not quite Michael’s experience.

As he was talking with the family, he became aware that several people from the spirit side were wishing to speak to them. They told him that they were there with Michael and that he was just beginning to “wake up” on their side. The communicators identified themselves by name and relationship.  Biscop didn’t know any of them, although he recalled that Michael’s mother, Karen, spoke to him about one of them in the past.
“Listening in on the speaker phone, the family was astonished at this communication,” Biscop said, “both because of the detail as well as the contents of the messages. Though they knew a little bit about mediumship, they had never personally experienced the profound ability of evidential mediumship to move and comfort the bereaved.

The next evening, in Biscop’s home circle in Nanaimo, one of those spirit people from the previous day, came to him with a short message from Michael.  He asked that it be passed on to his mother, Karen, and his sister, Taryn, who is married to Mary’s son. “The message made no sense to me, at least,” Biscop continued the story, “but I hoped that it would to Taryn and Karen. It was about a Teddy Bear.  Michael asked me, through the intermediary spirit, to tell them that he still missed his Teddy Bear. I thought it most peculiar for a sixteen-year-old motorcycle driving boy to be talking about his Teddy Bear!  In any event, the four-hour time difference between the coasts meant that I could not forward the message until later.”

When Biscop passed on the message to Karen and Taryn, it made no sense to them, either. Later that day, however, they phoned Michael’s father, Karen’s ex-husband, with whom Michael had been living, to share the message and experience with him.. He knew immediately what the message meant. The giant Teddy Bear was still sitting in the bedroom Michael had occupied when living with his dad. He apparently had won it at a carnival game. 

Throughout the following weeks, Taryn began reading about mediumship and learned of a visiting Spanish medium, a young man who was doing private readings and offering short psychic development workshops to groups of people in Halifax, not far from where she lived.  She then booked a reading with him. As told to Biscop, Michael communicated with Taryn through the young Spanish medium, informing her that help arrived from the spirit world because of Biscop’s spirit “intervention.” Michael went on to say that he had lain beside his dead body at the accident scene for about two hours, not knowing what to do, until the “intervention team” arrived to help him. The medium also gave other evidential information to Taryn.

More recently, Biscop’s centre was hosting a visiting medium, Bruce Mason. 

“Normally, I don’t expect to receive a message from another medium at the centre any more than I am likely to give a message to the worker at another church,” Biscop told me. “We’re all there for the rest of the congregation, so we avoid such other’s message work.” However, Mason tuned in to a young man who had died “not long ago, in a motorcycle accident.” and asked if anyone could place the situation.  No one responded, but several people began pointing to Biscop in the back of the hall.  When the connection was made, Michael reiterated how much Biscop had helped him.  “He said he was doing well there on the other side, and was ‘going to school again,’ though he didn’t specify what kind of school,” Biscop explained.  “He passed on greetings to his sister and mother, if I recall correctly, and ended by saying he had a new job on the other side: He had joined my cheering section.” Biscop e-mailed Taryn about the message and she responded that she had had a very unusual experience that very morning. Out of nowhere, a slide show about Michael that had been filed away on the computer started playing without anyone having opened the program. 

A Strange Portrait

Biscop had earlier told me a very intriguing story about a portrait he drew in pencil and pastel chalk in 1960, where he was 17.  “It was a portrait from my own mind, and not from a photo of a live model,” he explained. “I did not know why I seemed compelled to do this portrait – it was an unusual experience – nor did I know who she was.”  Feeling a strong connection to the picture, Biscop called her “Marianne,” after a Harry Belefonte song of the times. 

Years later, in 1969, when Biscop was exploring mediumship, he sat with a Montreal medium named George Harris.  None of the deceased relatives mentioned by the medium registered with Biscop, nor did it make any sense to him when Harris said that the name Andrew was held dear to his mother’s heart.  Over the years, Biscop sat with other mediums, a number of them informing him that he had a sister in spirit, which Biscop denied.

When he was 43, however, Biscop was informed by his parents that he had been adopted at age five months.  That prompted him to begin a search for his biological roots.  Working with Parent Finders Canada and with his own spirit connections, Biscop identified his birth mother and found the executor of her estate. From her, he found out that he had an older sister named “Marianne,” who had died when just a week old, and that his mother’s father was named Andrew.  Marianne (below) would have been about 20 at the time Biscop drew her portrait and that age is about what she appears to be in the portrait.  Many spirit messages suggest that those who die young continue to grow and develop in the spirit world. 


“If you were to look at the photos of my birth mother and her husband, you would see a striking resemblance to the young woman in my portrait, as you would see the strong resemblance of my own to my mother,” (below) Biscop continued. “So I did indeed have a very important connection to both the name of Andrew, and to an unknown sister, whose name was Marianne.”


Michael Tymn is the author of The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die is published by White Crow Books. His latest book, Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife is now available on Amazon and other online book stores. 

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Paul Biscop, whom I have known for many years, recently completely dismissed something I sent him which I thought might have some psychic content. In earlier emails he seemed to be saying I had genuine psychic ability. So I trusted him and went on sharing, until he dropped a load of bricks on me. He said the entity I had contacted was either “pretending” to be that person, or a product of my imagination, and went on to say he didn’t think the message had any psychic content. I wonder why no one questions Paul’s ability or ever writes anything negative about him. Everyone believes what he says, because everyone believe what he says, because - (a perfect tautology), so any criticism can be met with, “But everyone believes what he says”. He has this proven track record, etc. - but all this is so nebulous and open to interpretation. My scenario was no more far-out than the things I am reading here, but because I’m not a professional medium, somehow it can’t be true and should not be taken seriously. It was particularly crushing when he tacked on “of course, I’m only speaking as a therapist” to his dismissal. Let’s not get into the implications of THAT.

Margaret Gunning, Mon 1 Jun, 19:28

I’m glad to know that it’s useful to ask for help when someone dies suddenly.  I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of it.

Elene Gusch, Wed 17 Apr, 02:26

A wonderful and most useful post Michael. It reminds me of a dramatic situation in one of David’s seances when a young man who died came through to thank a police officer who had unsuccessfully tried to save his life. He said that he was already dead when she began CPR but being in her aura had drawn help to him and made his crossing easier. People need to know the power of sending light soon after a violent passing.

Wendy Zammit, Tue 9 Apr, 02:21

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